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31DC2015 Day 9 Rainbow: Classic Petal Water Marble

Darn my darndid iMovie slowing down my whole computer! Okay granted I have been on it for quite awhile and its getting a little hot hmm maybe I should give it a break? Nah! I need to get this manicure out to you guys I’m sure my computer will understand! I’ll have the video tutorial for this up when my iMovie wants to cooperate with me.

Are there really any words that I need to say to explain how much awesome sauce this manicure posses?! When Pipe Dream Polishes hit the market last year they floored everyone with their fantastical neon hues and impeccable water marbling formulas. Their neon colors have gained so much hype that they’ve become so hard to get! The demand exceed the restocks and it is just insane in the membrane! On a nicer note once you have these in your hands you have a feeling of not only excitement but pure joy. Neons that water marble are like liquid gold in my book.

It was inevitable that I do a rainbow water marble using the Street Carnival collection from Pipe Dream Polish for todays 31 day challenge prompt. Rainbow is after all my favorite color. I could stare at my nails until I went blind I love these so much! The saddest part about this manicure is that I need to take it off to do the next prompt. Wahh I don’t wanna go to school mom! I mean I don’t wanna take these nails off! Wahhh!

Alright enough crying you crazy rainbow lady. Around this time lat year I posted my first YouTube tutorial using Pipe Dream Polishes Night In Vegas collection which has since then skyrocketed in views! So that was another reason I had to use these polishes!





I’ve included a quick nail prep routine as well as a list of products needed to water marble in my latest video tutorial. Check it out below!

These polishes can be hard to get but make sure to check Pipe Dream Polishes site periodically to grab yours!

Products Used:
Pipe Dream Polish Street Carnival Collection & Light of Day (yellow)
Cirque Colors Carpe Diem & Topcoat

Connect with Pipe Dream Polish: Store, Facebook, Instagram

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Corynn <3


Graduation Nails!

I GRADUATED YOU GUYS!!! College is just a memory now as I’ve obtained my Bachelor of Science in Biology with a premed concentration! This weekend was so much fun with all my family and friends. My mom came all the way from Hawaii and got us all leis to wear during the graduation and I was looking superfly in my pink crown glasses it was all so fabulous. My photo even made the official website as seen below, pretty awesome I gotta say.


For such a momentous occasion I HAD to do a rainbow water marble, it being my favorite color and all. I didn’t have much time to choose any new combos so I went with Pipe Dream Polishes A Night In Vegas collection, which as you may have seen in recent weeks is such a perfect collection. I went with a design that I hadn’t done yet with this collection, since I’ve done so many, and it is just PERFECT!


Here are my nails and my cap! I decorated it with various things from Michaels Craft Store and I love the way it came out. The rainbow unicorn on top and eye in the middle are so me, well really the whole thing is!


I got surprised with this lovely cake to celebrate and it even says “you nailed it”! Perfect raimbowy goodness and so yummy!



I seriously still in shock that I am all done! These past four years has had its up’s and downs but it was all worth it. I now plan to take some much needed time off for myself in the next couple of months. Which means….. lots of time for nails!!


I didn’t have time to make a tutorial for my nails but I just may have some now since I’M DONE! So let me know if you’d like one!

Check out Pipe Dream Polish: Online Store, Instagram, Facebook

photo 1.PNG-4

Pipe Dream Polish A Night In Vegas – Rainbow Spiral Water Marble

Provided For Review

With rainbow being my favorite color and all I had a sort of epiphany when I thought to do a rainbow spiral marble design. Pipe Dream Polish’s A Night In Vegas collection was the perfect set to use for this design as the color didn’t blend into one another what so ever!

