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31DC2015 Day 10: Sunset Gradient w/ Uberchic Stamping

Yes yes I know, I’m technically behind on the 31 day challenge as today is supposed to be stripes! But hey that means I only have this and two more designs to get all caught up with! I am determined to stay on track. I gotta say I wasn’t looking forward to the gradient prompt as its a technique that I’ve only tried a few times, but they turned out better then I thought they would be. Wasn’t sure what color combo I wanted to do until I was came upon a design done by Sarah of Chalkboard Nails. Everything she does is pure perfection.

I used my new Uberchic Beauty mat, which I’m slowly falling inlove with, to combine the colors and then picked them up with a latex-free makeup sponge which I think helps prevent them from soaking into it. Also I feel like having the darker color on the tips gives it a nicer effect. I used OPI’s ‘A Oui Bit of Red’ for the middle color but it came out a little pink but I likes it. Stamping and top coating a gradient changes the whole game, it looks 10x better!




I could have created a tutorial for this look but I can see myself doing it again in the future so I refrained and have started working on the things I’m behind on at the moment!

Products Used:
Cirque Colors – ‘Carpe Diem‘, ‘Memento Mori‘ & Liquid Laminate Topcoat
OPI – ‘Vant to Bite My Neck’ & ‘A Oui Bit of Red’
Zoya – ‘Jancyn’
Uberchic Beauty – Uber Mat & Stamping Plate 1-03
Moyou London – Rectangle Stamper

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Corynn <3


Gradient and Watermarble Art – Ethereal Lacquer

Last Sunday I attempted my first full on chevron manicure and I loved the way it came out. Well this Sunday is was time to try a full on gradient. I have done a full gradeint in the past but only once and it didn’t blend too welll. I think I have fixed that problem using some beautiful pastel shades from Megan over at Ethereal Lacquer. I had been lemming her pretties since I first saw them and was fortunate enough to meet up with Megan last week.


I used a base of Cult Nails ‘Tempest’ and then sponged on some of Ethereal Lacquer’s Neon Nectar and Chelsea Rose. They both worked great for using in a gradient. Neon Nectar is a little more jelly like then the creaminess Chelsea Rose has but still was able to show opacity over the white. Theses photos are without topcoat but they still look so blended. I’m not a gradient expert, this being my second time doing one, but I gotta say I am pretty proud of the gradient I achieved.  But I couldn’t just stop there.


I did what I do and added a clear and white marble to it! I don’t think I could be more in love. For the water marble I used Tempest and OPI nail envy (a trick I learned from IG: Jessuhhhkuh).Nail Envy worked great for it didn’t dry up as fast as some other clear coats I’e used before. Now prepare for some photo spam of this manicure.




Did I mention these shades from Ethereal Lacquer glow in black light? This seems to be a trend for Sunday’s, elegance and glowiness.


I love the elegance of this whole look. The two colors look fab together and the white just makes them pop even more.


How do you guys feel about my 2nd gradient attempt?


Ethereal Lacquer has lots more shades in her pastel collections well as some other lovely shades all which are restocked HERE.

Also for all you international folks check out Mei Mei’s Signitures HERE.

For updates and sales follow Ethereal Lacquer on INSTAGRAM.