31DC2015 Day 6 Purple: Takko Lacquer Cheshire Cat

You know how sometimes you find an indie brand that you love so much but can never get your hands on? Well that was the case for sometime for me with Takko Lacquer. Their stock was just too low for me to ever succeed in the restocks but their polishes were just so unique I needed to have them in my collection. A few months back everything changed and I managed to snag a few colors. The next day Sheryl, the creator behind it all, emailed me with astonishment that I even knew about her brand and insisted on sending me some samples. So many smiles graced my face when I read her kind words. She even let me choose which ones I wanted and of course I had to go with this beautiful thermal polish ‘Cheshire Cat’.

Alright so you may be thinking as you come to this post, “Isn’t it supposed to be day purple of the 31 day challenge Corynn?” and yes that is very true. But there isn’t any pink day so I figured lets combine the two forces. In my mind I wanted to attempt a cheshire cat of some sort but I realized that I could never pull it off so I used Zoya ‘Mira’ and ‘Charisma’ for some cheshire stripes. Pretty snazzy right?! HA! I know this isn’t very much for the challenge but I hope I get another wave of motivation going thru me. The golden shimmer in this polish really makes it pop and stand out amongst the rest. I used three coats to achieve full opacity.




Wasn’t able to get any good photos of the cold stage of this polish which is the darker purple so here’s a little video to show you all the transition that happens! Find it HERE on my instagram!

You can find Cheshire Cat at but make sure to sign up for their newsletter so you can get the information about restocks!

Connect with Takko Lacquer: Store, Instagram, Twitter

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31DC2015 Day 5 Blue: Cirque Colors Water Marble

So I may be cheating a little bit today with the 31 day challenge. You see I did this manicure some time ago and never got around to posting anything. It’s not like it was a fail or anything I super duper lurve this manicure. I do feel very embarrassed though when I write to you that I’ve had these polishes to review since March… *slaps self on wrist* yea I deserve that and more. But we just gotta look on the positive side of things, I’m sharing them with you now and they are still in stock, woohoo!

What are these polishes you say? Well they are from none other then Annie of Cirque Colors a NYC based indie brand that constantly creates beautiful lacquers. I was so surprised to see ‘Hudson‘ and ‘Lady Liberty‘, part of the monthly Metropolis collection, water marble because I’ve tried with some of their other creams and didn’t have success. But I’ve recently been seeing more and more marbles using them so thats a plus in my book. Gotta get me more Cirque Colors like sooooon! You can to yourself as they are currently having a giveaway for the whole Metropolis collection, which is 16 polishes! All you have to do is subscribe to Cirque Colors newsletter on their site HERE. Two winners will be chosen so you have a good chance!


You may have noticed my temp tats that I added to go along with this manicure. At first I was trying to figure out the best placement and what I wanted to use from the samples Hot Jewels sent me. Its awesome how these are just like the temp tats I used when I was a younging. I forgot exactly which set of them I used but I remember having the Peace/love collection. I have a bunch more to use and also have a few to giveaway so be on the lookout for that if you wanna win yourself some temp tats! They sell these in many stores such as Wal-mart and target so don’t worry if you miss the giveaway I’m sure you can find em for yourself!


One more thing I got for review many moons ago and haven’t gotten to till now is this monthly perfume subscription from Scentbird. They offer over 350 different perfumes to chosse from, I went with Burberry Summer and absolutely loved it. Not only did I love the smell but I loved the way they sent it. This little perfume bottle twists to reveal the spray nozzle and twists back to hide it. How cute?! Or is it just me? I really like this service because it can sometimes be so overwhelming choosing a perfume. Plus this lasted me a good month or so! I’d say it’s a great deal for $14.95 a month.


And will you look at that… low and behold I’ve made ANOTHER tutorial. Three in a week?! There must be some sort of robot powering me up when I don’t know about it…. hmmmm mucking suspicions have arisen….

Products Used and Reviewed:

Aengland ‘Camelot
Cirque Colors Metropolis CollectionHudson‘ & ‘Lady Liberty
Connect with Cirque Colors: Store, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
Hot Jewels Temporary Tattoos found at wal-mart, target and
Scentbird Monthly Perfume Subscription for $14.95 a month found HERE

Not sure if I’ll be able to post on here with every prompt so make sure to keep a lookout over on my social media pages!

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31DC2015 Day 4 Green: Water Marbled Leaves!

Umm people, is this really my blog? Are those really my fingers? I’m not sure if its mucking humanly possible to have posted on my blog for four days in a row and made two tutorials along with those posts?! I simply can’t believe my eyes. On top of all that I’ve gone and the unthinkable and did some water marbling and advanced stamping TOGETHER! Tedious work at times yes but I like the outcome.

