Witches Leggings Water Marble using PolisHaus w/ tutorial

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I got thru another week of craziness and  couldn’t feel better! My town celebrates Halloween this weekend and I am so ready to rock my steampunk themed costume. Before I did nails for my outfit I had to do this super simple water marble that looks like witches leggings/tights. I did this same design last year in a little bit of a different combo its quite perfect for halloween. This type of marble design is also great for a background to your nail art as you get pretty straight and even lines.

I used some colors from PolisHaus a new to me brand that I instantly feel in love with. Zoila is the perfect orange creme that shows to be more orangey then my photos depict and Lulu the purple is also equally amazing. Beautiful fall colors that apply and marble great. I found nothing remotely negative about them and will for sure be getting more creams from them! The black I used is my ever faithful Bettina Cometics ‘Onix’ and I topped it all off with Lacquer Lust ‘I Like It On Top’ and Tillie Polish Matte Top coat.


Check out the tutorial below for this easy marble design!

You must check Lesley of PolisHaus out as her color selection is quite the lovely one! I’ll have a couple other colors from her here soon!

You can purchase PolisHaus at their online store. Connect with them on Instagram for new colors and sales!

 Corynn <3

4 observations on “Witches Leggings Water Marble using PolisHaus w/ tutorial
  1. Amandah

    13.50pm -UK
    Hey Corynn, been so busy I’m only now just doing my Blogs Catch ups
    I’m lurvin this design & the colours, would so lurve to have seen your Halloween costume too.
    Hope you had fun Trick or Treating or at a party.

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