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Press Release – Cirque Colors Burlesque and Metropolis Collections

I hate when I have three exams in one week, something that I just had to go thru this past one. With that being said I am so ready to spend some time with my nails! I am excited to announce that I will now begin sharing press releases of some polish brands that I swatch! I am a little late with this one but to start out I have information about Cirque Colors Burlesque and Metropolis Collections.


New York, NY (September 2014) – From musicians to magicians, Cirque Colors drew inspiration from vaudeville shows of the early 20th century to create a 4-piece fall collection called Burlesque. These sultry holographic shades embody the lush and dramatic stripteases that put such acts like the British Blondes and Gypsy Rose Lee on the map. Josephine, a dark forest green, pays homage to Josephine Baker (the original twerker) and her famous banana dance. While the navy blue hue of Trocadero represents a night out on the town at the historic Philadelphia theater.

Cirque Burlesque Collection

The Burlesque Collection will be available online at on September 25, 2014 for $13 each. Refer to the Stockists page for participating retailers.

An ode to the city that never sleeps; the center of the universe; the metropolis. We are excited to introduce a range of creme-finished lacquers to our core lineup through a monthly release series called The Metropolis Collection.

Every month starting the first week of September, a new color will be released highlighting the great city of New York. Our new creme hues feature a smooth, high-gloss formula making application a breeze. Combined with our Holdfast™ Base Coat and Liquid Laminate™ Top Coat, you can trust our products will keep your mani shiny and long-lasting.


The first color of The Metropolis Collection will be announced on September 2, 2014 and will retail for $13. To stay up-to-date with the latest news, such as new releases, events and sales, subscribe to our emails HERE.

Check out the first color NYFW, a beautiful dark blue creme HERE.

Cirque Colors™ is line of hand-blended nail lacquers based in New York. The name Cirque, meaning ring or circle, represents the color wheel and the endless color possibilities in the continuum. Founder/Creative Director, Annie Pham, sought to develop colors that transcend those of conventional brands by experimenting with unique pigments and raw materials. All nail lacquers are 3-free, which means they do not contain toluene, formaldehyde or dibutyl phthalate (DBP). They are also scented with a blend essential oils that leave a light floral aroma after the polish dries. Made in the USA. For more information, please email

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TUTORIAL: Rainbow Water Marbled Lightning Bolts

Provided For Review

What do you do when you break a nail and have to cut the rest, resulting in nubs? Why you do a rainbow water marble of course! Like I’ve said before I can’t get enough of these creams from Pipe Dream Polish’s A Night In Vegas Collection. They just work so amazingly in the water, it makes marbling a breeze. This striped marble design fits perfectly on my new short nails and it makes me forget about my loss. As I walked to class all I could do was stare at my nails as they kept catching my eye.


Pipe Dream Polish – Striped Rainbow Marble in Shaded Light


Pipe Dream Polish – Striped Rainbow Marble in Shaded Light


Pretty purple flowers on my way home from class

But why stop there? After wearing this beautiful rainbow on its own for a day I had the idea to use these awesome Lightning Bolt Nail Vinyls over the marble design; something I’ve done before. I tried out some textured polishes but it took away to much from the marble. So I went ahead and used Memento Mori, a perfect one coater black cream from Cirque Colors Back to Basics Collection, which took my design from fab to fabulous! I also used one coat of ‘Carpe Diem’ as my white base which has a flawless application. It just might be my new favorite white.


Rainbow Water Marble w/ Lightning Bolt Nail Vinyls – Direct Sunlight


Rainbow Water Marble w/ Lightning Bolt Nail Vinyls – Artificial Light

Using Tillie Polish’s ‘Matte Topcoat‘ I applied another set of vinyls and was able to matte only the black portion leaving the rainbow nice and shiny.


Matte Rainbow Water Marble w/ Lightning Bolt Nail Vinyls – Artificial Light


Rainbow Water Marble w/ Lightning Bolt Nail Vinyls – Under Blacklight

I fortunately had a little time to make another video tutorial!

The A Night In Vegas Collection is restocking tomorrow 9/18 at 11:00 am EST so grab em if you can!

TUTORIAL: Striped Rainbow Water Marble w/ Nail Vinyls

TUTORIAL: Spiral Rainbow Water Marble

Pipe Dream Polish: Store, Facebook, & Instagram

Cirque Colors: Store, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter


Cirque Colors – Kontiki Collection Review

Provided For Review

I am happy to say that it has been a pretty successful nail week! Two rainbow water marbles and my first ever video tutorial which if you missed you can find HERE. I also found time to try out my first ever Cirque Colors; a brand that I’ve had my eye on for some time. Annie, the creator of Cirque Colors, graciously sent me this gorgeous trio dubbed the Kontiki Collection, their new back to basics collection and four other lovely colors including two from the Heritage collection which I simply had been drooling over. I did a major happy dance when I opened up the package.


