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31DC2015 Day 10: Sunset Gradient w/ Uberchic Stamping

Yes yes I know, I’m technically behind on the 31 day challenge as today is supposed to be stripes! But hey that means I only have this and two more designs to get all caught up with! I am determined to stay on track. I gotta say I wasn’t looking forward to the gradient prompt as its a technique that I’ve only tried a few times, but they turned out better then I thought they would be. Wasn’t sure what color combo I wanted to do until I was came upon a design done by Sarah of Chalkboard Nails. Everything she does is pure perfection.

I used my new Uberchic Beauty mat, which I’m slowly falling inlove with, to combine the colors and then picked them up with a latex-free makeup sponge which I think helps prevent them from soaking into it. Also I feel like having the darker color on the tips gives it a nicer effect. I used OPI’s ‘A Oui Bit of Red’ for the middle color but it came out a little pink but I likes it. Stamping and top coating a gradient changes the whole game, it looks 10x better!




I could have created a tutorial for this look but I can see myself doing it again in the future so I refrained and have started working on the things I’m behind on at the moment!

Products Used:
Cirque Colors – ‘Carpe Diem‘, ‘Memento Mori‘ & Liquid Laminate Topcoat
OPI – ‘Vant to Bite My Neck’ & ‘A Oui Bit of Red’
Zoya – ‘Jancyn’
Uberchic Beauty – Uber Mat & Stamping Plate 1-03
Moyou London – Rectangle Stamper

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31DC2015 Day 4 Green: Water Marbled Leaves!

Umm people, is this really my blog? Are those really my fingers? I’m not sure if its mucking humanly possible to have posted on my blog for four days in a row and made two tutorials along with those posts?! I simply can’t believe my eyes. On top of all that I’ve gone and the unthinkable and did some water marbling and advanced stamping TOGETHER! Tedious work at times yes but I like the outcome.

Okay so bear with me folks this is the first time I’ve done a full on advanced stamping manicure and only my second time trying the technique. The tips got a little rusty and I fudged up the pinky but by the middle finger I got the hang of things and figured out my process. At first I was like hmm maybe I’ll do some like marbleized grass but then I was thinking hmm how can I make it even better…… STAMPING! I think the next time I do this the outcome will be much neater. But I have left perfection behind and am having fun with it all!



My eyes are hurting but I got another tutorial done and up! Check it out below!

Products Used:

OPI ‘Jade is the New Black’ & ‘Green-wich Village’
Tillie Polish ‘Espresso Yourself’
Color 4 Nails Creative Shop stamper
MoYou London Tropical Plate 05
Cirque Colors ‘Memento Mori
Kb Shimmer Topcoat

Not sure if I’ll be able to post on here with every prompt so make sure to keep a lookout over on my social media pages!

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Tutorial: Turkey Tail Feather Water Marble Nails for Thanksgiving

Woohoo! The days are slowly passing by as we get closer to my graduation date! Today officially marks my two year watermarblversary and to celebrate I will be putting together a HUGE giveaway including prizes from over 8 different amazing brands! It shall be epic, and I don’t use that work too often! Check out my very first marble HERE its quite hilarious!

This weekend I allotted some time in-between all my studying to do these cute turkey tail feather nails inspired by Colette of My Simple Little Pleasures! I spent quite a long time trying to figure out what combo of polish I wanted to use. I ended up with a combo of three OPI shades including Red Hot Rio, In My Back Pocket and The “It” Color. When dragging to make the feathers the colors sort of lost their smoothness between each one but I settled with it as this is more of a cutesy design then an artsy one. I used Tillie Polish Royals for the body and then some Sally Hansen colors for the facial characteristics.


Check out the video tutorial I’ve made for this design on my YouTube Mucking Fusser! If you try out any of my designs make sure to tag #muckinginspired on instagram so I can see them!

It’s almost time to start doing some Christmas designs, I can’t wait! Till then Happy Thanksgiving!

Corynn <3


Halloween Nails – Water Marbled Mummies with TUTORIAL

What a great weekend it has been! I spent today at the pumpkin patch eating kettle corn and drinking apple cider and then I went on a lovely hike to Brandywine Falls. Thankfully I didn’t have any pressing assignments due or tests coming up so I knew it was time to work on another video. Over the weekend I sported these cute water marbled mummies inspired by Colette of My Simple Little Pleasures, my total marbling guru.

OPI ‘Taupe Less Beach’, ‘Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around’ and ‘My Vampire is Buff’ were great colors to achieve that nice nude base I was going for, plus they work great in the water. I used some Nail Vinyls to create the black strips as I can’t paint a straight line to safe my life! I decided to omit another black dot inside the white ones as it made the eyes look a little more spooky then cute.


Here is the marbled base without the mummy eyes. Very chic and natural looking it would be great for a wedding.


Check out the video tutorial on my YouTube! Help me out an Subscribe!

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Earth Day Mermaid Fin Water Marble

Yes Earth Day was over week ago but being as it is the last few weeks of the semester I didn’t have time to do any festive nails. Alas I made some time this weekend to try out this combo of OPI ‘Jade is the New Black’, ‘Green-wich Village’ and ‘Mermaid Tears’. and by golly do I love it! Reminds me very much of the blue mermaid fin marble I did last year for autism awareness. I am feeling a little short of words today as I’ve been cramming so much this week so enjoy these photos!

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Mardi Gras Water Marble

Yes I know, Mardi Gras has been over for a week now but I was lucky enough to visit New Orleans this past weekend, hence my long absence. I know you are thinking right off the bat, “oh that Corynn going down south to get all crazy!”, when in fact I went down for the 64th American Medical Student Association convention. Now of course I had my fair share of fun in the 72 hours we were there but for most of the trip I was networking and meeting others with my same passion of becoming a medical professional.

It being so close to Mardi Gras I had to sport some festive nails on my trip! I used a base of Zoya ‘Goldie’  and then marbled with Rescue Beauty ‘Mismas’ and ‘Become One’ along with OPI ‘Don’t Touch My Tutu’. This OPI shade was just opaque enough to show the boldness of the gold. Thanks to ErinZi for that tip!


This post was way overdue but I had two exams the Thursday before we left and then had such a busy weekend on the trip! March is always a busy month for me considering it’s my birthday month and all. Two exams next week and then I’ll have some free time with spring break, I just can’t wait!

Thanks for reading!

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