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Woohoo two blog post in two days ?! That hasn’t happened well darn I really dont remember the last time it happened which shows just how long its been. Im going to really try and post every single day in the coming weeks which should hopefully help with getting this mojo of mine back into its proper place for good.

It seems as though, along with many other trends in the nail community, the Nail Wrap market has gained much popularity. I don’t blame the world I mean they are super easy to apply and you get can get the outcome of something that could take hours or is impossible for some.

Take these Geode Nail Wraps from Scratch for example. I mean personally it would take me quite awhile to achieve this same look with nail polish, from choosing the colors to getting those fine thin lines looking nice and even. These only took around 15 minutes to apply after I prepped my nails and after topcoat they were ready to go in another 5-10.


Scratch Geode Nail Wraps – Non Direct Sunlight

After taking off the two pieces of tape and applying the wrap to my nail I used the provided cuticle stick and file to help cut down and shape it. I really love the clear parts with the bits of glitters in this design as well as the overall color scheme of pinks, purples and blues withs bits of cream throughout.


Scratch Geode Nail Wraps – Direct Sunlight

During my time at the beach one day I had a ‘OOO nail photo time’ moment as I felt that the Hawaiian lava rocks here would be a good accompaniment to these wraps since they are Geodes after all.


Also got to go to a waterfall when I was wearing these wraps so why not snap a photo with the prehistoric rocks and moss?!


I wore these wraps for a good week or so with very little wear and barely any chips, quite impressive if you ask me.

These beauties are still available at for $12 along with many other lovely nails wraps in beautiful designs.

Scratch has also started to offer a monthly Nail Wrap box for $10 containing a set of nail wraps and some extra goodies! You get to choose the wrap you get so you’ll always be happy! Check it out HERE!


Corynn <3