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I Love Nail Polish Birefringence and Accents

You know when you just really need to paint your nails but you have zero time in the world to do anything creative and then you magically create something that is just as eye-catching as any other design?! That happened to me earlier this week, Sunday night to be precise, when I combined the likes of ILNP ‘Birefringence, Color Club’s ‘Harp On It’ and a Moyou stamping design. I tell you magic just happened! The houndstooth design from Pro plate 18 is an ideal accent for my thumb as the design is a little wide for my other nails, but the way it sets everything else off is just uh, like I said, MAGIC!


Whenever I am in need of a quick awesome mani to keep me going I grab one of my ILNP multi-chromes. This week many others and myself will be getting their pre-orders from ILNP most recent spring release including some amazing new colors. Using Birefringence seemed even more appropriate this week as we ring in these new shades! Litterally kept looking back at my photos that I had taken, fortunately outside, as the two accent nails are a perfect pair for this beauty. Well actually I kept looking at my nails all week really and still am now as Glisten & Glow’s ‘HKgirl’ Topcoat its keeping these bad boys fresh. I always get compliments when I wear this shade as it is quite the eye-catcher.


I can’t believe it’s so close to March as my birthday is the 21st!!! I always get so excited about my birthday month! The first week of this next month is already going to be a crazy and super busy as I have two exams and then I am going to New Orleans for a Medical Convention! Gona have to whip up a nice Mardi Gras design as it will have just been ending when we get there!

If you want more of Birefringence you can check out my other post I did awhile back HERE.

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ILNP Washing Ashore

Provided For Review

Alright everyone, oober qucike on a new duochrome shade from I Love Nail Polish (ILNP)! Washing Ashore is polish fit for the finest of mermaids. Its so full of the sea and mysticalness in my eyes! Always hard to capture these shades on my iPhone  but I was able to catch that transition from dark blue to a lovely teal color that Washing Ashore consists of. Used two perfect coats of Washing Ashore on its own.

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Did a clear and black marble underneath some Halloween stamping and then added some rainbow holo studs. Still have to keep practicing! Got the Halloween decorations going on in the back ;)

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Washing Ashore along with 15 other shades will be available on friday from ilnp.com! Also check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

More ILNP shades on their way, for this weekend my goals is to obliterate my swatch list! MUAHA!


ILNP Birefringence & Water Marbling

Yes, yes Time Gunn. I feel the same way about I Love Nail Polishes Birefringence. I had this beauty on my shelf for far too long and oh my I am one happy chica just to own it! This week in class my nails have gotten noticed more then when they are just water marbled. All the girls had no idea that one polish could give this effect, and it is pretty bomb. Two coats of shifty goodness changing into all the colors of the rainbow! No way could I get an accurate photo on my iPhone but it still looks so fab. Wish I could show you this under the water but you’ll just have to see for yourself, it will be worth it, I give you my word loves!




Ooo another clear and one color water marble! YEZ loving the simplicity of this marbling technique, easier to clean up then a full on one. Used OPI nail envy and Aenglands Excalibur to go over this already jaw dropping shade. The speckles of silver from excalibur kind of mingled into the clear part giving even more shimmery awesomeness!



This pretty much sums up my overall feeling about this. Thanks project runway.