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Tutorial: LVX Spring 15′ Classy Retro Water Marble

Im not sure what it is about getting back into the groove of things but for some reason I’m having a real hard time with getting motivated to do pretty much anything. Dam this horrible depression and rut that I am experiencing! It’s my own darn fault and I just need to put my big girl panties on and deal with it!

I still have a bunch of designs that I did over two months ago that I still need to share with you all and its not like they are bad or anything I’ve just kept brushing it off, always getting defeated. But not today, NO! Today I will be sharing this loverly manicure using, as you may know, one of my favorite brands, LVX. Not only are their lacquers vegan and cruelty free they are inspired by fashion and always have perfect formulas, not to mention they marble wonderfully.


The colors I used for this design are from LVX’s Spring 2015 collection (I know I’m far behind) and like always are beautifully crafted together. Each one of these colors has a similar shimmery finish to them. Noir is a blackish grey shimmer to it while Haze is a lovely lilac hue. But both of these colors have a tinge of grey to them. I used Fuchsia along with these two other muted colors to help it really pop. I’m loving this unconventional color combo.  IMG_0691

And with all the kittens in my life right meow I tend to take photos with them and my nails, so yeaaaaaaa. HA! This little guy was from the last litter, he was the sweetest deaf kitty, always curling up next to me. His bright white color was a nice background for this design.

See the tutorial for this design below!

You can find Noir, Haze and Fushcia on LVX’s Shop along with the rest of the Spring 2015 collection and many other amazing colors.

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LVX Spring 2015 Camo w/ Moyou Stamping

Yesterday I had a bit of a episode and got super depressed for a few hours. I call it my young-life crisis moments. Being 23 and not knowing exactly where you heading in life, well being any age and not knowing can bring about some real serious stress. So of course I had to have a nice long convo with my mama and all was well after that. Sometimes venting is the best cure for stress. This past weekend I found out that my foot wasn’t broken, got my hair recolored and was featured in Nail It! Magazine twice! I kinda feel like Norma from OITNB blessed me with her healing powers (sorry for all those that don’t watch this show) and now things are falling into place. I have to keep telling myself all is as it should be, all is as it should be.

Well enough personal stuff lets get into something that has also been way overdue and that is LVX’s Spring 2015 collection. You may have seen me post about them before as they are one of my favorite brands from the vast array of beautiful colors to the constantly impressive formulas, they never cease to amaze me, and they are 5-free! Thats why ‘Camo’ swatched below gets it very own post, it’s that extraordinary. The blueish green shimmer in this beauty really makes it a unique shade. The brushes LVX has result in some of the fullest coverage I’ve experienced, Camo took two easy coats for full opacity.


I could have done much more with this shade but I decided to keep it simple with this MoYou London stamping design from Fashionista Plate (04) using Cult Nails ‘Time Traveler’. Lets all just have a moment of silence for the retirement of Cult Nails. Anywho I’m seeing some advanced stamping with this plate in my near future for sure I love the dimensions it holds.


I liked this picture too much not to share it with you all. Ring is from So Nailicious Boutique and its pretty much badass with this pose. Enjoy!


I have three more colors from LVX’s Spring 2015 collection to share with you all as well as their Summer 2015 collection which all work great for water marbling as you will soon see!

LVX: Online Shop, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube

Products used:
LVX ‘Camo’
Cult Nails ‘Time Traveler’
MoYou London – Fashionista Plate 04
Color 4 Nails – Creative Shop Stamper
Cirque Colors ‘Laminate Top Coat’

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Tipped Chevron Design with Tutorial

Provided For reveiw

Today marks one month till I will be graduating with my Bachelors of Science in Biology, I am so excited! Only a few more tests and papers to get thru its such craziness!

I couldn’t go without having some more fun with the colors form LVX Fall 2014 collection as they are simply perfect! My inspiration for this Tipped Chevron design came from Amina of @amina2inspire on instagram. She’s been a follower of mine for awhile and has always left such nice comments. After checking out her profile I instantly had to follow her!

This mix of bright and neutral colors using LVX’s Cerise, Espresso, and Oyster was a great combo. The pop of Cerise in between the others adds so much to the design. And of course I used the always reliable nail vinyls from Nailvinyls.com to achieve that nice chevron look.


When I went to Michael’s Craft store the other week to get some things for my halloween outfit I grabbed myself I nice new sparkly background! Quite perfect for this eye-catching yet subtle design.


I’ve made a quick tutorial for this manicure on my Youtube Mucking Fusser!

You can find all these gorgeous Fall colors at LVX online site.

Connect with LVX: Online Site, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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LVX Fall 2014 Collection Swatches and Review

Provided FOr Review

This week I’ve been working with some beautiful LVX colors from their Fall 2014 collection. Every time I use lacquers from this brand I have a great experience. They produce gorgeous colors with equally amazing 5-free vegan formulas. Gaining inspiration from the seasons fashion trends, this sister brother duo have mastered pairing polish to the finest garments.

