31 Day Challenge Stripes: Pastel Rainbow Awesomeness

Even though I feel behind on the 31 Day Challenge I’m still going to keep rocking it! Granted I was going to try and catch up and post a couple designs in one day but I wanna have fun with this and not just do a bunch of art real fast that I have to take off right away. My previous gradient I did really hit home on that fact as I took them off to do my polka dot nails when I finished taking photos. Yes yes the mario nails were awesome but I would have loved to rock the gradient I did just for at least a day. Also I like having a life now and then outside of nails and these design are taking a lot of creativity out of me!

With that said, stripes hmm stripes what shall I do for stripes? Well google stripes of course and get inspo from that and that is just what I did. There was this pastel rainbow image that just kept catching my eye so I figured why not take a shot at it. For some reason it took me like 30 minutes to figure out how to block it off on my nails HA! At least it came out super similar and pretty darn cute besides those bubbles in my topcoat, rawr. Those pops of black just totally make it.





The first step looked kinda cool with the negative space. Whew so much striping tape! I used 12 pieces for each nail! Yea, I’m not taking these off right away.


Like I said I may not be keeping up with the challenge every day but its my main nail goal so be on ze mucking lookout!

Products Used:
Lime Crime Makeup Nail Polish Set
LVX – ‘Paraiso‘ (Blue)

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Corynn <3

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