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Laquerlicious Limited V-Day = D-Day Review

Provided For Review

Okay okay now that it is the weekend and it just so happens to be a four day one for me (thank you MLK) I’m feeling much better about school and this whole semester! This weekend I have some valentines day shades to share with you all and to start it off we have the always incredible Laquerlicious. This month Michelle has created a Polish for Pit Bulls with an anti-valentines day theme where half of the proceeds will be going to the Fresno Bully Rescue in California. Laquerlicious has done this before and I feel it is a great way to raise awareness and money for a cause that is near and dear to them.


V-Day = D-day is a limited edition glitter bomb filled with so many types of glitter it would take me so long to list them all. Let’s just say there are hearts, skulls, stars, squares, bars, circles and hexes in many colors and sizes filled up in a clear base with lots of  microglitter and pink shimmer. Here I used one dabbed coat with no fishing overtop of Julep ‘Denver’ and paired it with an accent marble using ‘Denver’ and ‘Evelyn‘; two colors I’ve been dyeing to use for a while. All the colors in this glittery pretty stand out great over this minty shade.



You can find this shade at Laquerlicious’s store for just $6.00 HERE, quite a steal for how complex and eye-catching this beauty is. That also means that $3.00 goes to those Pit Bulls out in California! Check out Laquerlicious on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for new shades, sales and giveaways!

<3 Corynn


Laquerlicious Winter 2013 Collection

Provided For Review

I have been on a roll with getting all my swatching done. It was getting pretty backed up but after a couple of swatchathons I am almost all caught up! So many awesome brands to share with you all and today I have Laquerlicious’s Winter collection consisting of four beautiful jelly glitters. All these colors showed opacity in two coats but I decided to use undies with them.

Mittens Or Gloves? is a purple jelly glitter with various colors of square glitters throughout. I used one coat over top of Sally Hansen’s Trouble Maker. You may recgonize that accent nail from my previous Sally Hansen post using some of Laquer Lust’s birthstone holos. I loved the square glitters in this one.


All Bundled Up is a deep blue almost purple jelly with silver and blue microglitters. I used one coat overtop of Nailme Nail polishes Plum Crazy Sex. Not to thick or thin on application.


Shoveled Snow is a blue jelly with circle and hex glitters in various colors and sizes with silver and blue microglitters. I used one coat overtop of Zoya’s BreeziOnce again the addition of extra glitters helps this jelliter  (word I just came up with for jelly glitters) stand out.


Below Zero is a teal jelliter ;) with teal, silver and blue microglitters. There might just be something about teal but this one was my fav of the bunch. Using one coat overtop of Zoya’s Giovanni I then watermarbled overtop of it all with WnW’s white and OPI Nail Envy.



Laquerlicoius’s STORE has now moved from Etsy to Bigcartel for all your future purchases! Make sure you follow her on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for updates on sales and new colors! Always love her creative use of glitters!


Laquerlicious- Daisy Fresh Review

Well I am feeling just so fresh and so clean clean with Daisy Fresh, a new summer jelly with so many neon glitters from the awesome Laquerlicious! This baby blue jelly has large and small hexes, circles and squares all ranging from neon pink and green, teal, pink, dark green, purple, white, yellow and orange. Talk about a banging glittery bomb!


I decided to do a little water marble mermaid fin accent using Sally Hansen’s Mellow Yellow and Zoya’s Rocky and Shelby, some colors that stood out the most to me in Daisy Fresh. I used two lovely coats on its own and then topped it with Seche Vite. Great application for a jelly full of glitters.



Also if you missed my huge post on Laquerlicious’s 4th of July collection check it out HERE.

For this shade and many other awesome creations have a look at Laquerlicious’s Etsy shop HERE.

If you wanna keep up on Laquerlicious’s new colors have a  look at her FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM


Laquerlicious- 4th of July Collection Review

Sitting out on my mom’s porch listening to the hummingbirds buzz by as they fight for the feeders. This is the time of year when all the little babies are born and it is just so amazing to watch them up here in the mountains. What a perfect time to write up a post.

For those who celebrate, are you guys getting ready for 4th of July?! Well I’m feeling it over here with Laquerlicious’s beautiful 4th of July collection! Consisting of five perfect shades for the upcoming holiday. Two glitter toppers, two bases and one base/glitter topper all with perfect application.

Numero uno in this set is Fireworks & Freedom, a mix of blue and red sqaure, bar, big and small hex glitter as well as tiny little micro glitters all filled up in a faint red semi clear base.


I used one perfectly applicated layer of Fireworks & Freedom over top of Aengland’s Excalibur and Fnug’s Aviator on my accent nail. Here’s a closeup of this beauty, probably my 3rd favorite of them all.


