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Holographic Christmas Tree Skittle

Provided For review

Now that it’s the first day of December its time to start dishing out the holiday designs! This manicure was so unintentional. I totally did not have this vision of Christmas trees to go along with Cirque Colors ‘Knickerbocker’ from their Metropolis collection but by golly gee do they look ever so fab over this dark chocolatey brown cream. Using holographic shades to create the trees made this design stand out all the more. Besides Color Clubs ‘Harp On’ all the rest are shades from Lacquer Lust’s Birthstone collection which you may have seen me recently use in my Thanksgiving day manicure. Amethyst, Emerald and Ruby are currently up for grabs in my mucking many millstone giveaway along with many other equally amazing prizes! The trees were blocked off using skinny straight vinyls from Nail Vinyls which like always showed impeccable application and use for this type of nail art. I fished out some glitters from Lumina Lacquer’s The Snow King for the star on top and sealed it all off with HKgirl topcoat from Glisten & Glow


Hmm shiny closeup, not macro, closeup as I just zoomed in on one of my less blurry photos. And why does a hair always have to be in the best picture I get… WHY?! I need to create a little vacuum thingy that sucks up all the hairs from a nail area. That would be the day.


Although this design is pretty easy I wanted to go ahead and make a tutorial for it. Check it out below!

What do you all think of this design? Was the purple nail too outta wack to fit with the others? How do you feel?

I have some more holiday tutorials in the works which I hope I can get done in-between these last few days of class!

Connect with Cirque Colors: Online Store, Facebook, Instagram
Connect with Lacquer Lust: Online Store, Facebook, Instagram
Connect with Nail Vinyls: Online Store, Facebook, Instagram

Corynn <3


Thanksgiving Floral Water Marble

Lacquer Lust’s holographic shades have been a part of my collection since I started out and these one’s from her Birthstone collection have such a great formula for water marbling. Yes, yes I did this same exact design last year but I just loved it so much that I had to do it again for thanksgiving day! I was originally going to use these colors for some more turkey nails but I wanted to revisit my old design and go with the classic petal marble. There is one turkey on thumb though, she misses her turkey friends but she’ll deal. No sun out today so I couldn’t show off that nice holo this design has to it but it still looks so banging with those tight nit petals. Two of the colors I used for this design, Ruby and Emerald, happen to be prizes in my current giveaway to celebrate mucking many millstones! Check it out HERE if you haven’t entered yet, there are over 11 prizes!


Here is the video tutorial for this design!

Products used:
Cirque Colors: Carpe Diem
Lacquer Lust: Ruby, Emerald & Topaz
Glisten & Glow: HK girl topcoat

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, I hope you enjoy it with your families and friends! Be on the lookout for lots of holiday designs and tutorials!

Corynn <3


Mucking Magnificent Milestone GIVEAWAY!

I don’t even know if I have words to express how excited I am right now! This past week not only marked my two year water marbling anniversary but I also hit 50,000 followers on Instagram, 3,000 Likes on Facebook and 5,000 subscribers and 500,000 views on YouTube! In order to celebrate all these magnificent mucking milestones I knew I had to put together an EPIC giveaway to show my appreciation for each and every one of you that have taken the time to support me! You won’t believe all the brands that have contributed to this mucking giveaway, the prizes are INSANE, and there happen to be 11 chances to win! Thats right now one, two or three but ELEVEN PRIZES!



In the past couple of months the indie polish world has been bombarded by the epicness that is Pipe Dream Polishes a Night in Vegas collection created by the lovely April! Not only are these colors bright, bold and beautiful they are some for the best polishes that I ever tried for water marbling and I’ve created some of my favorite designs with them. Rainbow is after all my favorite color!



If you don’t have any ILNP shades in your collection here is your chance to change that! Barbra of ILNP has this knack for creating some of the most unique polishes I have ever gotten to try. From her many holographic colors to the ever-growing line of multi chromes she has done it again with some new colors made up of color-shifting flakes! I personally choose these four shades out of the collection from the 13 colors included as I felt they have the most color change to them



In the past year these easy to use nail vinyls have opened up a whole new world for the nail art community! From chevrons to lighting bolts, their creator Linda, is constantly adding new vinyls to her collection of stickers adding the ability for fast, easy and beautiful nail art to their users. I myself have been able to create some stellar designs with them. This variety pack includes so many different kinds of vinyls to it!



Two years ago I bought a lovely holographic set from my first indie brand, Lacquer Lust. I did a water marble with them, Jo graciously shared my photo and from then on my love for indie brands just kept rising. These holographic shades not only have amazing formulas to them but they work great for water marbling, something I haven’t been able to find with many other lacquers.



Thermal polishes give some of the most amazing gradient effects without having to do any of the work! The Queen of thermals, Katherine of Polished by KPT, has influenced and dominated the thermal market with her chic color combos. Along with her thermals, all the glittery combos she creates are so unique! Swatch credit: Lacquerloon, Pinpoint Polish and Lacquer Style



Glow in the dark polishes will forever have a place in my heart. The first one I got to try many moons ago was the infamous Day Glow created by Victoria of Serum No. 5. Her line of GITD shades are great for business during the day and partying during the night! Along with two GITD polishes this prize includes a shiny metallic holographic one coater shade that really does luxe so good! This prize includes three full size polishes unlike the photo pictured below.



