Month: August 2015


Pastel & Pretty – Azature Marble & Stamping



So I’ve been trying this thing where I to try to get motivated to start working out. Yea…… it’s not working out too well. I printed out some workout regimes I found on Pinterest and put them on my doorway so I always get reminded, so maybe that will help. But gosh why is working out so much work?! I know they call it ‘working out’ but then theres the darn eating, my stomach just loves sweet things so much she can’t eve get enough. Alas my want for a healthier body is starting to lead over my want for sweet things. So hopefully I’ll get things rolling, no wait I WILL get things rolling!

Advanced stamping, whose tried it, whose liked or disliked it? Well let me tell you it being my first time doing the technique I’ve already started to have that love/hate relationship. It might be due to it being my first time and needing some practice or the fact that I didn’t use a fine brush to do the details but either way I’m kinda loving the outcome it gives you. I love techniques that are easier to do then they seem cuz this lady is no good with fine details. I’m excited to try out more advanced stamping designs now that I’ve crossed that road.


I of course matched my advanced stamping accent with a water marble accent. It’s no surprise that Azature polishes, which if you haven’t been informed of yet all have REAL black diamonds in them, water marble. The applications of these two creams, Cyprus and Peach Diamond from the Spring 2015 collection were nothing but impeccable.IMG_1641

You can find both of these colors along with many other black diamond infused lacquers on Azature online SHOP.

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Corynn <3


Tutorial: LVX Spring 15′ Classy Retro Water Marble

Im not sure what it is about getting back into the groove of things but for some reason I’m having a real hard time with getting motivated to do pretty much anything. Dam this horrible depression and rut that I am experiencing! It’s my own darn fault and I just need to put my big girl panties on and deal with it!

I still have a bunch of designs that I did over two months ago that I still need to share with you all and its not like they are bad or anything I’ve just kept brushing it off, always getting defeated. But not today, NO! Today I will be sharing this loverly manicure using, as you may know, one of my favorite brands, LVX. Not only are their lacquers vegan and cruelty free they are inspired by fashion and always have perfect formulas, not to mention they marble wonderfully.


The colors I used for this design are from LVX’s Spring 2015 collection (I know I’m far behind) and like always are beautifully crafted together. Each one of these colors has a similar shimmery finish to them. Noir is a blackish grey shimmer to it while Haze is a lovely lilac hue. But both of these colors have a tinge of grey to them. I used Fuchsia along with these two other muted colors to help it really pop. I’m loving this unconventional color combo.  IMG_0691

And with all the kittens in my life right meow I tend to take photos with them and my nails, so yeaaaaaaa. HA! This little guy was from the last litter, he was the sweetest deaf kitty, always curling up next to me. His bright white color was a nice background for this design.

See the tutorial for this design below!

You can find Noir, Haze and Fushcia on LVX’s Shop along with the rest of the Spring 2015 collection and many other amazing colors.

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Corynn <3