TUTORIAL: Peppermint Swirl Water Marble

Oh yes peoples! It is time to start getting into the water marbles for the holidays! I took a break from studying from for my finals, the last ones at that, to do this peppermint swirl water marble! It took me a bit to find the right combo of red and white that didn’t blend and had the right proportions of colors. I settled on OPI’s ‘Red Hot Rio’ and LVX’s Fantom’ which right both of these needs. I put Lacuqer Lust ‘I Like it On Top’ to give it a little sparkle and shimmer but its kind of hard to see. Not my best work as there were some bubbles here and there but I didn’t have to redo any nails and that saved me some time as I am just so busy! This is a great design for the holidays as it is eye-catching and quite cute.


Check out the video tutorial on how to achieve this deign below! If you stay tuned afterwards check out the playlist for another special holiday video!

I have one more week of class till I graduate with my Bachelors of Science in Biology and then I will be taking a break to spend some more time on nails! I can’t wait!

Corynn <3

3 observations on “TUTORIAL: Peppermint Swirl Water Marble
  1. Lindsey

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE!!!! I can’t wait to try them for Christmas. I haven’t done much marbling yet but I definitely love your videos because they make it much easier! What do you use to keep your nails so healthy and long! Mine always break after they get to a certain length…

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