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LVX Lacquer Summer 2014 Review

Provided for review

I keep telling myself to get the ball rolling with my nails again but I just keep having these weird lapses of no nails! This nail depression needs to stop like right now! I think these next few posts will help that out for sure. One of my favorite 5-free vegan brands on the market today has got to be LVX nail lacquers. Not only do they have some amazingly crafted colors but the formulas are out of this world! I squealed like a little girl when I got a package from them consisting of three new colors from their Summer 2014 collection as well as their Gel-like topcoat which I have used throughout this post.

Laguna is a vibrant pastel blue cream that shows opacity in two smooth coats. A perfect addition to the other range of blues I own from LVX already. Makes me want to grab my snorkel gear and jump into a cenote!


Lolli is a subtle pastel pink cream which also shows opacity in two flawless smooth coats. A great color for almost any skin tone with a perfect formula. This and Laguna would be perfect for a friends baby shower!


Porcelaine is an off-white ivory cream. I used three coats as there was some slight streakage with only two but even without topcoat it smoothed out very nicely. A great color as the base for some nail art!


LVX Gel-like Topcoat was quite impressive for the few times I used it. It applied smoothly, showed little to now bubbles and cured in a timely manner; rather quickly if you ask me. I used it in some nail art and it did not smear or hinder the design. The large brush that LVX lacquers have also helped in the application of this topcoat. All-in-all I would say it wouldn’t be a bad investment if you are looking for a long-lasting chip resistant topcoat.


You can find all these colors, the rest of the collection (which I now need) and the Gel-like topcoat on LVX’s website HERE. Also follow LVX on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for sales, giveaways and much more!

As I mentioned before I am very fond of LVX formulas and colors so if you haven’t gotten to try them out yet I totally recommend it!

Corynn <3


Gradient and Watermarble Art – Ethereal Lacquer

Last Sunday I attempted my first full on chevron manicure and I loved the way it came out. Well this Sunday is was time to try a full on gradient. I have done a full gradeint in the past but only once and it didn’t blend too welll. I think I have fixed that problem using some beautiful pastel shades from Megan over at Ethereal Lacquer. I had been lemming her pretties since I first saw them and was fortunate enough to meet up with Megan last week.


I used a base of Cult Nails ‘Tempest’ and then sponged on some of Ethereal Lacquer’s Neon Nectar and Chelsea Rose. They both worked great for using in a gradient. Neon Nectar is a little more jelly like then the creaminess Chelsea Rose has but still was able to show opacity over the white. Theses photos are without topcoat but they still look so blended. I’m not a gradient expert, this being my second time doing one, but I gotta say I am pretty proud of the gradient I achieved.  But I couldn’t just stop there.


I did what I do and added a clear and white marble to it! I don’t think I could be more in love. For the water marble I used Tempest and OPI nail envy (a trick I learned from IG: Jessuhhhkuh).Nail Envy worked great for it didn’t dry up as fast as some other clear coats I’e used before. Now prepare for some photo spam of this manicure.




Did I mention these shades from Ethereal Lacquer glow in black light? This seems to be a trend for Sunday’s, elegance and glowiness.


I love the elegance of this whole look. The two colors look fab together and the white just makes them pop even more.


How do you guys feel about my 2nd gradient attempt?


Ethereal Lacquer has lots more shades in her pastel collections well as some other lovely shades all which are restocked HERE.

Also for all you international folks check out Mei Mei’s Signitures HERE.

For updates and sales follow Ethereal Lacquer on INSTAGRAM.


TUTORIAL: Dripping effect

Quick tutorial on this drip nail design. Kind of hard to photograph but I hope this helps!

1.) Paint your nails with the desired color(s) and let that dry. Then apply a matte top coat to take away the shine of the polish.

2.) For the drip design I used both a small and large dotting tool.

3.) Drip some of the color you are using to make the drips with onto a plastic surface (I used a small plastic cup). Then dip  the small dotting tool into the polish and make a line from one side of your nail to the other.

4.) Dip your dotting tool into the polish again and begin to fill up the tip of your nail.

5.) Keep applying polish to the tip of your nail.

6.) Now with the larger dotting tool place a large dot down away from the tip of color. Leave the dotting tool on the large dot of polish and gently drag some of the polish up to the line of color kind of connecting them. (This step is kind of hard to get a picture of but after trying it a couple of times you should be able to get the hang of it.)

7.) Do this again but farther down on your nail so the drips look kind of random on your nail.

