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Cult Nails Spring Radiance Collection Review

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In the past weeks I have been approached by many quality brands to share with you all some of their amazing products. To start this slew of reviews I am very excited to bring you Cult Nails Spring Radiance Trio. I have lusted over Cult Nails polishes ever since my hobby of polish collecting began so you can imagine how I felt when Maria, Cult Nails creator, got in touch with me! Their formulas, colors and combinations are some of my favorite and this trio does not fall short of these qualities.

Thrive is a pastel mint green with beautiful teal shimmers throughout its crelly base. There was a little VNL with only two coats so I went with three for full opacity and had no problem. This has a little bit of a texture to it without topcoat but for my photos I’ve decided to show it with a sleek finish. I ended up wearing this shade for almost two whole weeks it was so complementing to my skin tone. Its like a mermaidy minty wonder.


Heres a little closer look at the speckles of shimmer, not the best photo but you get the idea.

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Alluring is a pale neutral pink cream with the faintest green shimmers, which I was unable to capture (sad face). I used two smooth and even coats for full opacity on this unique mauve color. At first looking at this color in the bottle I didn’t think it would look nice on me but due to its uniqueness in color and the green shimmer I can contest otherwise. Such a lovely distinct hue.

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Radiance is a berry purple cream that showed full opacity in just one coat! Talk about some high pigmentation on this sucker. Another unique and beautiful color with an amazing formula.

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Along with this collection Maria sent me a set of Sweet Baby Donna cuticle oil samples to try out which just so happen to be available on her Etsy site HERE. Out of all the ones I got to try my favorites were the sweet and surgery ones including Creamsicle, Pink Sugar and Blue Sugar. So sweet smelling I wanted to eat my fingers, thats not weird right???

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This unlikely combination of mint, mauve and purple in the Spring Radiance collection just goes to show how ingenuous Maria of Cult Nails can be. Thrive, Alluring and Radiance all stand out on their own but together make a bigger statement.

Check out Cult Nails on their online shop HERE and make sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for new releases, sales and much more!

BTW Cult Nails just so happens to be offering a nice little sale at the moment. Buy 3 polishes and get the 4th free with the code FOURTHFREE

Yay for being back in the blogging game! I couldn’t be happier that this is my first post back!

Corynn <3


Cult Nails Dance all Night Water Marble

Hey, hey, hey! Oh my so I realized that I haven’t water marbled since last saturday! Well I had to fix that nonsense by using the creams from Cult Nails new Dance all Night collection. I’d been dying to do this ever since I ordered them and then not being home and missing my mail oh such tragedy. Let me just start by saying that I LOVE THIS WATER MARBLE! I ended up doing a tight stripe design and from far away it kind of looks red, white and bluish which got me so pumped for 4th of July!


The three creams from the Dance all Night collection are Faded, Love at first Sight and my personal favorite, Nakizzle’s Shizzle.


Instead of dipping my finger straight onto the lines I decided to give it a little angle when I dipped it. For some reason I had never done this and what a great idea! Well maybe I’ve done it but not a full on one. I’m loving the way they line up next to one another. Check out this blurry closeup.


With water marbling I have had great success with the Cult Nails creams. Sometimes after dropping the first layer it begins to shrink back. This is the case with many other brands. To fix this problem what I do is rapidly drop my next colors. I then take my pick/tool and drag that circle to the outer rim and then drop more color. Yes you do have to waist a little bit more polish, but its worth it! As the water got dirtier I could allow the first drop to settle and dissipate slowly and achieve and nice even bull eyes.


I love being a cultie, you should see all the burrito wraps I have saved up. I re-use them for shipping nail goodies! It’s going to be hard to take these babies off, might even have to redo them again for 4th of July!

imageFor a tutorial on this design you can check out my old blog HERE.

To purchase these colors check out cult nails site HERE.



Zoya’s 18K topcoat over Water Marble

Here’s a closer look at the manicure I did using Zoya’s Gilty top coat that I got for valentines day! I ended up using Cult Nails ‘Blackout’ & Julep’s ‘Eileen’ for the water marble. I loved the coverage of Gilty and there were lots of big gold flakes! You can find Zoya’s Gilty trio on Amazon or eBay for around $30 now.




Water Marbled Hearts

This is my 2nd attempt at water marbling hearts and I really love the outcome! It was such a perfect manicure for valentines day!


I used Cult nails Devious Nature & Evil Queen as well as aengland’s Excalibur to give it some nice definition. These polishes worked very well in the water. They dissipated out nicely and didn’t dry too fast. I most likely will have to be adding to my cult nails & aengland collections for these formulas are just AMZING!