Various Nail Art using Tillie Polish Glamorous Collection

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To continue on from yesterday’s post I have some various nail art to share with you using Tillie Polishes Glamorous collection!

A while back the ever so lovely Gaby of @Lacquerloon sent me a little package and included in it was this pack of Pueen nail stickers. At first glance these stickers looked kind of like a water marble. I figured applying them to the tip of the nail sort of like a french manicure would give the most unique effect. I wasn’t sure what to expect but they need up looking great over Tillie Polishes Royals It was a great base to compliment the colors in the stickers as they varied from gold to purple and purple to orange.



I created this bee themed skittle design using Tillie Polishes Posh as a base and some of Serum No. 5’s Queen Bee Nail Vinyls. This was quite the random manicure but it all goes together nicely with the accented water marble. I also used Tillie’s Glam Squad on my pinky


Heres a super simple manicure I did using Ethereal as my base stamped with Cirque Colors Memento Mori and a design from MoYou London Suki Plate 05. I never really thought of black and nude together but I instantly fell in love when I did the first nail. This was a great manicure to wear out to dinner with my friends the other night. Chic yet still eye-catching due to the elaborate design.


This half moon design, which happens to be my first of its kind, was my favorite manicure I did using this collection. I immediately envisioned this design when I saw these colors, possibly most likely to the fact that the half moon nail vinyls were sitting out on my desk but thats not the point. I started with a base of Royals and topped it off with Queen Bee and I’ve got to say these colors go quite well together.


I was going to stop there but something else was sitting out on my nail desk, my little box of gems. These green triangle studs from She Sells Seashells had been screaming at me that they wanted to be used for quite some time now. Now the impressive thing about this manicure is not only that its incredibly awesome, ah why thank you, but the fact that I’ve been wearing it for 10 days now and the gems are all still on.


Do you see this craziness?! I mean a whole 10 tens and no visible chips it practically looks fresh besides my extreme amount of growth. This is all thanks to Cirque Colors new Liquid Laminate Top Coat from their Back to Basics collection. After all the dishes I’ve done, all the showers I’ve taken and all the other crazy things my hands have been thru these gems have stayed intact and I am quite ecstatic. I didn’t use any glue to keep them in place only a drop of this top coat. I’l have a more thorough review of this in the coming weeks but as of now I say its a winner!



You can find the Glamorous collection on Tillie Polishes site, Cirque Colors top coat HERE and Serum No. 5’s Nail Vinyl’s HERE.

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Corynn <3

2 observations on “Various Nail Art using Tillie Polish Glamorous Collection
  1. Amandah

    I absolutely lurve the Blk & Nude mani. It’s so classy, yet all week wearable.
    My 2nd fav is your Bee inspired one.
    Great job with them all.
    SO in lust with the Bronze colour from Tillie.


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