TUTORIAL: Water Marbled Christmas Tree Ornaments

When I first started water marbling two years ago I had the great idea to use this technique on ornaments for the holiday season. I had already gone beyond just doing it on my nails and marbled my phone case so I figured why not do it on ornaments and give them away as presents! Anything homemade is a perfect gift for the holidays and the ones I made and gave out to my friends and family are on their tree again this year. I love making gifts and other knickknacks at home and the fact that this incorporates one of my favorite techniques makes it all the better. Granted you may get a few bubbles here and there but its nothing compared to the outcome. You can purchase big or small ornaments in any color you desire there is so much room for creativity! Just make sure you have polishes that work well in the water and you’ll be good to go!


Watch the below video from my YouTube to see how I made these ornaments! It includes a bunch more details and ramblings on this technique!

Make sure to check out my other holiday creations if you haven’t yet and always tag #muckinginspired so  I can see them! :D

Peppermint Swirl Water Marble
Holographic Christmas Trees

Only two more finals till I graduate! AHH can’t wait!

Corynn <3

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