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31 Day Challenge Stripes: Pastel Rainbow Awesomeness

Even though I feel behind on the 31 Day Challenge I’m still going to keep rocking it! Granted I was going to try and catch up and post a couple designs in one day but I wanna have fun with this and not just do a bunch of art real fast that I have to take off right away. My previous gradient I did really hit home on that fact as I took them off to do my polka dot nails when I finished taking photos. Yes yes the mario nails were awesome but I would have loved to rock the gradient I did just for at least a day. Also I like having a life now and then outside of nails and these design are taking a lot of creativity out of me!

With that said, stripes hmm stripes what shall I do for stripes? Well google stripes of course and get inspo from that and that is just what I did. There was this pastel rainbow image that just kept catching my eye so I figured why not take a shot at it. For some reason it took me like 30 minutes to figure out how to block it off on my nails HA! At least it came out super similar and pretty darn cute besides those bubbles in my topcoat, rawr. Those pops of black just totally make it.





The first step looked kinda cool with the negative space. Whew so much striping tape! I used 12 pieces for each nail! Yea, I’m not taking these off right away.


Like I said I may not be keeping up with the challenge every day but its my main nail goal so be on ze mucking lookout!

Products Used:
Lime Crime Makeup Nail Polish Set
LVX – ‘Paraiso‘ (Blue)

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TUTORIAL: Rainbow Water Marbled Lightning Bolts

Provided For Review

What do you do when you break a nail and have to cut the rest, resulting in nubs? Why you do a rainbow water marble of course! Like I’ve said before I can’t get enough of these creams from Pipe Dream Polish’s A Night In Vegas Collection. They just work so amazingly in the water, it makes marbling a breeze. This striped marble design fits perfectly on my new short nails and it makes me forget about my loss. As I walked to class all I could do was stare at my nails as they kept catching my eye.


Pipe Dream Polish – Striped Rainbow Marble in Shaded Light


Pipe Dream Polish – Striped Rainbow Marble in Shaded Light


Pretty purple flowers on my way home from class

But why stop there? After wearing this beautiful rainbow on its own for a day I had the idea to use these awesome Lightning Bolt Nail Vinyls over the marble design; something I’ve done before. I tried out some textured polishes but it took away to much from the marble. So I went ahead and used Memento Mori, a perfect one coater black cream from Cirque Colors Back to Basics Collection, which took my design from fab to fabulous! I also used one coat of ‘Carpe Diem’ as my white base which has a flawless application. It just might be my new favorite white.


Rainbow Water Marble w/ Lightning Bolt Nail Vinyls – Direct Sunlight


Rainbow Water Marble w/ Lightning Bolt Nail Vinyls – Artificial Light

Using Tillie Polish’s ‘Matte Topcoat‘ I applied another set of vinyls and was able to matte only the black portion leaving the rainbow nice and shiny.


Matte Rainbow Water Marble w/ Lightning Bolt Nail Vinyls – Artificial Light


Rainbow Water Marble w/ Lightning Bolt Nail Vinyls – Under Blacklight

I fortunately had a little time to make another video tutorial!

The A Night In Vegas Collection is restocking tomorrow 9/18 at 11:00 am EST so grab em if you can!

TUTORIAL: Striped Rainbow Water Marble w/ Nail Vinyls

TUTORIAL: Spiral Rainbow Water Marble

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4th of July Striped Water Marble with Tutorial

I’m on a roll I tell ya! Another 4th of July water marble design. I don’t know if I like this striped design or the star design more! I also did a tutorial for this striped design which you can find HERE. When using white and red in a water marble its almost unavoidable to have some pinkish color appear due to the two colors mingling together. So instead of using white in my marble I decided to try out using a clear coat, since I always use a white base for my marbles anyway.


I started with Cult Nails Tempest as my white base coat, the polish I always use for my water marbles. I then used Butter London’s Come to Bed Red and Blagger the perfect red and blue shades for 4th of July. I also used Butter London’s Hardwear top coat for the second time in a water marble and again I found great success. I always have success using Butter London’s shades when marbling.


I was very pleased with how fine the lines came out when using the clear coat. This is a great way to avoid that unwanted pink color. For all the steps on how to achieve this look, check out the tutorial I created for it HERE.


Are you guys planning your design for next week yet?!



TUTORIAL: 4th of July Striped Water Marble


Another tutorial for the 4th of July! Check out the other one I did HERE.

1) I used Cult Nails Tempest as my white base and then used Butter Londons Come to Bed Red, Blagger and their Hardwear topcoat instead of white to avoid that pinkish color you get when you use red and white when water marbling.

You will need: a small plastic solo bathroom cup filled with room temperature filtered water; masking tape; orange sticks or toothpicks; paper towels; and polish remover with a clean up brush and qtips.


2) As always apply a base coat of white to your nail/s and let that dry. Next rip off a piece of short masking tape and wrap it around your finger near the base of the nail. Rip off a longer piece of masking tape and wrap that around the sides and top of your finger (fingers can be wrapped individually or all at once. You may want to rip all the pieces you are going to use before you begin marbling so you don’t mess up any nails in the process)

3) Open up all your polishes and begin dropping them into the cup one after another. Allow the polishes to spread on the surface of the water as you drop each polish. If the first drop of polish doesn’t dissipate to the edges of the cup then simply place the orange stick into the water and break the surface tension so the polish anchors onto the edge of the cup. It really depends on the type of polish you are using but for this I used 5 drops of both red and clear polish and 4 drops of blue. I also ended my bulleyes design with the clear polish.

4) Once you have your nice bulleyes drag from the center out to the edge of the cup with your toothpick or orange stick and kind of anchor the polish to the sides of the cup. Wipe off the tool you are using on a paper towel so that you can create fine line designs in the water, do this after every stroke. Now drag from the center to the opposite side of the cup.

5) Next drag your orange stick from the top middle part to the edge of the cup to sort of anchor it. After wiping off the stick drag form the edge of the cup to the middle. If need be gently dip the stick into the water to create a cleaner design. But be careful the clear coat can get kinda sticky.

6) Repeat step 5 on the same side of the marble a couple more times till you have a nice striped looking design.

7-9) These steps show the process of step five in a little more detail.

10) The end design should look something like this. We didn’t want to drag our stick through the whole design, the middle, since we are using a clear coat

11) When you find the best striped design in the cup slowly and gently dip your painted and taped nail onto the design and and let your finger slide into the water.

12) Leaving your nail submerged use another stick to pick up the excess polish on top of the water. Once you have done this, slowly pull your finger out of the water. If there are any bubbles where your cuticle meets the nail dip it back in so the bubble can be popped in the water.

13) Slowly take off the masking tape around your finger, you don’t want to knick your beautiful design.

14) Using a q-tip dipped in polish remover clean up the large amounts of polish around and under your nail. Then use a clean up brush dipped in remover to clean up the rest of the polish around your cuticle. I tend to use a clean orange stick to remove some of this polish away as well.

15) Wait around 20 minutes or so before you apply a top coat and make sure its a non smear one too. Thats always the worst feeling!

Note: since you are using a clear coat you need to work kind of fast because it dries faster then the regular colors, but don’t rush let it be fun!

If you decide to try out this design or are ever inspired by me please tag #muckinginspired on instagram I would love to see it!


If you found any parts of this tutorial confusing or have any questions for me please feel free to comment here, on instagram or you can even email me!

What kind of nails are you guys planning for the holiday next week?