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When it comes to intricate nail designs using tiny brushes and what not I’m definitely not the one to look up to. But that shouldn’t mean that I can’t still rock super awesome designs such as the one below using nail wraps from Scratch. Unlike most companies out there Scratch offers nail wraps designed by professional nail artists.

GoStrachIt Nail Wraps

These Enchanted Window nail wraps are an original design from Hannah of @Hannahroxit. I love the mosaic look she created and the colors she chose for these wraps. Something that would probably take a long time to do free-hand and takes a quarter of the time with these lovely wraps.


In all honesty this was the first time I had ever used nail wraps or stickers before. Kind of astonishing with my love for all things nails but I am glad these were my first ones as they weren’t too tricky to apply and the design is amazing!


With most of Scratch’s wraps being limited edition they tend to sell out such as these pretties have. But fear not as I have complied together a couple other designs which I think you all would like just as much as this one:

Check It Out – Created by Chelsea King
M Loves Floral – Created by Mara of M Loves M
Summer Serape – Created by Jessica Washick

Scratch also has a Zodiac collection of nail wraps that is always available HERE.

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Corynn <3

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