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31DC2015 Day 9 Rainbow: Classic Petal Water Marble

Darn my darndid iMovie slowing down my whole computer! Okay granted I have been on it for quite awhile and its getting a little hot hmm maybe I should give it a break? Nah! I need to get this manicure out to you guys I’m sure my computer will understand! I’ll have the video tutorial for this up when my iMovie wants to cooperate with me.

Are there really any words that I need to say to explain how much awesome sauce this manicure posses?! When Pipe Dream Polishes hit the market last year they floored everyone with their fantastical neon hues and impeccable water marbling formulas. Their neon colors have gained so much hype that they’ve become so hard to get! The demand exceed the restocks and it is just insane in the membrane! On a nicer note once you have these in your hands you have a feeling of not only excitement but pure joy. Neons that water marble are like liquid gold in my book.

It was inevitable that I do a rainbow water marble using the Street Carnival collection from Pipe Dream Polish for todays 31 day challenge prompt. Rainbow is after all my favorite color. I could stare at my nails until I went blind I love these so much! The saddest part about this manicure is that I need to take it off to do the next prompt. Wahh I don’t wanna go to school mom! I mean I don’t wanna take these nails off! Wahhh!

Alright enough crying you crazy rainbow lady. Around this time lat year I posted my first YouTube tutorial using Pipe Dream Polishes Night In Vegas collection which has since then skyrocketed in views! So that was another reason I had to use these polishes!





I’ve included a quick nail prep routine as well as a list of products needed to water marble in my latest video tutorial. Check it out below!

These polishes can be hard to get but make sure to check Pipe Dream Polishes site periodically to grab yours!

Products Used:
Pipe Dream Polish Street Carnival Collection & Light of Day (yellow)
Cirque Colors Carpe Diem & Topcoat

Connect with Pipe Dream Polish: Store, Facebook, Instagram

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31DC2015 Day 7 Black & White: 101 Dalmantians

It’s a miracle! I got thru the first week of the 31 day challenge! My wheels are still turning and going on full force. Sure the gas is getting a little low but theres a station up ahead so I’ll be able to refuel soon, HA! Now sure I could have done a nice crisp black and white water marble or even some sort of stampin both of which would have looked lovely in black and white, but I went out of my comfort zone and tried a totally new technique. I was initially inspired by my ring finger, after Cruella Deville which turned into these 101 Dalmatian nails!

After seeing one of Yagala’s video tutorials earlier today using magazine clippings to create decals I had to try it out with regular printer paper. You may have seen the newspaper technique where you use alcohol to get the words from the paper to adhere to your nail, but it always comes out backwards. With this technique you topcoat the image, let it dry, cut it out then soak it in water for awhile. Then you scrap all the paper off, which was probably the hardest part about this although I’m still trying to figure out this whole decal application business as well, but other then that I love how I was able to get an image from the computer and put it on my nails! Like for reals people how awesome! I also put the puppies little parents on my thumb but I wasn’t feeling any of the photos I got.




I’m glad I went out of my comfort zone for this design. The puppies may be a little faint but it still turned out good and you get the idea.

Products Used:
Cirque Colors ‘Carpe Diem‘ & ‘Memento Mori
Kb Shimmer Topcoat

Connect with Cirque Colors: Store, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest

Not sure if I’ll be able to post on here with every prompt so make sure to keep a lookout over on my social media pages!

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31DC2015 Day 5 Blue: Cirque Colors Water Marble

So I may be cheating a little bit today with the 31 day challenge. You see I did this manicure some time ago and never got around to posting anything. It’s not like it was a fail or anything I super duper lurve this manicure. I do feel very embarrassed though when I write to you that I’ve had these polishes to review since March… *slaps self on wrist* yea I deserve that and more. But we just gotta look on the positive side of things, I’m sharing them with you now and they are still in stock, woohoo!

What are these polishes you say? Well they are from none other then Annie of Cirque Colors a NYC based indie brand that constantly creates beautiful lacquers. I was so surprised to see ‘Hudson‘ and ‘Lady Liberty‘, part of the monthly Metropolis collection, water marble because I’ve tried with some of their other creams and didn’t have success. But I’ve recently been seeing more and more marbles using them so thats a plus in my book. Gotta get me more Cirque Colors like sooooon! You can to yourself as they are currently having a giveaway for the whole Metropolis collection, which is 16 polishes! All you have to do is subscribe to Cirque Colors newsletter on their site HERE. Two winners will be chosen so you have a good chance!


You may have noticed my temp tats that I added to go along with this manicure. At first I was trying to figure out the best placement and what I wanted to use from the samples Hot Jewels sent me. Its awesome how these are just like the temp tats I used when I was a younging. I forgot exactly which set of them I used but I remember having the Peace/love collection. I have a bunch more to use and also have a few to giveaway so be on the lookout for that if you wanna win yourself some temp tats! They sell these in many stores such as Wal-mart and target so don’t worry if you miss the giveaway I’m sure you can find em for yourself!


One more thing I got for review many moons ago and haven’t gotten to till now is this monthly perfume subscription from Scentbird. They offer over 350 different perfumes to chosse from, I went with Burberry Summer and absolutely loved it. Not only did I love the smell but I loved the way they sent it. This little perfume bottle twists to reveal the spray nozzle and twists back to hide it. How cute?! Or is it just me? I really like this service because it can sometimes be so overwhelming choosing a perfume. Plus this lasted me a good month or so! I’d say it’s a great deal for $14.95 a month.