8.) I Was able to fit 3 drips on most of my nails and 4 on my ring finger

9.) To help seal in the design carefully apply a top coat only to the drips (if you don’t use a matte top coat for the other color then simply apply top coat to the whole design)

I hope this helps out anyone wanting to try out this design. It does take less time then water marbling and you get a great outcome (not that water marbling isn’t awesome as well)

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at mucking fusser@gmail.com or comment to me on instagram @mucking_fusser



TUTORIAL: Dry Marble Effect

Today I have for you a tutorial on how to achieve this tie-dye dry marble look! Since this design is kind of new to the nail art world (at least to me) I wanted to make a quick pictorial and tutorial for it!



Supplies you will need: A white polish, 3-4 other colors and a pin or toothpick

1.) Start by painting your nail a white base coat (I did one nail at a time)

2.) Open up all the colors you’d like to use. For this nail I used a pattern of pink, yellow, purple & blue but you can line up the colors anyway you’d like, you’d still get a cool effect. So begin with your first color by taking a short of large drop of polish and place it where you’d like to start out your design (you don’t want it to be running off of your nail but this should be the largest blob since it covers the least amount of space on your nail)

3.) Take your next color and gently drag it alongside the last blob of polish. These two polishes might mix together a bit which is okay but if you find that they are running all over the place on your nail you probably put too much polish.

4.) Take your next color and drag that around the last color you placed on the nail. Less polish should be used for this round since you don’t need to drag it very far.

5.) You could stop at 3 colors but if you’d like you can add one more line of color around the rest. You should now have a sort of rainbow looking design on you nail.

6.) Now take your toothpick or pin and gently drag it from the middle of your first blob to the last color that you placed on your nail. Don’t press down too hard because this will create a short of blank spot.

7.) Keep draging out from the center blob to create the tie-dye look.

8.) This design really isn’t too difficult once you try it out on one or two nails. I ended up redoing a couple because I had put too much polish on the nail. But it take less time then a water marble and gives such an awesome effect!

If you have ANY questions please ask me on here email me at mucking fusser@gmail.com or ask me on instagram (@mucking_fusser)


TUTORIAL: Sideways chevron

I had a few extra minutes this weekend to make a quick tutorial on the Water mabrle I just did using Tillie Polishes new spring collection. This was also requested by the lovely Jo (@Lacquer_lust) to add to her Dummie guide to indie polish.
1.) First you want to gather all your supplies and prep for the marble. You will need 2-5 polishes, some toothpicks, a small plastic cup with room temperature filtered water, masking tape, a thicker stick to pick up excess polish and q-tips & polish remover to clean up.
2.) Apply a base coat of white (or the lightest color you are using) & let that dry.
3.) Rip off a piece of short masking tape to wrap around your finger near the base of the nail.
4.) Rip off a longer piece of masking tape to wrap around the sides and top of your finger (fingers can be wrapped individually or all at once. You may want to rip all the pieces you are going to use before you being marbling so you don’t mess up any nails in the process)
5.) Open the polishes and begin to drop one color after another into the water. Allow the polishes to spread on the surface of the water as you drop each polish
6.) The amount of rings you want to create will depend on the amount of different polishes you are using. For example in this marble I used 5 different polishes so I only did a ring of each color twice. When using 2 colors then 4 or 5 rings of each color may be desirable.
7.) Next drag from the center out with a toothpick.
8.)  Do the same from the middle to the other side.
9 10, 11,12) Next begin to drag the toothpick from side to side. If your polish fills the whole cup then you can anchor it onto the sides after each swipe. If it is kind of stagnate in the middle of the water then you are going to want to sort of dip the toothpick in the water after each swipe from side to side. This will aid in a cleaner neater design.
13.) Find the best looking design in the cup and rotate it if need be. Then gently dip your nail onto the surface and into the water leaving it submerged.
 14.) With a toothpick or thicker stick, pick up the excess polish that is on top of the water so that your design is not ruined. Make sure you don’t bring up your finger too early or you will ruin the design. Also make sure you don’t nick your nail on the sides of the cup!
15.) Slowly take out your finger to prevent air bubbles and CAREFULLY take the tape off. Clean around your cuticles and under your nail slowly you don’t want to mess up your beautiful design. I like to clean each nail right after I marble it since the polish is still kind of wet which helps to get it off easier.
16.) Let your nails dry for at least 15 minutes you don’t want any smudges. Then apply top coat and your have yourself a beautiful marble design! ^_^
Any questions please comment to me here or on Instagram. You can also e-mail me at muckingfusser@gmail.com