Squishy Gold French Tips using PolisHaus Olivia and Brianna

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Hmmm it’s been such a great Saturday. It was a cold and rainy day so I got myself some hot tea, put on The Office, thank you Netflix, and gave some love to my pretties. Today I got to finally use two colors from PolisHaus ongoing from my witches leggings post.

Olivia is a pale pink cream that showed full opacity in two coats. I ended up using three coats to even it out a bit. I can see this in a trio with other equally unique nude colors. A muted pink great for any office setting or as a base for some art.


PolisHaus Olivia in Artificial Light

Brianna is a medium blue cream that showed full opacity in two coats. Super smooth application on the second coat for this beauty. And I couldn’t believe it but I got a true to color photo which can be really tough with blues and purples.


PolisHaus Brianna in Artificial Light

These two colors just weren’t working for a water marble so I went with a method I’ve only tried a few times; the super easy squishy mani! Pretty crazy how placing a plastic bag over some drops of polish can create such random beauty. I added in a few white drops along with Olivia and Briianna to even it all out.


Squishy Manicure using PolisHaus Olivia and Brianna

It was really calling for some sort of sparkle after I top coated it so I went with Tillie Polish’s ‘Golden Goddess’ which if you didn’t already know is my favorite gold, for some classy and abstract french tips. I don’t know about you but I am kind of in love  with the outcome!


Squishy Manicure w/ Gold French Tips using PolisHaus Olivia and Brianna

Heres a tutorial to show you how I achieved this look!

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