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31DC2015 Day 5 Blue: Cirque Colors Water Marble

So I may be cheating a little bit today with the 31 day challenge. You see I did this manicure some time ago and never got around to posting anything. It’s not like it was a fail or anything I super duper lurve this manicure. I do feel very embarrassed though when I write to you that I’ve had these polishes to review since March… *slaps self on wrist* yea I deserve that and more. But we just gotta look on the positive side of things, I’m sharing them with you now and they are still in stock, woohoo!

What are these polishes you say? Well they are from none other then Annie of Cirque Colors a NYC based indie brand that constantly creates beautiful lacquers. I was so surprised to see ‘Hudson‘ and ‘Lady Liberty‘, part of the monthly Metropolis collection, water marble because I’ve tried with some of their other creams and didn’t have success. But I’ve recently been seeing more and more marbles using them so thats a plus in my book. Gotta get me more Cirque Colors like sooooon! You can to yourself as they are currently having a giveaway for the whole Metropolis collection, which is 16 polishes! All you have to do is subscribe to Cirque Colors newsletter on their site HERE. Two winners will be chosen so you have a good chance!


You may have noticed my temp tats that I added to go along with this manicure. At first I was trying to figure out the best placement and what I wanted to use from the samples Hot Jewels sent me. Its awesome how these are just like the temp tats I used when I was a younging. I forgot exactly which set of them I used but I remember having the Peace/love collection. I have a bunch more to use and also have a few to giveaway so be on the lookout for that if you wanna win yourself some temp tats! They sell these in many stores such as Wal-mart and target so don’t worry if you miss the giveaway I’m sure you can find em for yourself!


One more thing I got for review many moons ago and haven’t gotten to till now is this monthly perfume subscription from Scentbird. They offer over 350 different perfumes to chosse from, I went with Burberry Summer and absolutely loved it. Not only did I love the smell but I loved the way they sent it. This little perfume bottle twists to reveal the spray nozzle and twists back to hide it. How cute?! Or is it just me? I really like this service because it can sometimes be so overwhelming choosing a perfume. Plus this lasted me a good month or so! I’d say it’s a great deal for $14.95 a month.


And will you look at that… low and behold I’ve made ANOTHER tutorial. Three in a week?! There must be some sort of robot powering me up when I don’t know about it…. hmmmm mucking suspicions have arisen….

Products Used and Reviewed:

Aengland ‘Camelot
Cirque Colors Metropolis CollectionHudson‘ & ‘Lady Liberty
Connect with Cirque Colors: Store, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
Hot Jewels Temporary Tattoos found at wal-mart, target and amazon.com
Scentbird Monthly Perfume Subscription for $14.95 a month found HERE

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ILNP Birefringence & Water Marbling

Yes, yes Time Gunn. I feel the same way about I Love Nail Polishes Birefringence. I had this beauty on my shelf for far too long and oh my I am one happy chica just to own it! This week in class my nails have gotten noticed more then when they are just water marbled. All the girls had no idea that one polish could give this effect, and it is pretty bomb. Two coats of shifty goodness changing into all the colors of the rainbow! No way could I get an accurate photo on my iPhone but it still looks so fab. Wish I could show you this under the water but you’ll just have to see for yourself, it will be worth it, I give you my word loves!




Ooo another clear and one color water marble! YEZ loving the simplicity of this marbling technique, easier to clean up then a full on one. Used OPI nail envy and Aenglands Excalibur to go over this already jaw dropping shade. The speckles of silver from excalibur kind of mingled into the clear part giving even more shimmery awesomeness!



This pretty much sums up my overall feeling about this. Thanks project runway.



Minty Mermaid Fin Water Marble

Blogging on my iPhone, ya think it’s possible?! HA! Still up in the mountains visiting my mama so bear with me for this real quick post!

You may be thinking, “she brings polish with her on vacation?” And the answer is hell yes! I gotta get my fix ya know?! Looking back I probably should of brought more colors, because last night I just was having trouble with my color combos. But thankfully I tried out a combo using Wet n’ Wilds Refresh Mint, given to me by my love Jessie (IG: nailsofjessiek) and Aengland’s Camelot, which is a pure black cream.

imageThe mermaid fin design was calling me and at first when I finished I wasn’t to hyped up about it all. But then as I started taking pictures I gradually fell more and more with the whole shabang.imageThe larger portion of the minty color threw me off but actually is really well balanced. Just another reason why I love water marbling so much. You really can’t get the outcome you get with any other type of technique, at least I think so.

imageLots more water marbles and swatches to come, this is gona be a busy summer!