This next prize is an essential one for any and everyone that does their nails. One of my least favorite things to do in the nail care process is file my nails. When I use a glass nail file, that dislike is greatly decreased. They file so much smoother then a regular one and it makes life that much easier. When you are finished up filing you must soak those cuticles in some oil. A easy way to do that is by using a cuticle oil stick which slowly drips out oil onto the attached brush. Great for next to bed or in your purse. Plus this one smells like tea tree, something that I use daily in my bodily health care.



Another essential item for the average nail lover is a great topcoat and one of the bes out there has got to be HK Girl from Jill of Glisten & Glow. This set below contains one of those amazing must have topcoats, one stuck on blu base coat, a cuticle balm, a cuticle oil roller tube stick and a nail file and orange stick.



Last of the polish prizes is this beautiful holiday trio from Missi of Different Dimensions. It just so happens this lovely lady is located super close to me! I still have yet to get to meet her, I must change that. From the colors to the names and the formulas to the themes of the sets she creates, her collections are always so unique! Swatch credit: The Polishaholic



Hmm what on earth could this be?! Well whoever wins it will be lucky enough to find out!


To enter fill out the rafflecopter widget. The more entries you fill the better chances you have at winning!

There are many ways to enter including:

-Following all nine contributors on Instagram including myself (1 entry each)
-Visiting all nine contributors on Facebook including myself (1 entry each)
-Sharing the giveaway on Instagram (5 entries) or on other social media platforms (5 entries): can be performed daily; use hashtag #muckingmilestonegiveaway on instagram (profile must be public for me to view entry); make sure to leave link in rafflecopter widget
-Subscribing to my YouTube channel Mucking fusser (3 entries)
-Following my blog via email (2 entries) or Bloglovin’ (2 entries)
-Liking my Facebook page (2 entries)
-Following my Pinterest page (2 entries)
-Water marbling and posting your nails; must be a new design posted after the giveaway was started (10 entries)
-Leaving a blog comment (5 entries)

The more you enter the better chances you will have at winning one of the prizes!

Please read all giveaway rules and regulations before entering.

1. Must follow me in some way: Instagram, Facebook, youtube, blog etc.
2. Must follow or visit social media outlets of at least one contributor.
3. I apologize but only U.S. and Candadian entries please
-if you are international and have someone to send you the prize that lives in the U.S. then you may enter.
4. Anyone can enter. Winners must be 18 years or older or have written permission from parents
5. Winners will be chosen by random. All entries will be checked and validated for those winners, if any are invalid then another winner will be chosen. If entrants do not reply within 48 hours of email notification then another winner will also be chosen.
6. Please do not enter if you plan to unfollow me or the contributors.
7. Any and all questions are welcome but please no drama or rudeness! I do not want to have to disqualify anyone for this reason!
8. Giveaway ends on December 30th 2014 at 11:59pm; all entries must be in before this time

Note: I have the right to validate and examine all entries. Only those that follow the rules will be admitted as winners.

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Catching up – Holiday 2013 Designs

Hey hey hey lovelies! Happy New Year! During the Holidays I totally neglected my blog. I was just not feeling it; editing all the photos and writing up posts almost started feeling like a chore at the end of the year. And sadly I was having some sort of nail blockage during my break and it was really messing with me. I am hoping with the start of the school year I’ll be able to kick myself in gear and accomplish some goals I have for my nails and the blog this year. Some which include making youtube videos, sprucing up the blogs and coming up with some new designs. With this absence of blogging I have still been able to come up with a couple holiday designs and I felt like documenting them on here. Gives me a chance to elaborate and for you to catch up on any designs you may have missed on my IG page.


For my Christmas Eve manicure I did a poinsettia design using Zoya ‘Hunter’ and Square Hue ‘Fifth Avenue’. Then I added Lacquer Lust’s ‘I Like It on Top’ for I felt it need a little sparkle. Tillie Polishes Matte topcoat was the perfect way to really show the special effect topcoat.


Incorporating tape and a water marble is such a great idea. This was my Christmas day manicure and it is probably one of my favorite to date. For the Christmas Tree marble I used Lacquer Lusts ‘Peridot’ and ‘Emerald’. At first I was going to do just a white background but then Spencer, my man, suggested that I do a dark blue one with some snow. What a perfect idea that was! It really made the marble design pop even more. I used Cult Nails ‘Time Traveler’ for the dark background and the ornamental glitters are from some Lumina Lacquer polishes.


