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31DC2015 Day 5 Blue: Cirque Colors Water Marble

So I may be cheating a little bit today with the 31 day challenge. You see I did this manicure some time ago and never got around to posting anything. It’s not like it was a fail or anything I super duper lurve this manicure. I do feel very embarrassed though when I write to you that I’ve had these polishes to review since March… *slaps self on wrist* yea I deserve that and more. But we just gotta look on the positive side of things, I’m sharing them with you now and they are still in stock, woohoo!

What are these polishes you say? Well they are from none other then Annie of Cirque Colors a NYC based indie brand that constantly creates beautiful lacquers. I was so surprised to see ‘Hudson‘ and ‘Lady Liberty‘, part of the monthly Metropolis collection, water marble because I’ve tried with some of their other creams and didn’t have success. But I’ve recently been seeing more and more marbles using them so thats a plus in my book. Gotta get me more Cirque Colors like sooooon! You can to yourself as they are currently having a giveaway for the whole Metropolis collection, which is 16 polishes! All you have to do is subscribe to Cirque Colors newsletter on their site HERE. Two winners will be chosen so you have a good chance!


You may have noticed my temp tats that I added to go along with this manicure. At first I was trying to figure out the best placement and what I wanted to use from the samples Hot Jewels sent me. Its awesome how these are just like the temp tats I used when I was a younging. I forgot exactly which set of them I used but I remember having the Peace/love collection. I have a bunch more to use and also have a few to giveaway so be on the lookout for that if you wanna win yourself some temp tats! They sell these in many stores such as Wal-mart and target so don’t worry if you miss the giveaway I’m sure you can find em for yourself!


One more thing I got for review many moons ago and haven’t gotten to till now is this monthly perfume subscription from Scentbird. They offer over 350 different perfumes to chosse from, I went with Burberry Summer and absolutely loved it. Not only did I love the smell but I loved the way they sent it. This little perfume bottle twists to reveal the spray nozzle and twists back to hide it. How cute?! Or is it just me? I really like this service because it can sometimes be so overwhelming choosing a perfume. Plus this lasted me a good month or so! I’d say it’s a great deal for $14.95 a month.


And will you look at that… low and behold I’ve made ANOTHER tutorial. Three in a week?! There must be some sort of robot powering me up when I don’t know about it…. hmmmm mucking suspicions have arisen….

Products Used and Reviewed:

Aengland ‘Camelot
Cirque Colors Metropolis CollectionHudson‘ & ‘Lady Liberty
Connect with Cirque Colors: Store, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
Hot Jewels Temporary Tattoos found at wal-mart, target and amazon.com
Scentbird Monthly Perfume Subscription for $14.95 a month found HERE

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Photo Jul 02

4th of July Water Marble Nail Art TUTORIAL

I’m back from my family trip to Costa Rica and I couldn’t feel better! What a beautiful country and place to spend two wholes weeks in! It was a great bonding and learning experience for me! I have soooo many great photos of wildlife and I’ve been thinking hmm maybe I’ll do some nail art to match. Yea, how about a string of Costa Rican wildlife themed nail art woohoo for good ideas!

Speaking of good ideas here’s one I had before I even left for my trip. It’s funny because I did this design in the beginning of June but I somehow didn’t get it edited and out until nowwww, the first week of July so yea ya know I hope it still helps some people and you enjoy it! Using a wonderful semi-new product from April of Pipe Dream Polish I was able to achieve these crisp clean lines of red, white and blue. Clearwater is a clear coat of polish, not a base or a topcoat, just a clear polish with the intention of water marbling with. Hence the middle finger with the sparkliness which is Pipe Dream Polishes ‘Cha-Ching’ overtop of Aenglands ‘Excalibur Renaissance’ as this thick glitter was easier to apply and take off with this silver base.