Peony is a lovely light bubblegum pink cream that showed opacity in two smooth coats. Paying homage to Lolli, one of LVX’s top sellers during the summer, Peony steps up the brightness just a touch.


Macaroon is a sheer peachy nude that showed full opacity in four thin coats. Most nudes require 3-4 coats to as they can be quite thin similar to yellows. Not a problem at all during application as each coat dried nice and fast.


Cerise is cherry red cream with hints of fuchsia to it. Impeccable application and coverage in two coats this was my top color from the collection. So striking and incredibly bold like a red shade should be.


Anthracite is a dark charcoal gray that had a sort of crelly finish to it. Three coats was needed for full opacity but my photos are without topcoat so you can see how smooth it applies.


Oyster is a blue gray cream that only required one coat for full opacity. Whenever I find a shade with a formula such as this one my jaw instantly drops. I didn’t apply topcoat for this swatch either so thats why you can see my ridges a bit, but seriously could this be anymore like butter?!


Espresso is chocolatey coffee like brown cream that showed full opacity in two smooth coats. It’s dark tone would make it a great alternative for black, which is major staple for any art.


I did some stamping overtop of Peony with Espresso and Moyou London Sailor Plate 06 which paired great together.


I also did a little something with Anthracite using these neat neon diamond stickers from She Sells Seashells. I kinda love the pop of color over this dark crelly.


I love the names these colors have, so appropriate for each, but still quite unique. If I had to use three words to describe LVX it would be smooth, flawless and stunning!

You can find all these gorgeous Fall colors at LVX online site.

Connect with LVX: Online Site, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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LVX Summer 2014 Nail Art

Provided for review

I couldn’t go without doing some nail art with the LVX Summer 2014 colors I previously reviewed as they are of great quality.

It’s been just too long once again since I have done a water marble but when these LVX Lacquers fell in my lap I knew right away I had to break out the cup and tape and get to work! Using Laguna, Lolli and Porcelain I created a striped water marble which totally reminds me of some sweet candy! If I had had a candy land board you would be getting some shots with it in the background because this mani is just super sweet!


I was also able to further review LVX’s Gel-like Topcoat as I wore this water marble for a whole seven days. The claim that LVX lacquers are chip-resistant is quite true, granted my nails are in a healthy state but some of the polishes I wear chip off within a day or two. This mani looks practically brand new besides my cuticles of course.


Going along with my recent love for stamping I used my new MoYou London Bridal plate 06 with Laguna. Porcelain was a great base to compliment this slightly bright blue.


Using Laguna as my base, a design from MoYou London Sailor plate 07 and decals from Serum No. 5. I was able to create my first nautical themed mani! The gold glitter is Cult Nails Walk of Shame and the gold on my pinky, which I also used the decals for, is Tillie Polish’s Golden Goddess. I’ll be sharing more decals from Serum No. 5 in the coming weeks!


Don’t forget to check out my review of these three LVX shades HERE.

You can find all these colors, the rest of the collection (which I now need) and the Gel-like topcoat on LVX’s website HERE. Also follow LVX on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for sales, giveaways and much more!

You can find the Anchors Away decals from Serum No. 5 HERE which come in many different colors!

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LVX Lacquer Summer 2014 Review

Provided for review

I keep telling myself to get the ball rolling with my nails again but I just keep having these weird lapses of no nails! This nail depression needs to stop like right now! I think these next few posts will help that out for sure. One of my favorite 5-free vegan brands on the market today has got to be LVX nail lacquers. Not only do they have some amazingly crafted colors but the formulas are out of this world! I squealed like a little girl when I got a package from them consisting of three new colors from their Summer 2014 collection as well as their Gel-like topcoat which I have used throughout this post.

Laguna is a vibrant pastel blue cream that shows opacity in two smooth coats. A perfect addition to the other range of blues I own from LVX already. Makes me want to grab my snorkel gear and jump into a cenote!


Lolli is a subtle pastel pink cream which also shows opacity in two flawless smooth coats. A great color for almost any skin tone with a perfect formula. This and Laguna would be perfect for a friends baby shower!


Porcelaine is an off-white ivory cream. I used three coats as there was some slight streakage with only two but even without topcoat it smoothed out very nicely. A great color as the base for some nail art!


LVX Gel-like Topcoat was quite impressive for the few times I used it. It applied smoothly, showed little to now bubbles and cured in a timely manner; rather quickly if you ask me. I used it in some nail art and it did not smear or hinder the design. The large brush that LVX lacquers have also helped in the application of this topcoat. All-in-all I would say it wouldn’t be a bad investment if you are looking for a long-lasting chip resistant topcoat.


You can find all these colors, the rest of the collection (which I now need) and the Gel-like topcoat on LVX’s website HERE. Also follow LVX on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for sales, giveaways and much more!

As I mentioned before I am very fond of LVX formulas and colors so if you haven’t gotten to try them out yet I totally recommend it!

Corynn <3