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Cirque Colors – Kontiki Collection Review

Provided For Review

I am happy to say that it has been a pretty successful nail week! Two rainbow water marbles and my first ever video tutorial which if you missed you can find HERE. I also found time to try out my first ever Cirque Colors; a brand that I’ve had my eye on for some time. Annie, the creator of Cirque Colors, graciously sent me this gorgeous trio dubbed the Kontiki Collection, their new back to basics collection and four other lovely colors including two from the Heritage collection which I simply had been drooling over. I did a major happy dance when I opened up the package.


So lets start out my little Cirque escapade with the Kontiki collection.

Thicker Than Water is a turquoise jelly that has orange and green shimmers. For a jelly this showed impeccable application in three coats. I barely cleaned up around the edges of my nails. Being that I am using my crappy iPhone camera I was really unable to capture the beautiful shimmers that this and the other two colors posess as they stand out beautifully. There was a little VNL but it didn’t bother me and added to the chicness of this color and finish.


Cirque Colors – Thicker Than Water in Direct Sunlight


Cirque Colors – Thicker Than Water in Artificial Light

Dear Dahlia is a fuchsia jelly with a gold and green shimmer to it. I also used three coats for this color which had a lovely formula as well. There was a tint of VNL but again this did not bother me. Very hard to capture the colors the shimmer was giving off on this one. You can see it in the bottle of the second photo the best.


Cirque Colors – Dear Dahlia in Shaded Light


Cirque Colors – Dear Dahlia in Direct Sunlight

Midsummer Night is a dark cobalt blue jelly with a multi-color shimmer. This was the most unique shade from this trio for me as its such an intense blue with so many colors to it. No way could you truly understand this color unless you saw it in person its just so gorgeous. Definitely a color that I want to wear again ASAP. This was quite sheer at first application but after three coats I was satisfied with the outcome. You can see the unique shimmer somewhat in my blurry indoor photo.


Cirque Colors – Midsummer Night in Shaded Light


Cirque Colors – Midsummer Night in Artificial Light

I was so impressed with this beautiful and unique trio. The quality and colors of what I’ve tried so far are just what nail polish should be like. I can’t wait to share the rest of the shades I have with you all!

You can find the Kontiki Collection at Cirque Colors or from one of their international stockiest HERE. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for new colors, giveaways and much more!

Corynn <3


Laquerlicious Winter 2013 Collection

Provided For Review

I have been on a roll with getting all my swatching done. It was getting pretty backed up but after a couple of swatchathons I am almost all caught up! So many awesome brands to share with you all and today I have Laquerlicious’s Winter collection consisting of four beautiful jelly glitters. All these colors showed opacity in two coats but I decided to use undies with them.

Mittens Or Gloves? is a purple jelly glitter with various colors of square glitters throughout. I used one coat over top of Sally Hansen’s Trouble Maker. You may recgonize that accent nail from my previous Sally Hansen post using some of Laquer Lust’s birthstone holos. I loved the square glitters in this one.


All Bundled Up is a deep blue almost purple jelly with silver and blue microglitters. I used one coat overtop of Nailme Nail polishes Plum Crazy Sex. Not to thick or thin on application.


Shoveled Snow is a blue jelly with circle and hex glitters in various colors and sizes with silver and blue microglitters. I used one coat overtop of Zoya’s BreeziOnce again the addition of extra glitters helps this jelliter  (word I just came up with for jelly glitters) stand out.


Below Zero is a teal jelliter ;) with teal, silver and blue microglitters. There might just be something about teal but this one was my fav of the bunch. Using one coat overtop of Zoya’s Giovanni I then watermarbled overtop of it all with WnW’s white and OPI Nail Envy.



Laquerlicoius’s STORE has now moved from Etsy to Bigcartel for all your future purchases! Make sure you follow her on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for updates on sales and new colors! Always love her creative use of glitters!


O’hara by piCture pOlish with Flag Accent

So glad I was able to do a couple water marbles and tutorials in time for the holiday. This month has been so full of swatches, not like that’s a bad thing! July should be the same way, half way through my piCture pOlish shades I have for you guys and lots of other goodies coming your way!

This time for my weekly piCture pOlish review I decided to go with O’hara! This beautiful bright red crelly filled with awesome holographic shimmeriness is my favorite I’ve tried yet! Hard to capture all the shimmer in a photo. I used two perfectly applied coats on its own and topped it with my seche vite top coat. LOVE!


Browsing on instagram last night as I started my manicure, I came upon a little video made by the ladies over at knailart for the design on my ring finger. A simple flag design using some nail tape!  I used piCture pOlish’s Bombshell for the blue sqaure and put some of Polishedbykpt’s Discoball on top to act as the stars. Using Aengland’s Excalibur overtop of my last striped water marble to create an abstract flag design. When I showed this to my man he was so impressed by the complexity of it! Sort of like a flag but it made him question. Check out knailart’s  instagram page HERE on how to do it for yourself!


My love for piCture pOlish shades grows everyday! Check out my other reviews of piCture pOlish shades HERE.


If you’d like to purchase this piCture pOlish shade or any others then you should know they sell and ship their products to the U.S. and many other countries thru their website located HERE. You can also purchase piCture pOlish shades thru a multiple of other shops located at this LINK where the shipping might be more to your liking, depending on your location of course.

Check out piCture pOlish thru these social media outlets:






Pretty Serious- Seriously Random part 1

So many things lined up on my list of things to do! Mostly nail polish related but thats okay right?!

Today I am so happy to bring you a couple colors from Pretty Serious‘s new Seriously Random line. Pretty serious is an Australian based indie line and they always have amazing colors and formulas.

I won’t be posting all four today, I wanted to kind of spread out these beauties a bit and maybe even do a little art with them! First up is the beautiful Grimm Demise. This beauty has lots of fine teal micro glitters inside of a teal jelly base.

This jelly best stands out if it’s layered over another giving it the ability to make your average blue or even black into something fab! For my manicure I used one coat of Milani Fresh Teal and one awesome coat of Grimm Demise.


I must share with you the description from Pretty Serious’s site:

“Little children don’t fare well in the shimmering, dark forests where the witches lie in wait, and now you can wear this fairytale on your fingertips as well. This sparkly teal polish has it’s own intriguing aura of dark magic about it.”

How great?! You can find Grim Demise HERE.


Alrighty! Now we have Purple Monkey Dishwasher. Can you say seriously random?! PMD has bunches of violet micro glitters filled up in a violet jelly base.


I used two coats of Butter London’s Brummie with one fabtabulous coat of Purple Monkey Dishwasher. I absolutely love the shimmerness in these translucent jellies.


Once again I must share Pretty Serious’s Description of Purple Monkey Dishwasher:

“Purple Monkey Dishwasher does not contain any actual monkeys (hey, we’re vegan and cruelty free!), and it won’t actually wash your dishes for you, but it is 100% purple! Sparkly purple!”

Awesome! You can find Purple Monkey Dishwasher HERE.


Check out my posts later in the week for My Darlin’ Clementine and Cybernetic.

You can check out Pretty Serious on Facebook and Instagram.

To purchase these check out Pretty Serious’s site HERE.