Photo Jul 09-2

I of course tested out which colors to use before putting them on my nail and OPI’s ‘Eurso… Euro’ and ‘Red Hot Rio’ took the cake. My white base is the ever faithful ‘Carpe Diem’  from Cirque colors, I’m already on my second bottle.
Photo Jul 09-4

And yay for nice clean photos (although this photo is blurry but hey its artistic) as I’ve been using my moms really nice camera which is super fancy canon DSLR . Sadly I know how to use it better then her and now all she wants is a simple point and shoot haaaa oh mom. Well thats good for me I have a new camera!!! Muahahah!Photo Jul 09-3

Make sure to check out my latest video on this design! I haven’t posted one since March so yay for me finally getting some work out to you all!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCh for being so supportive of me during my crazy long nail funk! I promise big things are coming!

Products used for this design:
OPI Red Hot Rio and Eurso…Euro
Aengland ‘Excalibur Renaissance’
Pipedream Polish ‘Cha-Ching’
Cirque Colors ‘Carpe Diem
Cirque Colors Liquid Laminate Topcoat
Whats Up Nails Pure color #7 water marble tool
Kiesque Liquid Palisade

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Various Nail Art using Tillie Polish Glamorous Collection

Provided For review

To continue on from yesterday’s post I have some various nail art to share with you using Tillie Polishes Glamorous collection!

A while back the ever so lovely Gaby of @Lacquerloon sent me a little package and included in it was this pack of Pueen nail stickers. At first glance these stickers looked kind of like a water marble. I figured applying them to the tip of the nail sort of like a french manicure would give the most unique effect. I wasn’t sure what to expect but they need up looking great over Tillie Polishes Royals It was a great base to compliment the colors in the stickers as they varied from gold to purple and purple to orange.



I created this bee themed skittle design using Tillie Polishes Posh as a base and some of Serum No. 5’s Queen Bee Nail Vinyls. This was quite the random manicure but it all goes together nicely with the accented water marble. I also used Tillie’s Glam Squad on my pinky


Heres a super simple manicure I did using Ethereal as my base stamped with Cirque Colors Memento Mori and a design from MoYou London Suki Plate 05. I never really thought of black and nude together but I instantly fell in love when I did the first nail. This was a great manicure to wear out to dinner with my friends the other night. Chic yet still eye-catching due to the elaborate design.


This half moon design, which happens to be my first of its kind, was my favorite manicure I did using this collection. I immediately envisioned this design when I saw these colors, possibly most likely to the fact that the half moon nail vinyls were sitting out on my desk but thats not the point. I started with a base of Royals and topped it off with Queen Bee and I’ve got to say these colors go quite well together.


I was going to stop there but something else was sitting out on my nail desk, my little box of gems. These green triangle studs from She Sells Seashells had been screaming at me that they wanted to be used for quite some time now. Now the impressive thing about this manicure is not only that its incredibly awesome, ah why thank you, but the fact that I’ve been wearing it for 10 days now and the gems are all still on.


Do you see this craziness?! I mean a whole 10 tens and no visible chips it practically looks fresh besides my extreme amount of growth. This is all thanks to Cirque Colors new Liquid Laminate Top Coat from their Back to Basics collection. After all the dishes I’ve done, all the showers I’ve taken and all the other crazy things my hands have been thru these gems have stayed intact and I am quite ecstatic. I didn’t use any glue to keep them in place only a drop of this top coat. I’l have a more thorough review of this in the coming weeks but as of now I say its a winner!



You can find the Glamorous collection on Tillie Polishes site, Cirque Colors top coat HERE and Serum No. 5’s Nail Vinyl’s HERE.

Connect with Tillie Polish: Official SiteFacebookInstagramTwitter

Connect with Cirque Colors: Official SiteFacebookInstagramTwitter

Connect with Serum No. 5: Official SiteFacebookInstagramTwitter

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LVX Lacquer Summer 2014 Review

Provided for review

I keep telling myself to get the ball rolling with my nails again but I just keep having these weird lapses of no nails! This nail depression needs to stop like right now! I think these next few posts will help that out for sure. One of my favorite 5-free vegan brands on the market today has got to be LVX nail lacquers. Not only do they have some amazingly crafted colors but the formulas are out of this world! I squealed like a little girl when I got a package from them consisting of three new colors from their Summer 2014 collection as well as their Gel-like topcoat which I have used throughout this post.

Laguna is a vibrant pastel blue cream that shows opacity in two smooth coats. A perfect addition to the other range of blues I own from LVX already. Makes me want to grab my snorkel gear and jump into a cenote!


