Cirque Colors Holo Mermaid

Cirque Colors Holo Mermaid Nails

I’m back! I’m back! I’m back! Like for reals people it’s been a such a long break and I’m totally ready to get my mojo working again. I’m working on an update post about what’s been going on with me but I wanted to go ahead and start sharing the art I’ve been working on. I have a plethora of polishes and products to be reviewed that I’ve been holding back on for quite some time, so get ready for lots of mucking awesome reviews and art in the coming weeks!


Hmmm yeaaaaa mermaid holo spectacularness up in this piece! A long time ago the wonderful Annie of Cirque Colors got in contact with me about reviewing some products of hers. I of course was super super excited and mentioned to her that I had been wanting to grab her Heritage collection for some time as they were such perfect holographic shades. When I received my first package I was surprised with these two beauties which I have been urning to use ever since!

Cirque Colors Holo Mermaid

I had tons of fun with this manicure using Xochitl (Orchid holo) and Cerrillos (turquoise holo) both of which have amazing formulas and colors to them. I did a little stamping and a little stenciling with a little bit of treasure at the bottom of the sea cuz every mermaid needs some gold goodies in their life’s.

Cirque Colors Holo Mermaid

I received a bunch I mean a bunch of stencils from What’s Up Nails to share with you all and this mermaid scale one was just calling my name. From first impression they seem to work great!


Products used:

Cirque Colors – Xochitl and Cerrillos
Tillie Polish – Golden Goddess
Whats Up Nails – Mermaid Stencil
MoYou London – Sailor Plate 07
She Sells Seashells – Mermaid Embellishment
Gold Nail Foil from Amazon

2 observations on “Cirque Colors Holo Mermaid Nails
  1. Amandah

    Welcome back Corryn, nice to see you back posting.
    Looking forward to hearing your tales of what you’ve been up to & seeing the plethora of designs you speak of.
    Hope you had a good break?


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