Okay so bear with me folks this is the first time I’ve done a full on advanced stamping manicure and only my second time trying the technique. The tips got a little rusty and I fudged up the pinky but by the middle finger I got the hang of things and figured out my process. At first I was like hmm maybe I’ll do some like marbleized grass but then I was thinking hmm how can I make it even better…… STAMPING! I think the next time I do this the outcome will be much neater. But I have left perfection behind and am having fun with it all!



My eyes are hurting but I got another tutorial done and up! Check it out below!

Products Used:

OPI ‘Jade is the New Black’ & ‘Green-wich Village’
Tillie Polish ‘Espresso Yourself’
Color 4 Nails Creative Shop stamper
MoYou London Tropical Plate 05
Cirque Colors ‘Memento Mori
Kb Shimmer Topcoat

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31DC2015 Day 3 Yellow: Orly Glowstick

Okay those flames from my previous design have set me ablaze! Doing nail art everyday is totally boosting my self-confidence. The satisfaction of getting things done hasn’t graced my presence for quite some time so I’m getting lots of smiles on my face (my face said in a deep man tone).

Even though these nails I did for day 3 of the 31 day challenge are quite simple, I LUBS THEM! Grabbed out all my yellows today like I have the past two days with these first few prompts of simple colors and began brainstorming. I of course tried to see if I wanted to do a marble as my base for this design but it was just too busy for me. And then I saw it, Orly ‘Glowstick’, a polish that has been in my untrieds for far too long. Given to me by Jessie of @jewsie_nails many moons ago, who just popped back into the IG world, this neon yellow beauty needed to grace my pretties.




Lets just go ahead and imagine that I was inspired by these wicked pair of shoes, which I personally would never wear unless I was playing dress up. Man I miss playing dress up. I gotta get with some girlfriends, drink some wine and play dress up like ASAP.


Products Used:
Orly ‘Glowstick
Cirque Colors ‘Memento Mori
Kb Shimmer Topcoat
Striping tape from Amazon

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IMG_4965 copy

31DC2015 Day 2 Orange: French Tipped Flame Water Marble

It’s simply a miracle! I did nail art twice in two days on myself! It seriously has been too long and I knew this challenge would fix it all. Its like I have an exam tomorrow and I have to get as much studying in as possible but tomorrow is the end of the month and studying is doing nail art, HA!

I redeemed myself from yesterdays failed heart marble and did full on flames for todays orange prompt. Sure I could have added in some yellow or spruced it up with some sparkly fairy dust but I’m not aiming for perfection I’m just trying to have some fun. I was gona go with black but white just made the flame pop and look happier.




I somehow had the time and sanity to make a tutorial so check it out below!

Products used:
Bettina Cosmetics – ‘Starfish’ & ‘Epic’
Pipe Dream Polish – ‘Rhythm
Cirque Colors ‘Carpe Diem
Twinkled T – Fire Vinyls
Kb Shimmer – Topcoat

Not sure if I’ll be able to post on here with every prompt so make sure to keep a lookout over on my social media pages!

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31 Day Challenge: Red Love Themed Nails

Alright folks, things are about to get super serious up in this piece. The 31 Day Challenge for nail art is upon us and I’ve decided to take a swing at it. If you have no clue what I’m referring to check out Chalkboard Nails post HERE. She has taken on the challenge for the past five, thats right five years, and seeing how far she has come is so inspiring. Now believe it or not I personally am not very artsy or good with a paint brush so I hopefully I’ll be able to overcome this.

For the first few days the challenge runs they the rainbow starting with red of course. I tried my luck at some sort of marble design but my bolts were too rusty so I ended up with this love themed design. Sometimes after I finish my nails when I had a hard time figuring out what to do, I get this feeling of, “oh man these aren’t good”, and of course thats not a good feeling. Then after I edit the pictures and start writing I realize that my art and what I’ve done is better then I think. I just need to start giving myself more credit and I know with these next few weeks I will be able to!


Join in on the fun even if you just do a few prompts its great fun to do the same themed nails as many other artist’s in the community! I’m excited to get motivated and see everyones art! WOOTOTHEFREAKINGHOO!


Products Used:

Zoya ‘Sooki‘ & ‘Chyna
Cult Nails ‘Evil Queen’
Cirque Colors ‘Carpe Diem
Moyou London – Pro Plate 10
Color 4 Nails – Creative shop stamper
Twinkled T – Love Vinyls
Kb Shimmer – Topcoat

Not sure if I’ll be able to post on here with every prompt so make sure to keep a lookout over on my social media pages!

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Corynn <3