Lolli is a subtle pastel pink cream which also shows opacity in two flawless smooth coats. A great color for almost any skin tone with a perfect formula. This and Laguna would be perfect for a friends baby shower!


Porcelaine is an off-white ivory cream. I used three coats as there was some slight streakage with only two but even without topcoat it smoothed out very nicely. A great color as the base for some nail art!


LVX Gel-like Topcoat was quite impressive for the few times I used it. It applied smoothly, showed little to now bubbles and cured in a timely manner; rather quickly if you ask me. I used it in some nail art and it did not smear or hinder the design. The large brush that LVX lacquers have also helped in the application of this topcoat. All-in-all I would say it wouldn’t be a bad investment if you are looking for a long-lasting chip resistant topcoat.


You can find all these colors, the rest of the collection (which I now need) and the Gel-like topcoat on LVX’s website HERE. Also follow LVX on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for sales, giveaways and much more!

As I mentioned before I am very fond of LVX formulas and colors so if you haven’t gotten to try them out yet I totally recommend it!

Corynn <3


Oceanic Bettina Water Marble & Moyou Stamping

Holy smoly! That was the longest absence I have had from my blog/IG/Facebook ever! I didn’t do my nails for almost over two whole weeks! YEESH! That’s what being a Bio Premed student is all about I suppose at times, just grinding down and doing your best. I gotta say my classes this semester are pretty advanced but I am loving the material. After having three exams this week it feels so good to have a few hours to devote to my creative side. Although I did ponder for quite awhile on what combination of colors I wanted to marble with yesterday the design I settled on stole my heart and is still looking so fab on my nails right now.


I’ve been on a stamping kick ever since I got some plates from Moyou London and this mani using Sailor plate 05 is my favorite to date. The marble background using Bettina Cosmetics ‘Aqua’, ‘Ocean’ and ‘Peppermint’ was just calling for these ocean themed stamps. Sally Hansen’s ‘White Out’ worked great for an opaque stamping shade and Moyou’s designs always transfer so well. I think the seahorse design and the marble underneath it is my favorite of the four I choose to use. Before stamping I added Nail Pattern Boldness’s ‘Alpha Nail’ which always gives any mani that extra lovely shimmer. Too glad that I won it awhile back in a giveaway from Llarowe.


Totally could have just left the marble w/o the stamping but my plates were calling me and I had some extra time to play. Can’t go without showing you all the marble on its own now can I?! In the photo above you can really see the effect Alpha Nail gives to these colors although it is very hard to photograph the purple shimmer that is also given off.


My love for Bettina enamels is ever-growing as I’ve mentioned before they are amongst the best to marble with. They only sell them in Florida and Puerto Rico but you can order them from their SITE as well for pretty cheap.


Now it being Friday I am gona have to go with NPH on this one…


Those exams drained so much from me I need a day off! HAA!

Hope you all enjoyed this design as much as me! Thanks for reading!

Corynn <3


LVX – Wintery Water Marble

It always makes me feel fulfilled to do a full water marbled manicure! I test out combos and then sometimes leave them for a later time and this one has been staring me down for quite awhile. With the insanely freezing temperatures it only seemed appropriate to do a nice wintery design. LVX creams are superb for marbling and I am so happy these colors didn’t blend.


I used Cerulean’, ‘Celeste’ and ‘Fantom’ for the marble and then topped it off with Nail Pattern Boldness ‘Alpha Nail’ which was a pretty essential addition to this design. It added quite the perfect sparkle as it shifts from blue to purple, really makes you go oooo and ahhhh.


This photo show’s Alpha Nail’s effect a little nicer. Don’t they look like icsicles?! Maybe it’s just me but I am totally feeling this wintery mix of colors.


I hope to be able to bring you all at least 1-2 blog posts a week as school is picking up but I really want to keep up with my nails as well. I almost have 200 bloglovin followers which is just awesome so I hope to put a giveaway together for you all real soon! Alsoooo I just got a camcorder in the mail yesterday so I am going to attempt to make some video tutorials. Yes you heard right, TUTORIALS! I am pretty excited about that.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Corynn <3