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31DC2015 Day 11 Polka Dots: Mario Mushrooms

I’ve been hard at work getting caught up with this challenge so why not have two posts in one day?! I decided to take a little different approach for the polka dot prompt of the 31 day challenge and did a design that has been on my to-do list for some time! Mario mushrooms! I love Mario! I even named my dog Yoshi!

If you are a Mario freak like me then you know right away that these are the 1-Up and get bigger mushrooms in all of the Mario games, well they somewhat resemble them at least. Instead of using whiter I began with three coats of LVX ‘Rhone’ from the Fall 2015 collection which resemble the perfect skin tone color.



Saw this image online and felt it matched up perfectly with this design plus I kind of love the saying when comparing it to Mario!IMG_0798

Products Used:
LVX – ‘Rhone
Zoya – ‘Sooki’
Pipe Dream Polish – ‘Tabanca’
Nail Vinyls – Half Moon Vinyls
Cirque Colors – ‘Carpe Diem’ & Liquid Laminate Topcoat
Aengland – ‘Camelot’

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Corynn <3


31DC2015 Day 10: Sunset Gradient w/ Uberchic Stamping

Yes yes I know, I’m technically behind on the 31 day challenge as today is supposed to be stripes! But hey that means I only have this and two more designs to get all caught up with! I am determined to stay on track. I gotta say I wasn’t looking forward to the gradient prompt as its a technique that I’ve only tried a few times, but they turned out better then I thought they would be. Wasn’t sure what color combo I wanted to do until I was came upon a design done by Sarah of Chalkboard Nails. Everything she does is pure perfection.

I used my new Uberchic Beauty mat, which I’m slowly falling inlove with, to combine the colors and then picked them up with a latex-free makeup sponge which I think helps prevent them from soaking into it. Also I feel like having the darker color on the tips gives it a nicer effect. I used OPI’s ‘A Oui Bit of Red’ for the middle color but it came out a little pink but I likes it. Stamping and top coating a gradient changes the whole game, it looks 10x better!




I could have created a tutorial for this look but I can see myself doing it again in the future so I refrained and have started working on the things I’m behind on at the moment!

Products Used:
Cirque Colors – ‘Carpe Diem‘, ‘Memento Mori‘ & Liquid Laminate Topcoat
OPI – ‘Vant to Bite My Neck’ & ‘A Oui Bit of Red’
Zoya – ‘Jancyn’
Uberchic Beauty – Uber Mat & Stamping Plate 1-03
Moyou London – Rectangle Stamper

Not sure if I’ll be able to post on here with every prompt so make sure to keep a lookout over on my social media pages!

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Textured Water Marbled Lighting Bolts

In Zoya’s most recent special offer, where they were giving 3 polishes for $12, I more then doubled by textured polish collection. Now I have 5 whole textured polishes! Haha, thats kind of sad considering now that I have finally used one I really love them. Most likely because of the first one that I used and the way I used it.

Lighting bolt water marble yippppeee! I used the ever faithful Bettina Nail Enamel ‘Yellow’ and ‘Epic’ for the marble and Zoya’s ‘Dahlia’ as the accompanying texture.  When I saw these lighting bolt Nail Vinyl cutouts I knew right away that I had to do a design like this one and the textured finish on top was just too perfect to represent some stormy skies. I had to use two coats of Dahlia overtop of the marble for full opacity and when taking off the cutouts I still had nice and crisp lighting bolts.



A little messy but here is the sunny sky before the rain came. Bettina’s creams always work great for marbling as seen in one of my other manicures HERE. I contemplated doing a purple and pink marble instead of the yellow and orange combo I settled on but since I like this design so much I might just have to do it again.


Thanx for reading!

Corynn <3


Catching up – Holiday 2013 Designs

Hey hey hey lovelies! Happy New Year! During the Holidays I totally neglected my blog. I was just not feeling it; editing all the photos and writing up posts almost started feeling like a chore at the end of the year. And sadly I was having some sort of nail blockage during my break and it was really messing with me. I am hoping with the start of the school year I’ll be able to kick myself in gear and accomplish some goals I have for my nails and the blog this year. Some which include making youtube videos, sprucing up the blogs and coming up with some new designs. With this absence of blogging I have still been able to come up with a couple holiday designs and I felt like documenting them on here. Gives me a chance to elaborate and for you to catch up on any designs you may have missed on my IG page.


For my Christmas Eve manicure I did a poinsettia design using Zoya ‘Hunter’ and Square Hue ‘Fifth Avenue’. Then I added Lacquer Lust’s ‘I Like It on Top’ for I felt it need a little sparkle. Tillie Polishes Matte topcoat was the perfect way to really show the special effect topcoat.


