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31DC2015 Day 6 Purple: Takko Lacquer Cheshire Cat

You know how sometimes you find an indie brand that you love so much but can never get your hands on? Well that was the case for sometime for me with Takko Lacquer. Their stock was just too low for me to ever succeed in the restocks but their polishes were just so unique I needed to have them in my collection. A few months back everything changed and I managed to snag a few colors. The next day Sheryl, the creator behind it all, emailed me with astonishment that I even knew about her brand and insisted on sending me some samples. So many smiles graced my face when I read her kind words. She even let me choose which ones I wanted and of course I had to go with this beautiful thermal polish ‘Cheshire Cat’.

Alright so you may be thinking as you come to this post, “Isn’t it supposed to be day purple of the 31 day challenge Corynn?” and yes that is very true. But there isn’t any pink day so I figured lets combine the two forces. In my mind I wanted to attempt a cheshire cat of some sort but I realized that I could never pull it off so I used Zoya ‘Mira’ and ‘Charisma’ for some cheshire stripes. Pretty snazzy right?! HA! I know this isn’t very much for the challenge but I hope I get another wave of motivation going thru me. The golden shimmer in this polish really makes it pop and stand out amongst the rest. I used three coats to achieve full opacity.




Wasn’t able to get any good photos of the cold stage of this polish which is the darker purple so here’s a little video to show you all the transition that happens! Find it HERE on my instagram!

You can find Cheshire Cat at TakkoLacquer.com but make sure to sign up for their newsletter so you can get the information about restocks!

Connect with Takko Lacquer: Store, Instagram, Twitter

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It’s made of Diamonds! Azature Passion and Harlot Spring 2015

Yea so if you haven’t heard of Azature’s Diamond polishes then you probably want to change that and keep on reading ahead on these insanely unique shades.

I’d been following Azature for quite some time but had never gotten the chance to try them out. When I received a request a couple months back from them to try out their products I almost had a legit heart attack. I mean not only do they create beautifully crafted polishes but they infuse them with real black diamonds, thats right DIAMONDS people! How they manage this is beyond be. All I can imagine is that they have a bunch of fairies working round the clock using their magical fairy powers to squish diamonds into each luxurious lacquer cuz fairies are awesome tike that.

The manicure I have for you today includes two Azature polishes Passion Diamond (fuchsia) and Harlot Diamond (muted purple) along with Lacquer Lust’s ‘Pinning Over You’ all of which happen to be on sale at the time! And as you can see they water marble, which is our only concern right?! NO! After doing this manicure with all three polishes I totally need to just wear Passion on its own for it is quite the lovely shimmery hot pink fuchsia color and applies like buttah! Harlot and Pinning Over you, which has a matte finish, also apply perfectly and both have that subtle shimmer to them, hmmmm yayyyy shimmery goodness!

Now you may head to Azatures site and notice that their polishes can be a little pricey at $25 a piece, but don’t fret my friends! You have to remember not only are you getting amazing quality when you purchase from Azature but you are getting to have DIAMONDS on your pretty phalanges! Granted they have some select shades that have been discounted and they always have incredible sales where they offer over 75% off! I suggest following their social media platforms so you can be on the lookout for any special offers they may have. I mean come on people these are used at most fashion weeks and have a very prestigious aspect to them and just look at their bottles, they are shaped like DIAMONDS!IMG_1686

With all that being said I have a couple more designs using some Azature polishes which you won’t want to miss!

Connect with Azature: Online Shop, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest

Products used:
Azature – Passion Diamond
Azature – Harlot Diamond
Lacquer Lust – Pinning Over You

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LVX Spring 2015 Camo w/ Moyou Stamping

Yesterday I had a bit of a episode and got super depressed for a few hours. I call it my young-life crisis moments. Being 23 and not knowing exactly where you heading in life, well being any age and not knowing can bring about some real serious stress. So of course I had to have a nice long convo with my mama and all was well after that. Sometimes venting is the best cure for stress. This past weekend I found out that my foot wasn’t broken, got my hair recolored and was featured in Nail It! Magazine twice! I kinda feel like Norma from OITNB blessed me with her healing powers (sorry for all those that don’t watch this show) and now things are falling into place. I have to keep telling myself all is as it should be, all is as it should be.

Well enough personal stuff lets get into something that has also been way overdue and that is LVX’s Spring 2015 collection. You may have seen me post about them before as they are one of my favorite brands from the vast array of beautiful colors to the constantly impressive formulas, they never cease to amaze me, and they are 5-free! Thats why ‘Camo’ swatched below gets it very own post, it’s that extraordinary. The blueish green shimmer in this beauty really makes it a unique shade. The brushes LVX has result in some of the fullest coverage I’ve experienced, Camo took two easy coats for full opacity.


