Cirque Colors – Kaleospiscope and Vectors Design & Review

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Tests keep taking precedence over my blogging but that is acceptable since this is my last semester and school is important! I keep getting more and more collections and colors to share with you all from such amazing brands. Today I have this wacky cool manicure to share with you using Lacquer’s from the lovely Cirque Colors which keeps impressing me with its lovely colors and formulas!

I was about to swatch the two featured glitters in this design O mono solo when I realized smashing them both together in one manicure would be a great outcome. I also had two new creams from Cirque Colors Memento Mori (black) and Carpe Diem (white) which worked perfectly as bases for Kaleidoscope and Vectors; how amazing are all these names?!


I taped off half of my thumb and ring fingers with striping tape to achieve an even more dramatic and contrasting feel to all the colors. The stamped design from Moyou Londons Sci-fi plate 09 reminds me of the names of both glitters. It mesmerizes you but also is very organized in its design.


If you are looking for a new white or black cream look not further as the quality on these beauties is on par! These creams from the Back to Basics collection are my new duo for basic colors nowadays. Carpe diem gets used as the base in all my marbles and Memento Mori is so creamy and dark; they apply perfectly!


You can find all these colors at Cirque Colors or from one of their international stockiest HERE. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for new colors, giveaways and much more!

Corynn <3

3 observations on “Cirque Colors – Kaleospiscope and Vectors Design & Review
  1. Amandah

    18.19pm -UK
    This is really cool.
    I think I prefer the straight up Monochrome, without the Kaleidoscope polish.


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