Here is a manicure that I am super excited to have done! The wonderful Leslie from Work/Play/Polish recently held a Blogging for a cause guest post series where each post would donate $10 to the Polished Girlz organization. If you haven’t heard of them before the Polsihed Girlz go into hospitals and give manicures to those that are in need of some pampering. Its such an amazing organization and it was started by Alana when she was only 10 years old. So if you missed out on this post have a look HERE for it is a recreation of an older design and the post also has a little blurb about my technique for trying out combos. Thanks again to Leslie for having me be a part of this series! <3


And lastly for my New Years nails I did something a little out of my comfort zone as I have only attempted a gradient three times now. I’m still thinking my second attempt was the best but this was wasn’t to bad either. I’ve learned to brush the polish onto saran wrap instead of the sponge, makes for a much more brighter outcome. I used LVX ‘Viridian’ and ‘Viridis’ for the gradient and then marbled overtop using Lacquer Lust ‘Diamond’ and OPI Nail Envy. Very subtle effect but it all matched my outfit for the night so I was just honky dory.



Yay for a little recap on my Holiday designs. After writing this I am already feeling better! I hope my little bit of negativity doesn’t scare you all away! Can’t thank everyone enough for such an amazing year together as I begun all my nail endeavors more then a year ago now. Ready for another great year full of nails!



Lacquer Lust Holographic Thanksgiving/Fall Water Marble

Well hello there you freaking spectacular people! It’s true! I mean if you are reading these words why not feel spectacular?! I am feeling pretty good myself, had a banging Hanukkah feast last night and had a lovely Thanksgiving watching the parade and doing my nails while visiting my grandparents in North Carolina. Brought with me, in my handy dandy polish case, some choice colors that I knew I could work with during my small vaca. Out of those shades were some of Lacquer Lust’s holographic colors which you may already know work great for marbling from my previous design found HERE. I used Emerald, Ruby and Topaz from the Birthstone collection for this sideways classic petal marbling design. If you happen to be a holographic virgin or just love holo polishes, I would suggest these colors as they are PERFECT! Some are one coaters and the color range is beautiful.




I hope you enjoyed this manicure as much as me! Not sure when these colors will be restocked on Lacquer Lusts SITE so checkout her FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for updates!




Lacquer Lust Rainbow Birthstone Water Marble

Provided For Review

I can’t even believe I am typing right now! Oh goodness I am one tired lady. School is totally kicking in gear, first test are next week, my AMSA presidency is rolling on, its just craziness! I had to stop, think, and then tell myself, “Okay Corynn I think it’s just about time to do your mucking nails!” But enough jibber jabber, lets get into some really excting and cool I felt like this when I was done…


I am just so happy with the outcome of this manicure using some AMAZING polishes from Lacquer Lust new Birthstone collection  If you haven’t checked out her it out you really must. There are so many beauties and they all have great formulas and application. I was fortunate enough to receive a whole set to share with you all. You may have seen a few swatches and one marble with these on my Instagram but this has got to be the top dog of what I have done with them so far. Funny thing is my first ever indies were from Lacquer Lust. Last December I came accross Jo’s brand and instantly fell inlove with her holograhpic hash tag collection which consisted of six bright and awesome holo shades. I was just all too excited when I heard about this new holo collection from her. Not only did I know that they would be filled with tons and tons of spectrafalir but that they would also be good for water marbling! Using a base of Cult Nails Tempest I then used Peridot, Pink Tourmaline, Topaz, Zircon and Tanzanite for the water marble which ended up coming out super random, but kinda of uniformed, something I love about marbling. I then topped it off with the topcoat I’ve been currently using, Glisten & Glow HKgirl. I’m totally and utterly inlove.


Wanted to show some macros of this manicure its just too banging. Indoor on the left in indirect light and then outside in the morning sun.


Tried out a new method since I haven’t been having too much luck with my lightbox. The below photo was taken in a plastic bag! I’ve seen some other girls do this such as Strawbrie and thepolishedokie. It helps diffuse the light really well and gives you an indirect lighting effect.


This photo was taken in direct light under the usual LED lamp that I use. Here you can start to see how holo this manicure really is, but of course no photo could really show you the true effect of these pretties, at least on the cameras I have.


And lastly here is a photo out in the morning sun. I took this on my way to class this morning which was like the only time that the sun was shining and I had time to take a picture. Haa oh good ole school dayzzz! But just look at all the holo! Its not as intense as it would be if the shades where on their own, since marbling creates a very thin line on the surface of the water, but dayummm.


Wait whats this?! Corynn has a right hand??? NO WAY! Finally my Cinderella lover can come out of hiding. Both my hands are pretty much at the same length now that I had my breakage, its kinda nice. I suppose this is the first manicure I will be posting on here with my new nubbins! Gotta love your nails no matter what size! Pictured from B-T: Topaz (3 coats), Peridot (2), Pink Tourmaline (1), Zircon (3) and Tanzanite (1). All had great application!


Lacquer Lust has decided to make these PERMANENT shades in her store, great idea if I may so. The official release is this Monday September the 17th. Make sure to check out Lacquer Lusts Instagram and Facebook pages for the time and other goodies!


Oh and just because I love you guys and you made it this far…