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Photo Jul 02

4th of July Water Marble Nail Art TUTORIAL

I’m back from my family trip to Costa Rica and I couldn’t feel better! What a beautiful country and place to spend two wholes weeks in! It was a great bonding and learning experience for me! I have soooo many great photos of wildlife and I’ve been thinking hmm maybe I’ll do some nail art to match. Yea, how about a string of Costa Rican wildlife themed nail art woohoo for good ideas!

Speaking of good ideas here’s one I had before I even left for my trip. It’s funny because I did this design in the beginning of June but I somehow didn’t get it edited and out until nowwww, the first week of July so yea ya know I hope it still helps some people and you enjoy it! Using a wonderful semi-new product from April of Pipe Dream Polish I was able to achieve these crisp clean lines of red, white and blue. Clearwater is a clear coat of polish, not a base or a topcoat, just a clear polish with the intention of water marbling with. Hence the middle finger with the sparkliness which is Pipe Dream Polishes ‘Cha-Ching’ overtop of Aenglands ‘Excalibur Renaissance’ as this thick glitter was easier to apply and take off with this silver base.

Photo Jul 09-2

I of course tested out which colors to use before putting them on my nail and OPI’s ‘Eurso… Euro’ and ‘Red Hot Rio’ took the cake. My white base is the ever faithful ‘Carpe Diem’  from Cirque colors, I’m already on my second bottle.
Photo Jul 09-4

And yay for nice clean photos (although this photo is blurry but hey its artistic) as I’ve been using my moms really nice camera which is super fancy canon DSLR . Sadly I know how to use it better then her and now all she wants is a simple point and shoot haaaa oh mom. Well thats good for me I have a new camera!!! Muahahah!Photo Jul 09-3

Make sure to check out my latest video on this design! I haven’t posted one since March so yay for me finally getting some work out to you all!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCh for being so supportive of me during my crazy long nail funk! I promise big things are coming!

Products used for this design:
OPI Red Hot Rio and Eurso…Euro
Aengland ‘Excalibur Renaissance’
Pipedream Polish ‘Cha-Ching’
Cirque Colors ‘Carpe Diem
Cirque Colors Liquid Laminate Topcoat
Whats Up Nails Pure color #7 water marble tool
Kiesque Liquid Palisade

Corynn <3


TUTORIAL: Water Marbled Christmas Tree Holiday Nails

Yay more holiday nails! Feels great to be able to relax and do my nails whenever I please. It took me a little while to get sick of my previous manicure which is way this design is coming to you all a little later then I would have liked it to. But thats fine because this manicure is super fab! I love utilizing a water marble to make it look like something else. I did these water marbled Christmas trees last year with the snowy background and I had to do them again so I could make a tutorial; check it out down below or on my YouTube!


The above photo is the glossy version and then I put some matte topcoat on it below. I like the matte version more since you can really see all the details. For the water marble I used Rescue Beauty Lounge ‘Recycle’ and ‘Become One’ which work perfect in the water. One question I get a lot about marbling are which type of brands work best. Just to briefly mention a few I’ve seen success with OPI, Zoya, Sally Hansen and Wet N’ Wild creams. It really is just a lot of trial and error. To block off the trees I used some straight Nail Vinyls and for the snowy background I used Cult Nails ‘Time Traveler’ along with some acrylic paint. The ornaments and star are some from eBay that I got awhile back. With this water marble I got to try out a new to me product from Kiesque that does the job of the masking tape. Liquid Palisade, the purple stuff in my video, is sort of latex that helps prevent cleanup for many types of nail art. I hope to have a full review of this product in the coming weeks, I think I am really going to like it!


I had lots of fun with this manicure and can’t wait to wear it for the next few days leading up to Christmas. The tutorial I made is a little on the long side and I ended up taking two minutes off of it before finalizing the video. This lead to me sacrificing some of the tips I added in during some portions of the video. If you have any questions or concerns at all please let me know!

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I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a Merry Christmas!

Corynn <3


TUTORIAL: Water Marbled Christmas Tree Ornaments

When I first started water marbling two years ago I had the great idea to use this technique on ornaments for the holiday season. I had already gone beyond just doing it on my nails and marbled my phone case so I figured why not do it on ornaments and give them away as presents! Anything homemade is a perfect gift for the holidays and the ones I made and gave out to my friends and family are on their tree again this year. I love making gifts and other knickknacks at home and the fact that this incorporates one of my favorite techniques makes it all the better. Granted you may get a few bubbles here and there but its nothing compared to the outcome. You can purchase big or small ornaments in any color you desire there is so much room for creativity! Just make sure you have polishes that work well in the water and you’ll be good to go!


Watch the below video from my YouTube to see how I made these ornaments! It includes a bunch more details and ramblings on this technique!

Make sure to check out my other holiday creations if you haven’t yet and always tag #muckinginspired so  I can see them! :D

Peppermint Swirl Water Marble
Holographic Christmas Trees

Only two more finals till I graduate! AHH can’t wait!

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Holographic Christmas Tree Skittle

Provided For review

Now that it’s the first day of December its time to start dishing out the holiday designs! This manicure was so unintentional. I totally did not have this vision of Christmas trees to go along with Cirque Colors ‘Knickerbocker’ from their Metropolis collection but by golly gee do they look ever so fab over this dark chocolatey brown cream. Using holographic shades to create the trees made this design stand out all the more. Besides Color Clubs ‘Harp On’ all the rest are shades from Lacquer Lust’s Birthstone collection which you may have seen me recently use in my Thanksgiving day manicure. Amethyst, Emerald and Ruby are currently up for grabs in my mucking many millstone giveaway along with many other equally amazing prizes! The trees were blocked off using skinny straight vinyls from Nail Vinyls which like always showed impeccable application and use for this type of nail art. I fished out some glitters from Lumina Lacquer’s The Snow King for the star on top and sealed it all off with HKgirl topcoat from Glisten & Glow


Hmm shiny closeup, not macro, closeup as I just zoomed in on one of my less blurry photos. And why does a hair always have to be in the best picture I get… WHY?! I need to create a little vacuum thingy that sucks up all the hairs from a nail area. That would be the day.


Although this design is pretty easy I wanted to go ahead and make a tutorial for it. Check it out below!

What do you all think of this design? Was the purple nail too outta wack to fit with the others? How do you feel?

I have some more holiday tutorials in the works which I hope I can get done in-between these last few days of class!

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Tutorial: Turkey Tail Feather Water Marble Nails for Thanksgiving

Woohoo! The days are slowly passing by as we get closer to my graduation date! Today officially marks my two year watermarblversary and to celebrate I will be putting together a HUGE giveaway including prizes from over 8 different amazing brands! It shall be epic, and I don’t use that work too often! Check out my very first marble HERE its quite hilarious!

This weekend I allotted some time in-between all my studying to do these cute turkey tail feather nails inspired by Colette of My Simple Little Pleasures! I spent quite a long time trying to figure out what combo of polish I wanted to use. I ended up with a combo of three OPI shades including Red Hot Rio, In My Back Pocket and The “It” Color. When dragging to make the feathers the colors sort of lost their smoothness between each one but I settled with it as this is more of a cutesy design then an artsy one. I used Tillie Polish Royals for the body and then some Sally Hansen colors for the facial characteristics.


Check out the video tutorial I’ve made for this design on my YouTube Mucking Fusser! If you try out any of my designs make sure to tag #muckinginspired on instagram so I can see them!

It’s almost time to start doing some Christmas designs, I can’t wait! Till then Happy Thanksgiving!

Corynn <3