And will you look at that… low and behold I’ve made ANOTHER tutorial. Three in a week?! There must be some sort of robot powering me up when I don’t know about it…. hmmmm mucking suspicions have arisen….

Products Used and Reviewed:

Aengland ‘Camelot
Cirque Colors Metropolis CollectionHudson‘ & ‘Lady Liberty
Connect with Cirque Colors: Store, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
Hot Jewels Temporary Tattoos found at wal-mart, target and amazon.com
Scentbird Monthly Perfume Subscription for $14.95 a month found HERE

Not sure if I’ll be able to post on here with every prompt so make sure to keep a lookout over on my social media pages!

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Cirque Colors Holo Mermaid

Cirque Colors Holo Mermaid Nails

I’m back! I’m back! I’m back! Like for reals people it’s been a such a long break and I’m totally ready to get my mojo working again. I’m working on an update post about what’s been going on with me but I wanted to go ahead and start sharing the art I’ve been working on. I have a plethora of polishes and products to be reviewed that I’ve been holding back on for quite some time, so get ready for lots of mucking awesome reviews and art in the coming weeks!


Hmmm yeaaaaa mermaid holo spectacularness up in this piece! A long time ago the wonderful Annie of Cirque Colors got in contact with me about reviewing some products of hers. I of course was super super excited and mentioned to her that I had been wanting to grab her Heritage collection for some time as they were such perfect holographic shades. When I received my first package I was surprised with these two beauties which I have been urning to use ever since!

Cirque Colors Holo Mermaid

I had tons of fun with this manicure using Xochitl (Orchid holo) and Cerrillos (turquoise holo) both of which have amazing formulas and colors to them. I did a little stamping and a little stenciling with a little bit of treasure at the bottom of the sea cuz every mermaid needs some gold goodies in their life’s.

Cirque Colors Holo Mermaid

I received a bunch I mean a bunch of stencils from What’s Up Nails to share with you all and this mermaid scale one was just calling my name. From first impression they seem to work great!


Products used:

Cirque Colors – Xochitl and Cerrillos
Tillie Polish – Golden Goddess
Whats Up Nails – Mermaid Stencil
MoYou London – Sailor Plate 07
She Sells Seashells – Mermaid Embellishment
Gold Nail Foil from Amazon


Graduation Nails!

I GRADUATED YOU GUYS!!! College is just a memory now as I’ve obtained my Bachelor of Science in Biology with a premed concentration! This weekend was so much fun with all my family and friends. My mom came all the way from Hawaii and got us all leis to wear during the graduation and I was looking superfly in my pink crown glasses it was all so fabulous. My photo even made the official website as seen below, pretty awesome I gotta say.


For such a momentous occasion I HAD to do a rainbow water marble, it being my favorite color and all. I didn’t have much time to choose any new combos so I went with Pipe Dream Polishes A Night In Vegas collection, which as you may have seen in recent weeks is such a perfect collection. I went with a design that I hadn’t done yet with this collection, since I’ve done so many, and it is just PERFECT!


Here are my nails and my cap! I decorated it with various things from Michaels Craft Store and I love the way it came out. The rainbow unicorn on top and eye in the middle are so me, well really the whole thing is!


I got surprised with this lovely cake to celebrate and it even says “you nailed it”! Perfect raimbowy goodness and so yummy!



I seriously still in shock that I am all done! These past four years has had its up’s and downs but it was all worth it. I now plan to take some much needed time off for myself in the next couple of months. Which means….. lots of time for nails!!


I didn’t have time to make a tutorial for my nails but I just may have some now since I’M DONE! So let me know if you’d like one!

Check out Pipe Dream Polish: Online Store, Instagram, Facebook


Holographic Christmas Tree Skittle

Provided For review

Now that it’s the first day of December its time to start dishing out the holiday designs! This manicure was so unintentional. I totally did not have this vision of Christmas trees to go along with Cirque Colors ‘Knickerbocker’ from their Metropolis collection but by golly gee do they look ever so fab over this dark chocolatey brown cream. Using holographic shades to create the trees made this design stand out all the more. Besides Color Clubs ‘Harp On’ all the rest are shades from Lacquer Lust’s Birthstone collection which you may have seen me recently use in my Thanksgiving day manicure. Amethyst, Emerald and Ruby are currently up for grabs in my mucking many millstone giveaway along with many other equally amazing prizes! The trees were blocked off using skinny straight vinyls from Nail Vinyls which like always showed impeccable application and use for this type of nail art. I fished out some glitters from Lumina Lacquer’s The Snow King for the star on top and sealed it all off with HKgirl topcoat from Glisten & Glow


Hmm shiny closeup, not macro, closeup as I just zoomed in on one of my less blurry photos. And why does a hair always have to be in the best picture I get… WHY?! I need to create a little vacuum thingy that sucks up all the hairs from a nail area. That would be the day.


Although this design is pretty easy I wanted to go ahead and make a tutorial for it. Check it out below!

What do you all think of this design? Was the purple nail too outta wack to fit with the others? How do you feel?

I have some more holiday tutorials in the works which I hope I can get done in-between these last few days of class!

Connect with Cirque Colors: Online Store, Facebook, Instagram
Connect with Lacquer Lust: Online Store, Facebook, Instagram
Connect with Nail Vinyls: Online Store, Facebook, Instagram

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