31DC2015 Day 7 Black & White: 101 Dalmantians

It’s a miracle! I got thru the first week of the 31 day challenge! My wheels are still turning and going on full force. Sure the gas is getting a little low but theres a station up ahead so I’ll be able to refuel soon, HA! Now sure I could have done a nice crisp black and white water marble or even some sort of stampin both of which would have looked lovely in black and white, but I went out of my comfort zone and tried a totally new technique. I was initially inspired by my ring finger, after Cruella Deville which turned into these 101 Dalmatian nails!

After seeing one of Yagala’s video tutorials earlier today using magazine clippings to create decals I had to try it out with regular printer paper. You may have seen the newspaper technique where you use alcohol to get the words from the paper to adhere to your nail, but it always comes out backwards. With this technique you topcoat the image, let it dry, cut it out then soak it in water for awhile. Then you scrap all the paper off, which was probably the hardest part about this although I’m still trying to figure out this whole decal application business as well, but other then that I love how I was able to get an image from the computer and put it on my nails! Like for reals people how awesome! I also put the puppies little parents on my thumb but I wasn’t feeling any of the photos I got.




I’m glad I went out of my comfort zone for this design. The puppies may be a little faint but it still turned out good and you get the idea.

Products Used:
Cirque Colors ‘Carpe Diem‘ & ‘Memento Mori
Kb Shimmer Topcoat

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4 observations on “31DC2015 Day 7 Black & White: 101 Dalmantians
  1. myishia simmons

    These nails are just too cute for words! Could you PLEASE give a picture or video tutorial on this technique?


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