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Mucking Long Blog Break is Over!

Oh Hello Hello Hello you beautiful people! For almost three months I neglected posting anything on here and that made be feel terrible. Granted I was traveling for one of those months but this weird ‘Nail Funk’ hit me hard and I was barely even doing my nails.


Well now I’ve finally over came this weird funk and have begun reorganizing my polishes as they are overflowing from their shelves at the moment. I’ve had a helmer in my possession since the end of april but am now just starting to fill it up.  I can see a stash post in our near future as I’m thinking I have over 800 polishes in my possession now.


Mucking Fusser had been in need of a major face-lift for quite some time so this past weekend I took some time and sat with my Tech-friendly friend. We gave my blog a whole new look which is just the start to a fun, highly sophisticated and easily accessible page. Alright enough with the formalities lets get back to blogging!


Blog Update

Hello beautiful people! Welcome to my new blog! Now that school is out I finally had some time to set up a different and more user friendly page. The other site that I was using always gave me problems and as of right now I cant even access my page so I can transfer my content or anything! Hopefully everything will work out here. As most of you may know I started out by just sharing my work on my Instagram (@mucking_fusser). I soon realized how much I really wanted to say and share about each one of my creations and also realized that tutorials would be easier to follow if I created a blog. So if you’d like please join me on my blog as I bring you my nail art, tutorials and even the occasional swatch and review!