When dropping the polishes in the water I ended up the pink from this collection ‘On The List’  for my middle, ring and pinky fingers; hence the large portion of pink throughout those nails. I ended with the orange color ‘110 Degress’ on my thumb and then I finally figured out the trick for my pointer. When dragging in the colors from the outer portion I simply dragged it a little faster which got rid of the excess pink in the middle giving me a quite even rainbow spiral design.

photo 2.PNG-3

Direct Sunlight – Spiral Rainbow Water Marble using Pipe Dream Polish

photo 1.PNG-3

Indoor Light – Spiral Rainbow Water Marble using Pipe Dream Polish

photo 1.PNG-4

Direct Sunlight – Spiral Rainbow Water Marble using Pipe Dream Polish

photo 5.PNG-2

Indoor Light – Spiral Rainbow Water Marble using Pipe Dream Polish


Close up of my Favorite Nail – Spiral Rainbow Water Marble

photo 4.PNG-3

Walking to class looking fly, I couldn’t help but to snap a shot!

photo 3.PNG-3

Shaded Light – Spiral Rainbow Water Marble using Pipe Dream Polish

As I mentioned in my previous post April of Pipe Dream Polish is on vacation and the store will reopen on September 13th with this collection restocking later in the month! Make sure to check her out on Facebook and Instagram for updates, giveaways and much more!

I gotta say this is for sure in my top favorite designs I’ve ever done. I must do it again and make them all like my pointer finger for maximum perfection!!! Check out my very first video tutorial below!

Corynn <3

photo 3.PNG-2

Pipe Dream Polish A Night In Vegas – Rainbow Water Marble

Provided For Review

I had a little absence going on there for a bit as my last semester of school started up this past week and I went on a nice camping trip to Georgia for Labor Day!

I am super excited to share with you all this banging manicure below that of which I have been harboring in my photo album for way too long. I received Pipe Dream Polish’s A Night In Vegas collection a few weeks back which consists of several bright neon creams. Not only are these beautiful colors but the formula on them for marbling is impeccable! I used all the colors besides one, Happy Hour, for this side by side classic floral water marble.

photo 1.PNG-2

photo 2.PNG-2

Matte Version – Pipe Dream Polish Rainbow Water Marble

photo 3.PNG-2

Direct Light – Pipe Dream Polish Rainbow Water Marble

photo 4.PNG-2

Under Black light – Pipe Dream Polish Rainbow Water Marble

photo 5.PNG

Car Shot – Pipe Dream Polish Rainbow Water Marble

Unfortunately for us April of Pipe Dream Polish is on vacation, yay for her, so the store will not be open again until September 13th and these colors should be restocked later in the month. Im telling you though right now they are all worth it! Bright, bold, beautiful and perfect for marbling!

I’ll have another design using this collection to share with you all very soon!

Corynn <3


Rainbow Birthday Watermarble Nails and Cake with TUTORIAL

When I got out of class on Thursday I didn’t have too much of a plan for what I wanted to do the next night for my 22nd Birthday. All I knew was that I had my heart set on making a rainbow cake. Little did I know that the cake and the entire night would turn out to be just perfect! My mom is visiting from Hawaii and whenever we get together we always end up whipping up some amazing tasty treats. Mom kept asking me what I wanted to do on Friday and I finally decided that I wanted to have a few friends over for some food and good times.

This post has lots of photos as I wanted to share with you all the way I made the rainbow cake pictured below. Isn’t it just beautiful?! It went along perfectly with my funky rainbow water marbled nails, using Bettina Cosmetics shades in Red, Starfish, Yellow, Green Apple, Aqua and Purple.


Here are the nails all up close and personal along with my falling star midi-ring form So Nailicious Boutique which I wear all the time now. As always I was having trouble deciding which design I wanted to go with and simply ended up doing them both together, one for which I have a tutorial for HERE (the outer nails). I’m still in the process of figuring out video tutorials so bare with me loves!


Alright so lets get to the cake making. I’ve heard they have rainbow cake mixes in target now which just shows how popular they have gotten. I myself am surprised this is my first time doing this as my love for rainbows is oh so vast. First off I want to provide you with some useful links that I utilized throughout my process:

White Cake recipe from Add a Pinch– you can use a box instead but it won’t come out as tasty as if did using the recipe

Cream Cheese frosting recipe– you could also use a pre made icing to save time

My inspiration from Bird On a Cake and the tutorial I followed from Omnomicon.

If you ever feel that my recipe/tutorial is missing something I would reference the links above. I’ll put a summarized recipe at the end of this post to make it easy for you to follow if you decide to try this out for yourself!

You are going to want to start by taking out your cream cheese and butter for the icing and cake to get it to room temperature. Next start hitting up that oven to 350F. Make your cake mix and then equally separate it out into six bowls with six separate spoons. You can eye this part or using a measuring cup and spatula. Drop in your selected gel food coloring for each layer and begin mixing.


