31DC2015 Day 11 Polka Dots: Mario Mushrooms

I’ve been hard at work getting caught up with this challenge so why not have two posts in one day?! I decided to take a little different approach for the polka dot prompt of the 31 day challenge and did a design that has been on my to-do list for some time! Mario mushrooms! I love Mario! I even named my dog Yoshi!

If you are a Mario freak like me then you know right away that these are the 1-Up and get bigger mushrooms in all of the Mario games, well they somewhat resemble them at least. Instead of using whiter I began with three coats of LVX ‘Rhone’ from the Fall 2015 collection which resemble the perfect skin tone color.



Saw this image online and felt it matched up perfectly with this design plus I kind of love the saying when comparing it to Mario!IMG_0798

Products Used:
LVX – ‘Rhone
Zoya – ‘Sooki’
Pipe Dream Polish – ‘Tabanca’
Nail Vinyls – Half Moon Vinyls
Cirque Colors – ‘Carpe Diem’ & Liquid Laminate Topcoat
Aengland – ‘Camelot’

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Corynn <3

3 observations on “31DC2015 Day 11 Polka Dots: Mario Mushrooms
  1. Ars Ungealis

    These made me smile! Memories of Mario… Congrats on creating such a very cool mani!
    Ars Ungealis (@Ungulae on Twitter)

  2. lvckybitch

    These are so awesome!! My 13 yo son literally *just* asked me less than a week ago if I had ever considered doing the Mario mushrooms and I was like “You mean the whole nail as a mushroom?” He said “YES!!” and I had to tell him no, I’d never ever even thought about it :( But now I can show him your mani and tell him at least *someone* has! I might try an inspired by now that I can see it – such a dang visual learner here LOL Anyway, I really love it and thanks for showing it off <3


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