Now we have Patriotic parade, which can be worn by itself or over top of another polish. I am sure this would look great over black! I decided to use Aengland’s Excalibur again since it almost matched the color of all the beautiful sliver holo glitters in this polish. One coat with Seche vite and I was good to go.


In Patriotic Parade’s shimmery base you will find red, blue and silver medium hex glitters along with lots of mirco bar and hex holo glitters. See all the rainbowy holo in this Parade of a polish?! I saw someone else using this beauty and knew it needed to be in my collection. I’m really loving the shimmery base and the fact that it can be worn alone. This is my 2nd favorite because of this diversity.


Next I decided to use both of the base polishes of this set in one manicure. The 4th of July is always about those gorgeous blue and red shades out there. On my outter fingers I am wearing America’s Birthday and in the middle Rockets Red Glare. I used two coats of each along with one coat of Seche Vite topcoat for a perfect finish. These polishes are like the opposite of one another but very similar.


America’s Birthday, sort of a denim like blue is filled with blue mirco glitters along with some red and sliver mirco glitters while Rocket’s Red Glare is filled with lots of red micro glitters and some blue and silver mirco glitters. I wanted to see what these pretties would look like in a matte finish so I used one coat of my Julep matte coat. With or without top coat I loved both of these polishes. Two coats is what I’m looking for in my full coverage base glitters.


For the last of this awesome 4th of July collection my favorite, Celebrate Red, White & Blue. Not sure if this was my favorite because of what I did with it or because I am just a glitter whore. I used one coat over top of Zoya’s America, Aengland’s Excalibur and Zoya’s Robin. Using the Zoya colors for the water marble accent to help this whole manicure pop.


Celebrate Red, White & Blue has red and blue, large/small sqaure, hex and bar glitters along with blue and red star and micro  glitters all in a clear base. Talk about a celebration! Since I just can’t get enough glitter these days here’s a close up over top of Excalibur.


All in all I am impressed with the diversity of this collection as well as the application. Laquerlicious was one of the first indie brands I purchased from when I started my collection and I am always floored by the combinations and colors of her creations, not to mention they are all 3-free as well! Another thing I like about this brand is that they are always readily available so you can enjoy your shopping and not have to refresh every second to make sure you get your colors!

Check out Laquerlicious’s Etsy shop HERE for all these colors and more!

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for new colors and restocks.


Laquerlicious- Polish for Pitbulls

Ay there lovelies! Finally found a sunny day to try out these two beautiful Polishes for Pitbull’s made by the awesomely creative Michelle of Laquerlicious. The special thing about these shades is not only that they are darn gorgeous but a portion of the proceeds goes towards the Fresno Bully Rescue; a nonprofit organization that rescues pit bulls.

First up is “Love-A-Bull” isn’t the name just too cute?! This shade is a lovely darkish purple jelly with lots of purple micro glitters and just the right amount of holo to give it that rainbow shimmer in the light, especially in the sun.


Just to show you how pretty those rainbow holo glitters look here is an out of focus comparison of Love-A-Bull which had a great application for a jelly not too streaky and pretty much opaque in one coat. I used two coats with my Face Shop top coat for this mani. 

As you may know I am currently visiting my mom up in the mountains so I had the chance to bring her a nice hanging plant. Of course I had to snap a shot with these purple Pansies too excited about all the flowers this season. And it just so happened these were purple as well!


Here is a quick close up of Love-A-Bull which all is purpley goodness. You can kind of see the holo’s but there are much more then pictured here.


Next in this duo of Polishes for Pitbull’s is “Adore-A-Bull“, yes yes I know, just as cute right?! This shade is also a beautiful jelly holo with lots of purple micro glitters but it also has a bunch of dark blue micro glitters as well, making it all the more desirable!


Again here is a out of focus comparison shot to show all that super duper holo glitter.


I also used two non streaky coats with my Face Shop top coat.

IMG_0270Close up of Adore-a-Bull such a perfect jelly holo beauty, oooo I just love it!


Both Love-a-Bull and Adore-a-Bull are $15 where $10 of that goes to help out the doggies over at the Fresno Bully Rescue, and the other $5 goes to Michelle to cover her cost’s. Look stylish and donate to a good cause at the same time!

Laquerlicious has great customer service! She always has her polishes in stock so you can leisurely shop like you should be able to. She also sends out her orders the next day of the order! So check out these Polishes for Pitbulls as well as all of the other awesome creations made by Michelle at Laquerliciouses Etsy shop.

Also check out Laquerlicious Facebook and Instagram, @creativenailchick, pages for new shades and sales!