Using gel food coloring will help the colors stand out. I found some great colors at my local grocery store and I used all but the pink and blue in the pastel pack.


Keep mixing in your dyes till it is fully incorporated. If needed add some more coloring to the batter, take the yellow for example.


Next with two lined (buttered and floured) 9×9 cake pans you can begin making the concentric circles of the layered rainbow cake. Begin by taking the red (magenta in my case) and pouring around 3/4 of it or more into the bottom of the pan. Do your next color but pour less of it making sure you have a nice circle that is pushing out the previous color. Keep doing this with each color pouring less and less till you get to the purple, leaving much of it for the bottom of the other pan. Do this same process in the other pan but in an opposite pattern as you will have more of the purple, blue etc. etc. Here is a photo of both pans poured and ready for the oven. I have a cupcake tutorial at the end of this post that shows these steps one by one. 


Stick the cakes in the oven for 30 minutes or until they pass the toothpick test. I made the cream cheese frosting while they cooked. When they are done let them cool then flip them out onto a plate. I flipped one around and left the other face down so that they could be placed evenly on top of one another. A little bit of the left one came off in the pan so you can already start seeing the inside of it, so awesome!


Spread some icing onto your bottom cake and then put them both together, as you can see pictured below.


I separated and colored my icing the same way as the cake batter and then put them into zip-loc bags so I could pipe them out through a cut corner of the bag. My photo below is after I used them to ice the cake. I kept squeezing out some onto my fingers as it was just so decadent.


You can ice your cake anyway you like, I did it the way below. Placed one of the lei’s my mom brought with her for me around the cake as we were so proud of its outcome.


Alright now for a few photos that are bound to make your mouth water!



As I mentioned before I did a quick rainbow cupcake pictorial for you to see the water each layer is poured. These came out great as well!


What you’ll need:

  • Ingredients for white cake found HERE or two white cake mixes and ingredients
  • At least six gel food colors (if you only have four primary colors you can mix them to make two more)
  • Two 9×9 round pans or cupcake tins large (12)/small (24)
  • Cream Cheese icing and Zip-loc bags
  • Six bowls and spoons


  1. Preheat oven to 350F. Make cake batter and equally separate it into six bowls with separate spoons.
  2. Color the separate batters with gel food coloring fully incorporating each color adding more if needed for vibrancy.
  3. Flour your pans and begin pouring your colors one after another. Pour out around 3/4 of the first color on the bottom of one pan leaving some for the top of the other. Keep pouring one color after another doing less and less each time till you get to the last color.
  4. Repeat this process in the opposite fashion of colors for the other pan.
  5. Bake in oven for 30 minutes or until cakes pass the toothpick test. Make icing during this time.
  6. When cakes are done let them cool before taking them out of the pan.
  7. Flip them out leaving one face down. Ice this cake and place the other on top.
  8. Pipe out icing as desired and enjoy one crazy awesome cake!


I wanted to thank you all so much for all the thoughtful birthday wishes I received this year, it was truly humbling and I couldn’t of asked for a better birthday this year!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about my post! I am so excited I get to share this totally awesome occurrence in my life with you all!

Thank you so much for reading!

Corynn <3


Skittle Water Marble – Creams & Holographics

Super Duper quick post on this skittle water marble I conjured up this weekend! Got a text from my mom on friday saying “breathe do your nails, my fierce fab rainbow warrior”. This was just what I needed to hear when the weekend started. The stress is just killing me!!!


So I listened to her advice and did my nails! I was totally inspired by Yasmeen (IG: @sloteazzy) a new to me artist on instagram. She did a banging marble where she used a combo of a cream and holographic polish together. GENIUS! Did a bunch of tests with different color combos and I couldn’t resist to do a rainbow skittle. I used 12 different polishes for this piece of work! Lacquer Lusts Topaz, Emerald, Pink Tourmaline and Tanzanite; Color Clubs Cosmic Fate, Kismet, Miss Bliss and Eternal Beauty; Bettina’s Starfish Cerise and Purple; and Zoya’s Hunter. WHEW! I really love the combo of creams of holo’s together!




Okay now that the nails are looking fly again its back to school work! I got dis!