31DC2015 Day 8 Metallic: Nail Foil Fun

Mmmk it’s official folks! I’m mucking in love with nail foil! I’ve used it once before but using it for todays Metallic prompt of the 31 day challenge is a whole different story. First off I only have one roll of foils but thankfully its five different colors, if only it had blue then this would be a true foiled rainbow, but hey I think it looks great anyway!

I used a base of Aengland ‘Camelot to help the foil really stand out and I had some foil glue which helped with application SOOOO MUCH! No wonder they call it foil glue. HA! Both the glue and this roll of foil was give to me a long time ago by one of my very favorite people, Jo of Lacquer Lust. Thanks to her for me being able to create this manicure! I was thinking about stamping overtop of it but I didn’t even attempt that I’m too much in love with the outcome on its own. For reals people I need all the foils out there, like gimme em all!



This macro is what I live for, I drool every time I see it.


There aren’t too many tutorials on how to apply nail foil out there so I figured why not whip up a quick one for you all! Check it out below!

Products Used:
Aengland ‘Camelot
Kb Shimmer Topcoat
Nail Foil & Glue

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Corynn <3

6 observations on “31DC2015 Day 8 Metallic: Nail Foil Fun
  1. Ars Ungealis

    This is wonderful nailart, I love how you used the foils! Your nails remind me of an abstract flower garden, beautiful color combo! I have not tried using them yet but now they are definitely on my to-do list!

  2. Kellie

    You can get tons of nail foils on ebay for less than a dollar each. They have SOOOO many different ones…my eyes bug out LOL. I have bought like 2 dozen or so. I even got a couple that are animal print…one in leopard and one in snakeskin. =D


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