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Two posts in a day? Is this really Mucking Fussers blog?! Why yes, yes it is as I have finally reached a small lull in my school work! I went on a real swatching craze the other day and I am quite happy I did because even more polishes arrived at my doorstep. Its been a crazy awesome month. Here is a brand that I have been a patron of since their very first collection almost two years ago. The sisters from Tillie Polish always come up with beautiful collections and colors and this array of fall shades from their new Glamorous collection reaches those same standards.

Royals is a bronze shimmery cream that showed full opacity in two coats. This had a smooth application and was almost opaque in one coat.The shimmer on this beauty really makes it unique, and its such a gorgeous color for the coming months.


Queen Bee is a bright blue cream that showed full opacity in only one coat. This is such a smooth lacquer that I didn’t need topcoat to even it out, a recurring aspect of Tillie  Polishes creams (besides their summer 2013 collection which have more of a jelly finish to them then a cream one).


Ethereal is a nude cream that showed full opacity in three thin coats. Like many nudes in the polish world this was a little tacky after each coat leading to an increased wait time inbetween layers. After two coats it was almost opaque but I wanted to use a third to minimize streaking. The lightness of this nude does go with my skin tone kind of nicely


Posh is neutral taupe brown cream that showed opacity in two coats. Not as smooth of an application of Queen Bee but still quite lovely for only two coats and I am also showing it without topcoat. The color in general was a little streaky and showed darker patches in some areas but this really wasn’t too noticeable.


Glam Squad is made up of gold micro glitters in a gold shimmery to clear base. This could be worn alone in 2-3 coats but I went ahead and layered it over Queen Bee. This gold plus blue combo is a spot on combo for the fall season.


My favorites from this collection, even though I like them all, have got to be Royals and Queen Bee.

You can purchase the Glamorous collection which happens to be on sale from Tillie Polishes site.

Connect with Tillie Polish on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for new colors, sales and giveaways!

Corynn <3

One observation on “Tillie Polish Glamorous Collection Review
  1. Amandah

    19.00pm -UK
    Lurvin Royals, again it’s a shade that is right up my street and would most definitely suit my skin tone.
    And I have a a polish exactly the same colour as Posh, but by Rimmel London.


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