I could have done much more with this shade but I decided to keep it simple with this MoYou London stamping design from Fashionista Plate (04) using Cult Nails ‘Time Traveler’. Lets all just have a moment of silence for the retirement of Cult Nails. Anywho I’m seeing some advanced stamping with this plate in my near future for sure I love the dimensions it holds.


I liked this picture too much not to share it with you all. Ring is from So Nailicious Boutique and its pretty much badass with this pose. Enjoy!


I have three more colors from LVX’s Spring 2015 collection to share with you all as well as their Summer 2015 collection which all work great for water marbling as you will soon see!

LVX: Online Shop, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube

Products used:
LVX ‘Camo’
Cult Nails ‘Time Traveler’
MoYou London – Fashionista Plate 04
Color 4 Nails – Creative Shop Stamper
Cirque Colors ‘Laminate Top Coat’

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Cirque Colors Metropolis Monthly Release Collection

provided for review

Well its been a nice relaxing thanksgiving break and I probably should have done more school work then I did but I just wasn’t feeling it. Plus I’ve had a cold for most of the time so I’ve just been enjoying my time with netflix with some nails mixed in. Soon school work will not be a burden in my life anymore as I will be graduating in less then two weeks now, I simply can’t believe it!

A brand that has been impressing me lately with its unique creations and colors is that of Cirque Colors. Everything I’ve tried from them has put a smile on my face when I used it. Their Metropolis collection did not fall short of that as it consists of creams, and well if you didn’t know that is my favorite finish of polish. Most likely because creams always work so good for water marbling but also because of their smooth application and settling on the nail. A new cream is released every month and added to Cirque Colors Metropolis collection gaining inspiration form the city that never sleeps, New York.

NYFW, the first shade released from this collection, is a deep bright blue cream that showed full opacity in ONE smooth coat. And just to show you how smooth this baby really is I didn’t even apply topcoat for my photos. Cirque Colors describes this as an ultramarine which after looking up means a deep blue. Ultramarine was the most expensive blue paint used by Renaissance painters so it only seems right to go with this shade inspired by NYFW. Pure perfection, just love it!


La Vie Boheme is a dark plum cream that showed full opacity in two coats. If you had smaller nails then you probably could get away with one coat but I used two just to even it all out. I couldn’t stop looking back at my nails when I had this beauty on, so great for the cold fall and winter months. The name on this shade comes from a song from the popular musical Rent which celebrates bohemianism. Can the inspiration for this shade get any better?!


This past week I received the Nail Vinyls variety pack prize for my Mucking Milestone Giveaway, enter HERE if you haven’t, and Linda their creator was kind enough to send me a couple sheets of vinyls to try! She included these Starburst vinyls which I used to create this manicure below with. The pairing of La Vie Boheme and Tillie Polish’s ‘Golden Goddess’ with these vinyls was quite nice in my eyes. I used Glisten & Glows HK Girl Topcoat before applying the vinyls and it only took 15 minutes to completely dry, it was like magic! And how about my nice chic hand pose I tried out? ;-)


Cirque Colors describes Knickerbocker just as I would, as a dark chocolatey brown. Pure perfection in just two smooth coats, this brown beauty leans a little lighter then what my below photo shows. I did some holiday nail art with this as the base that I’ll be sharing later in the week, be on the lookout!



I’ll be sharing some more colors from the Metropolis collection later in the week but you may want to take advantage of Cirque Colors current holiday sale where they are offering 20% off until December 1st! If you miss out on this not to worry as they will be having free shipping throughout the rest of the month. Also check out their 12 days of Christmas giveaway for a chance to win some Cirque Color products!

Connect with Cirque Colors: Online Store, Facebook, Instagram
Connect with Nail Vinyls: Online Store, Facebook, Instagram

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“I Survived Black Friday 2014” Collaboration from Glisten & Glow, Different Dimension, Cupcake Polish and Nail Vinyls

Provided for review

Wow this has been a week full of major milestones for me! Adding on to celebrating my two year water marbling anniversary I also hit 50K follows on Instagram, 3,000 likes on Facebook, 5,000 subscribers and 500,000 views on youtube! With all of this in mind I will be celebrating with a huge giveaway including over 9 contributors! I can’t wait to share it with you all!

But for today I have another exciting thing to share with you and that this is super Limited Edition collaboration including three holographic polishes from Glisten & Glow, Different Dimension and Cupcake Polish along with some silver and gold decals from Nail Vinyls! Thankfully there was some sunlight out today so I was fortunate enough to get pictures that really showed over the holo in each item.

First In Line by Glisten & Glow is a deep dark purple holographic cream that showed full opacity in two smooth coats. The holo is so intense in this beauty and its so awesome to be using a shade from G&G as they started making some in the past couple of months. Of course if you didn’t already know their top coat is the tits, meaning its amazing!


