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31DC2015 Day 7 Black & White: 101 Dalmantians

It’s a miracle! I got thru the first week of the 31 day challenge! My wheels are still turning and going on full force. Sure the gas is getting a little low but theres a station up ahead so I’ll be able to refuel soon, HA! Now sure I could have done a nice crisp black and white water marble or even some sort of stampin both of which would have looked lovely in black and white, but I went out of my comfort zone and tried a totally new technique. I was initially inspired by my ring finger, after Cruella Deville which turned into these 101 Dalmatian nails!

After seeing one of Yagala’s video tutorials earlier today using magazine clippings to create decals I had to try it out with regular printer paper. You may have seen the newspaper technique where you use alcohol to get the words from the paper to adhere to your nail, but it always comes out backwards. With this technique you topcoat the image, let it dry, cut it out then soak it in water for awhile. Then you scrap all the paper off, which was probably the hardest part about this although I’m still trying to figure out this whole decal application business as well, but other then that I love how I was able to get an image from the computer and put it on my nails! Like for reals people how awesome! I also put the puppies little parents on my thumb but I wasn’t feeling any of the photos I got.




I’m glad I went out of my comfort zone for this design. The puppies may be a little faint but it still turned out good and you get the idea.

Products Used:
Cirque Colors ‘Carpe Diem‘ & ‘Memento Mori
Kb Shimmer Topcoat

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Pastel & Pretty – Azature Marble & Stamping



So I’ve been trying this thing where I to try to get motivated to start working out. Yea…… it’s not working out too well. I printed out some workout regimes I found on Pinterest and put them on my doorway so I always get reminded, so maybe that will help. But gosh why is working out so much work?! I know they call it ‘working out’ but then theres the darn eating, my stomach just loves sweet things so much she can’t eve get enough. Alas my want for a healthier body is starting to lead over my want for sweet things. So hopefully I’ll get things rolling, no wait I WILL get things rolling!

Advanced stamping, whose tried it, whose liked or disliked it? Well let me tell you it being my first time doing the technique I’ve already started to have that love/hate relationship. It might be due to it being my first time and needing some practice or the fact that I didn’t use a fine brush to do the details but either way I’m kinda loving the outcome it gives you. I love techniques that are easier to do then they seem cuz this lady is no good with fine details. I’m excited to try out more advanced stamping designs now that I’ve crossed that road.


I of course matched my advanced stamping accent with a water marble accent. It’s no surprise that Azature polishes, which if you haven’t been informed of yet all have REAL black diamonds in them, water marble. The applications of these two creams, Cyprus and Peach Diamond from the Spring 2015 collection were nothing but impeccable.IMG_1641

You can find both of these colors along with many other black diamond infused lacquers on Azature online SHOP.

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TUTORIAL: Peppermint Swirl Water Marble

Oh yes peoples! It is time to start getting into the water marbles for the holidays! I took a break from studying from for my finals, the last ones at that, to do this peppermint swirl water marble! It took me a bit to find the right combo of red and white that didn’t blend and had the right proportions of colors. I settled on OPI’s ‘Red Hot Rio’ and LVX’s Fantom’ which right both of these needs. I put Lacuqer Lust ‘I Like it On Top’ to give it a little sparkle and shimmer but its kind of hard to see. Not my best work as there were some bubbles here and there but I didn’t have to redo any nails and that saved me some time as I am just so busy! This is a great design for the holidays as it is eye-catching and quite cute.


Check out the video tutorial on how to achieve this deign below! If you stay tuned afterwards check out the playlist for another special holiday video!

I have one more week of class till I graduate with my Bachelors of Science in Biology and then I will be taking a break to spend some more time on nails! I can’t wait!

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Cirque Colors Metropolis Monthly Release Collection

provided for review

Well its been a nice relaxing thanksgiving break and I probably should have done more school work then I did but I just wasn’t feeling it. Plus I’ve had a cold for most of the time so I’ve just been enjoying my time with netflix with some nails mixed in. Soon school work will not be a burden in my life anymore as I will be graduating in less then two weeks now, I simply can’t believe it!

A brand that has been impressing me lately with its unique creations and colors is that of Cirque Colors. Everything I’ve tried from them has put a smile on my face when I used it. Their Metropolis collection did not fall short of that as it consists of creams, and well if you didn’t know that is my favorite finish of polish. Most likely because creams always work so good for water marbling but also because of their smooth application and settling on the nail. A new cream is released every month and added to Cirque Colors Metropolis collection gaining inspiration form the city that never sleeps, New York.

NYFW, the first shade released from this collection, is a deep bright blue cream that showed full opacity in ONE smooth coat. And just to show you how smooth this baby really is I didn’t even apply topcoat for my photos. Cirque Colors describes this as an ultramarine which after looking up means a deep blue. Ultramarine was the most expensive blue paint used by Renaissance painters so it only seems right to go with this shade inspired by NYFW. Pure perfection, just love it!