So lets start out my little Cirque escapade with the Kontiki collection.

Thicker Than Water is a turquoise jelly that has orange and green shimmers. For a jelly this showed impeccable application in three coats. I barely cleaned up around the edges of my nails. Being that I am using my crappy iPhone camera I was really unable to capture the beautiful shimmers that this and the other two colors posess as they stand out beautifully. There was a little VNL but it didn’t bother me and added to the chicness of this color and finish.


Cirque Colors – Thicker Than Water in Direct Sunlight


Cirque Colors – Thicker Than Water in Artificial Light

Dear Dahlia is a fuchsia jelly with a gold and green shimmer to it. I also used three coats for this color which had a lovely formula as well. There was a tint of VNL but again this did not bother me. Very hard to capture the colors the shimmer was giving off on this one. You can see it in the bottle of the second photo the best.


Cirque Colors – Dear Dahlia in Shaded Light


Cirque Colors – Dear Dahlia in Direct Sunlight

Midsummer Night is a dark cobalt blue jelly with a multi-color shimmer. This was the most unique shade from this trio for me as its such an intense blue with so many colors to it. No way could you truly understand this color unless you saw it in person its just so gorgeous. Definitely a color that I want to wear again ASAP. This was quite sheer at first application but after three coats I was satisfied with the outcome. You can see the unique shimmer somewhat in my blurry indoor photo.


Cirque Colors – Midsummer Night in Shaded Light


Cirque Colors – Midsummer Night in Artificial Light

I was so impressed with this beautiful and unique trio. The quality and colors of what I’ve tried so far are just what nail polish should be like. I can’t wait to share the rest of the shades I have with you all!

You can find the Kontiki Collection at Cirque Colors or from one of their international stockiest HERE. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for new colors, giveaways and much more!

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photo 1.PNG-4

Pipe Dream Polish A Night In Vegas – Rainbow Spiral Water Marble

Provided For Review

With rainbow being my favorite color and all I had a sort of epiphany when I thought to do a rainbow spiral marble design. Pipe Dream Polish’s A Night In Vegas collection was the perfect set to use for this design as the color didn’t blend into one another what so ever!

When dropping the polishes in the water I ended up the pink from this collection ‘On The List’  for my middle, ring and pinky fingers; hence the large portion of pink throughout those nails. I ended with the orange color ‘110 Degress’ on my thumb and then I finally figured out the trick for my pointer. When dragging in the colors from the outer portion I simply dragged it a little faster which got rid of the excess pink in the middle giving me a quite even rainbow spiral design.

photo 2.PNG-3

Direct Sunlight – Spiral Rainbow Water Marble using Pipe Dream Polish

photo 1.PNG-3

Indoor Light – Spiral Rainbow Water Marble using Pipe Dream Polish

photo 1.PNG-4

Direct Sunlight – Spiral Rainbow Water Marble using Pipe Dream Polish

photo 5.PNG-2

Indoor Light – Spiral Rainbow Water Marble using Pipe Dream Polish


Close up of my Favorite Nail – Spiral Rainbow Water Marble

photo 4.PNG-3

Walking to class looking fly, I couldn’t help but to snap a shot!

photo 3.PNG-3

Shaded Light – Spiral Rainbow Water Marble using Pipe Dream Polish

As I mentioned in my previous post April of Pipe Dream Polish is on vacation and the store will reopen on September 13th with this collection restocking later in the month! Make sure to check her out on Facebook and Instagram for updates, giveaways and much more!

I gotta say this is for sure in my top favorite designs I’ve ever done. I must do it again and make them all like my pointer finger for maximum perfection!!! Check out my very first video tutorial below!

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photo 3.PNG-2

Pipe Dream Polish A Night In Vegas – Rainbow Water Marble

Provided For Review

I had a little absence going on there for a bit as my last semester of school started up this past week and I went on a nice camping trip to Georgia for Labor Day!

I am super excited to share with you all this banging manicure below that of which I have been harboring in my photo album for way too long. I received Pipe Dream Polish’s A Night In Vegas collection a few weeks back which consists of several bright neon creams. Not only are these beautiful colors but the formula on them for marbling is impeccable! I used all the colors besides one, Happy Hour, for this side by side classic floral water marble.

photo 1.PNG-2

photo 2.PNG-2

Matte Version – Pipe Dream Polish Rainbow Water Marble

photo 3.PNG-2

Direct Light – Pipe Dream Polish Rainbow Water Marble

photo 4.PNG-2

Under Black light – Pipe Dream Polish Rainbow Water Marble

photo 5.PNG

Car Shot – Pipe Dream Polish Rainbow Water Marble

Unfortunately for us April of Pipe Dream Polish is on vacation, yay for her, so the store will not be open again until September 13th and these colors should be restocked later in the month. Im telling you though right now they are all worth it! Bright, bold, beautiful and perfect for marbling!

I’ll have another design using this collection to share with you all very soon!

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