Incorporating tape and a water marble is such a great idea. This was my Christmas day manicure and it is probably one of my favorite to date. For the Christmas Tree marble I used Lacquer Lusts ‘Peridot’ and ‘Emerald’. At first I was going to do just a white background but then Spencer, my man, suggested that I do a dark blue one with some snow. What a perfect idea that was! It really made the marble design pop even more. I used Cult Nails ‘Time Traveler’ for the dark background and the ornamental glitters are from some Lumina Lacquer polishes.


Here is a manicure that I am super excited to have done! The wonderful Leslie from Work/Play/Polish recently held a Blogging for a cause guest post series where each post would donate $10 to the Polished Girlz organization. If you haven’t heard of them before the Polsihed Girlz go into hospitals and give manicures to those that are in need of some pampering. Its such an amazing organization and it was started by Alana when she was only 10 years old. So if you missed out on this post have a look HERE for it is a recreation of an older design and the post also has a little blurb about my technique for trying out combos. Thanks again to Leslie for having me be a part of this series! <3


And lastly for my New Years nails I did something a little out of my comfort zone as I have only attempted a gradient three times now. I’m still thinking my second attempt was the best but this was wasn’t to bad either. I’ve learned to brush the polish onto saran wrap instead of the sponge, makes for a much more brighter outcome. I used LVX ‘Viridian’ and ‘Viridis’ for the gradient and then marbled overtop using Lacquer Lust ‘Diamond’ and OPI Nail Envy. Very subtle effect but it all matched my outfit for the night so I was just honky dory.



Yay for a little recap on my Holiday designs. After writing this I am already feeling better! I hope my little bit of negativity doesn’t scare you all away! Can’t thank everyone enough for such an amazing year together as I begun all my nail endeavors more then a year ago now. Ready for another great year full of nails!



Breast Cancer Awareness Zoya Water Marble

What a crazy week! Just thinking about my next exams, which happen to all be on the same week, has been killing me. I feel like I have been stressing more then I have been studying, thats a big problem. I find myself doing this throughout the day, way too much.


What to do when you are this type of situtaion I ask? Sit yourself down and do something you really love and want to do. In my case today it was writing some on ze blog while listening to my new fav singer, LORDE. Love her!

This past sunday I sat at my table of joy, my nail table, browsing my now SIX shelfs (I think it might be helmer time) of all the beautiful colors I could choose from to marble with. Of course I have a stupendous amount of untried’s to use but that usually never dictats what kind of water marble I am going to conjure up on a sunday night. After many tests, tons of combos and lots of swatch sticks, the beauty you have before you was born.


At first I was quite hesitate on doing this girly look as I like to have some what of a purpose behind the color choices I make and these ones just kind of worked at random. Later in the evening, after I finished my nails, someone on instagram posted about how October was Breast Cancer Awareness month. I must of totally been totally vibing because I haven’t done a pink marble in forever. I personally lost my father to throat cancer when I was 16 and support awareness of any kind. Looking back I think that if I had known about october being all about pink, besides halloween of course, that I would of done this all in the pink colors. But I love purple so hard I’m letting it slide, plus my thumb is marbled pink ;)


In this photo you can see how well these Zoya shades blended together, the pink ones especially. I can’t get enough of the awesome randomness water marbling can create. I am so unartistic in real life but when I marble I feel all pro and junk. Suppose I am, haaa!


All together I used six Zoya creams for this manicure. Shelby, Lara, Areej, Perrie, Audrina and Mira. As you can maybe tell I was sort of going for an ombre look on each nail. I also tried some other combos in green and blue  but these were working out way better. I used Cult Nails ‘Tempest’ as my white base and used Glisten & Glows ‘HKgirl’ topcoat which I be totally loving on.


Here we are up close and personal with my two middle fingers. It looks like I dipped them together but  I actually did them separately. As I mentioned before the pink shades blended together very well and I was able to create a very tight nice looking marble.


Another dominant hand appearance! I am always writing in class and at home studying so my poor dominat hand’s cuticles aren’t as nice as the other. But the marbles on this hand came out more to my liking because the lines are just so distinct. Really love these pink Zoya creams.


The next day I threw on some of Nail Pattern Boldnesses ‘Alpha Nail’ which I happingly won in a giveaway from Llarowe. It gives theses colors such a nice shimmer and tone, hard to photograph on my phone but I can’t stop staring even more now.




All good things are happening! Not sure how much I’ll be able to do meh nails in the next couple of weeks but I’m gona keep my head up and get things done the right way, just like these guys did, well better then them but you get the idea.

Anybody else showing support for breast cancer awareness month? Tag your photos to #muckingawareness and I’ll take a look I’d love to see em!