La Vie Boheme is a dark plum cream that showed full opacity in two coats. If you had smaller nails then you probably could get away with one coat but I used two just to even it all out. I couldn’t stop looking back at my nails when I had this beauty on, so great for the cold fall and winter months. The name on this shade comes from a song from the popular musical Rent which celebrates bohemianism. Can the inspiration for this shade get any better?!


This past week I received the Nail Vinyls variety pack prize for my Mucking Milestone Giveaway, enter HERE if you haven’t, and Linda their creator was kind enough to send me a couple sheets of vinyls to try! She included these Starburst vinyls which I used to create this manicure below with. The pairing of La Vie Boheme and Tillie Polish’s ‘Golden Goddess’ with these vinyls was quite nice in my eyes. I used Glisten & Glows HK Girl Topcoat before applying the vinyls and it only took 15 minutes to completely dry, it was like magic! And how about my nice chic hand pose I tried out? ;-)


Cirque Colors describes Knickerbocker just as I would, as a dark chocolatey brown. Pure perfection in just two smooth coats, this brown beauty leans a little lighter then what my below photo shows. I did some holiday nail art with this as the base that I’ll be sharing later in the week, be on the lookout!



I’ll be sharing some more colors from the Metropolis collection later in the week but you may want to take advantage of Cirque Colors current holiday sale where they are offering 20% off until December 1st! If you miss out on this not to worry as they will be having free shipping throughout the rest of the month. Also check out their 12 days of Christmas giveaway for a chance to win some Cirque Color products!

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LVX Fall 2014 Collection Swatches and Review

Provided FOr Review

This week I’ve been working with some beautiful LVX colors from their Fall 2014 collection. Every time I use lacquers from this brand I have a great experience. They produce gorgeous colors with equally amazing 5-free vegan formulas. Gaining inspiration from the seasons fashion trends, this sister brother duo have mastered pairing polish to the finest garments.

Peony is a lovely light bubblegum pink cream that showed opacity in two smooth coats. Paying homage to Lolli, one of LVX’s top sellers during the summer, Peony steps up the brightness just a touch.


Macaroon is a sheer peachy nude that showed full opacity in four thin coats. Most nudes require 3-4 coats to as they can be quite thin similar to yellows. Not a problem at all during application as each coat dried nice and fast.


Cerise is cherry red cream with hints of fuchsia to it. Impeccable application and coverage in two coats this was my top color from the collection. So striking and incredibly bold like a red shade should be.


Anthracite is a dark charcoal gray that had a sort of crelly finish to it. Three coats was needed for full opacity but my photos are without topcoat so you can see how smooth it applies.


Oyster is a blue gray cream that only required one coat for full opacity. Whenever I find a shade with a formula such as this one my jaw instantly drops. I didn’t apply topcoat for this swatch either so thats why you can see my ridges a bit, but seriously could this be anymore like butter?!


Espresso is chocolatey coffee like brown cream that showed full opacity in two smooth coats. It’s dark tone would make it a great alternative for black, which is major staple for any art.


I did some stamping overtop of Peony with Espresso and Moyou London Sailor Plate 06 which paired great together.


I also did a little something with Anthracite using these neat neon diamond stickers from She Sells Seashells. I kinda love the pop of color over this dark crelly.


I love the names these colors have, so appropriate for each, but still quite unique. If I had to use three words to describe LVX it would be smooth, flawless and stunning!

You can find all these gorgeous Fall colors at LVX online site.

Connect with LVX: Online Site, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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Squishy Gold French Tips using PolisHaus Olivia and Brianna

Provided For Review

Hmmm it’s been such a great Saturday. It was a cold and rainy day so I got myself some hot tea, put on The Office, thank you Netflix, and gave some love to my pretties. Today I got to finally use two colors from PolisHaus ongoing from my witches leggings post.

Olivia is a pale pink cream that showed full opacity in two coats. I ended up using three coats to even it out a bit. I can see this in a trio with other equally unique nude colors. A muted pink great for any office setting or as a base for some art.


PolisHaus Olivia in Artificial Light

Brianna is a medium blue cream that showed full opacity in two coats. Super smooth application on the second coat for this beauty. And I couldn’t believe it but I got a true to color photo which can be really tough with blues and purples.


PolisHaus Brianna in Artificial Light

These two colors just weren’t working for a water marble so I went with a method I’ve only tried a few times; the super easy squishy mani! Pretty crazy how placing a plastic bag over some drops of polish can create such random beauty. I added in a few white drops along with Olivia and Briianna to even it all out.


Squishy Manicure using PolisHaus Olivia and Brianna

It was really calling for some sort of sparkle after I top coated it so I went with Tillie Polish’s ‘Golden Goddess’ which if you didn’t already know is my favorite gold, for some classy and abstract french tips. I don’t know about you but I am kind of in love  with the outcome!


Squishy Manicure w/ Gold French Tips using PolisHaus Olivia and Brianna

Heres a tutorial to show you how I achieved this look!

Both Olivia and Brianna are on sale for only $6 on PolisHaus site! Get em before they sell out!

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