Tutorial: Turkey Tail Feather Water Marble Nails for Thanksgiving

Woohoo! The days are slowly passing by as we get closer to my graduation date! Today officially marks my two year watermarblversary and to celebrate I will be putting together a HUGE giveaway including prizes from over 8 different amazing brands! It shall be epic, and I don’t use that work too often! Check out my very first marble HERE its quite hilarious!

This weekend I allotted some time in-between all my studying to do these cute turkey tail feather nails inspired by Colette of My Simple Little Pleasures! I spent quite a long time trying to figure out what combo of polish I wanted to use. I ended up with a combo of three OPI shades including Red Hot Rio, In My Back Pocket and The “It” Color. When dragging to make the feathers the colors sort of lost their smoothness between each one but I settled with it as this is more of a cutesy design then an artsy one. I used Tillie Polish Royals for the body and then some Sally Hansen colors for the facial characteristics.


Check out the video tutorial I’ve made for this design on my YouTube Mucking Fusser! If you try out any of my designs make sure to tag #muckinginspired on instagram so I can see them!

It’s almost time to start doing some Christmas designs, I can’t wait! Till then Happy Thanksgiving!

Corynn <3

4 observations on “Tutorial: Turkey Tail Feather Water Marble Nails for Thanksgiving
  1. Amandah

    21.21pm -UK
    These are brilliant Corynn, I lurve the colours you’ve used. They are so vibrant and remind me of fire.
    Too cute!
    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and congrats on your 2 yr anniversary.
    Looking forward to the giveaway and your Christmas designs too.

  2. Lisa

    OMG. I want to do this sooooooooo bad! But I can Not get a bullseye. By the third drop of color, it just sits there. I am using room temp distiller water. Any tips? What the heck am I doing wrong? I have tried at least eight times. :(

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