First In Line by Glisten & Glow in Direct Sunlight


First In Line by Glisten & Glow in Artificial Light

Gaining inspiration from Leslie of Work Play Polish for the placement of the decals I used a boot from each sheet, one of which is gold and the other being silver. Each sheet of the Shop Till You Drop decals has so much to it. There are more kinds shoes, purses, polish bottles, lipstick, perfume bottles and dollar signs; such a great combo of items for Black Friday.


Silver & Gold Decals from Nail Vinyls on First In Line by Glisten & Glow in Direct Sunlight

Up All Night by Different Dimension is a dark teal holographic cream that showed full opacity in two smooth coats. The pigment on this shade is out of this world! So intense yet the holo doesn’t get lost in it.


Up All Night by Different Dimension in Direct Sunlight


Up All Night by Different Dimension in Artificial Light

I used a trio of gold stickers from the gold sheet of decals using a perfume bottle, price tag and open polish bottle. Each sheet has three different types of perfume and nail polish bottles, its quite cute.


Gold Decals from Nail Vinyls on Up All Night by Different Dimension in Direct Sunlight

Trampled By A Shopping Cart by Cupcake Polish is a light lavender pink holographic crelly with bits of fuchsia sparkle throughout that showed full opacity in used three coats. This is the first time I’ve ever used Cupcake Polish and I am quite impressed by the unique quality this color has with the addition of the extra sparkles. Isn’t the rainbowness from the holo so lovely?!


Trampled By A Shopping Cart by Cupcake Polish in Direct Sunlight


Trampled By A Shopping Cart by Cupcake Polish in Artificial Light

Once again getting inspiration from Leslie of Work Play Polish I used a combo of  silver polish bottles and brushes and lipstick decals to go along with this girly shade. I cut some of the lipstick tubes to fit the length of my nail. Leslie did it much better but I tried!


Silver Decals from Nail Vinyls on Trampled By A Shopping Cart by Cupcake Polish in Direct Sunlight

A technique I’ve only done a couple other times before is the ever popular gradient. I decided to try it out with this trio of shades, my only mistake was not putting on some tape before sponging the polish, making mess-up take forever. But hey considering I’ve only done this a few times I saw it blended pretty well. Trampled By a Shopping Cart isn’t as prominent as the other two as it is the lighter of the three shades but I still like the way it all came together.


And I got a little crazy when it came to using the holographic decals overtop of this gradient but who’s to blame me?! I mean just look how awesome and unique they all are!


This collaboration not only comes from four equally talented and unique brands but also from four ladies that have become great friends, which I think is so awesome to see in this amazing community. The items are of great quality and the theme is great for the upcoming holiday season!

As mentioned before this set is limited edition so grab it while its hot! It would make a great addition to any polish or holographic lover collections or as a great present!

This set will be available at 12:01am and 1:00pm on Black Friday Nov. 28th for $40 plus S&H from each indie brands site!

Glisten & Glow: Online store and Instagram

Different Dimension: Online store and Instagram

Cupcake Polish: Online store and Instagram

Nail Vinyls: Online store and Instagram

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LVX Fall 2014 Collection Swatches and Review

Provided FOr Review

This week I’ve been working with some beautiful LVX colors from their Fall 2014 collection. Every time I use lacquers from this brand I have a great experience. They produce gorgeous colors with equally amazing 5-free vegan formulas. Gaining inspiration from the seasons fashion trends, this sister brother duo have mastered pairing polish to the finest garments.

Peony is a lovely light bubblegum pink cream that showed opacity in two smooth coats. Paying homage to Lolli, one of LVX’s top sellers during the summer, Peony steps up the brightness just a touch.


Macaroon is a sheer peachy nude that showed full opacity in four thin coats. Most nudes require 3-4 coats to as they can be quite thin similar to yellows. Not a problem at all during application as each coat dried nice and fast.


Cerise is cherry red cream with hints of fuchsia to it. Impeccable application and coverage in two coats this was my top color from the collection. So striking and incredibly bold like a red shade should be.


Anthracite is a dark charcoal gray that had a sort of crelly finish to it. Three coats was needed for full opacity but my photos are without topcoat so you can see how smooth it applies.


Oyster is a blue gray cream that only required one coat for full opacity. Whenever I find a shade with a formula such as this one my jaw instantly drops. I didn’t apply topcoat for this swatch either so thats why you can see my ridges a bit, but seriously could this be anymore like butter?!


Espresso is chocolatey coffee like brown cream that showed full opacity in two smooth coats. It’s dark tone would make it a great alternative for black, which is major staple for any art.


I did some stamping overtop of Peony with Espresso and Moyou London Sailor Plate 06 which paired great together.


I also did a little something with Anthracite using these neat neon diamond stickers from She Sells Seashells. I kinda love the pop of color over this dark crelly.


I love the names these colors have, so appropriate for each, but still quite unique. If I had to use three words to describe LVX it would be smooth, flawless and stunning!

You can find all these gorgeous Fall colors at LVX online site.

Connect with LVX: Online Site, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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