Cirque Colors Holographic Burlesque Collection Review

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Man does it feel good to just sit down and finally blog for a bit. I feel like I find myself saying that too often and I cannot wait until the next two months have commenced. By then I will have graduated with my undergrad and have moved into a great house in North Carolina. I must keep telling myself to not stress as I know everything will come out on top.

Today I have more amazing Cirque Color shades to share with you all! Based in New York City, Cirque Colors found inspiration from 20th century magicians and musicians to create the Burlesque collection, consisting of four beautifully unique and sultry holographic shades!

Josephine is a dark forest green with a holographic creme finish. This beauty showed opacity in two smooth coats and the holo is at quite the perfect level for this nice dark shade. I’ve actually been wearing this color four whole days now and I feel no need to take it off, its great for the chilly but bright weather. As I was walking home from class today the sun ever so lightly shined on my nails revealing the holographic goodness the finish to this shade possesses. Having already passed the only tree with leaves on it still, which happen to be a most bright and beautiful red, I made the decision to run back and snap a few photos with it as the background. The sun shined on my nails perfectly, it was all too worth it.


Cirque Colors Josephine – Direct Sunlight


Cirque Colors Josephine – Artificial Light

Trocadero is a royal navy blue with a holographic cream finish. This also showed opacity in two perfect coats and probably had the most muted effect of holo to it out of the all the colors in this collection; but I’m not complaining! I mean how could you with how much holo there is in this beauty. I can see a nice white stamp design fitting with this shade perfectly.


Cirque Colors Torcadero – Direct Sunlight


Cirque Colors Torcadero – Artificial Light

Boudoir is a plum purplish red with a holographic cream finish. Unlike any other holo in my polish collection this shade has a great mix of red and purple to it. Almost like a ruby but just a little too purple to really deem it that color.


Cirque Colors Boudoir – Direct Sunlight


Cirque Colors Boudoir – Artificial Light

Harlow is a light greenish gold holographic cream. Most likely my favorite of the bunch because of its intense holographic finish, Harlow is that muted holographic gold you’ve been searching for. Two coats for opacity just like the rest of the collection showed and quite the eye catcher.


Cirque Colors Harlow – Direct Sunlight

I got the chance to fully test out Cirque Colors Liquid Laminate Top Coat which they came out with a few months ago as part of their Back to Basics collection. I must say that in the past few weeks I have come to love this top coat. First off it makes your manicure last for an incredible amount of days without it looking worn at all. Below is a skittle mani I did using the four colors from the Burlesque collection and besides my extreme cuticle growth there are no visible chips and no wear. Granted my nails are in good condition and I feel that that sometimes aids in the lasting of a polish. But seriously people I mean look at the difference, which really is non-existent after eight whole days. It has a very thin finish and applies great. I used it on my steampunk manicure for Halloween and no pieces fell off whatsoever. I will say that I haven’t thoroughly tested this out for smear quality but I will for sure keep you all up to date! All in all I say its a winner and a good investment.


Cirque Colors Liquid Laminate Top Coat Trial for 8 Days

You can find the Burlesque collection at Cirque Colors store or thru their international stockists.

Connect with Cirque Colors: Online Store, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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