Picture Polish Blog Fest 2014 featuring Nail Vinyls

Yay for another year of Picture Polish Blog Fest! I was able to participate and make a tutorial last year using some piCture pOlish shades which was great fun! This year there are two parts one of which is a swatch and the other being some nail art using Nail Viynls!

Grace is a pastel pale pink with scattered holo throughout that had flawless application in two thin coats. The holo gives it that nice extra shimmer and I did feel a little princessy with it on! This is a re-release of Ozotic 607 as they were discontinued a few months back.


piCture pOlish Grace in direct sunlight


piCture pOlish Grace in shadowed light

All participates in this years fest were supplied with two colors and various Nail Vinyls to use for some fun nail art! We then had to use only these supplies, with the exception of black & white polish and a nail art brush, to create our designs. My colors were Chillax and Malt Teaser and I got some skinny chevron vinyls to work with.


I decided to go a little out of the box while staying in the boundaries with this angled chevron diamond look. At first I was worried it was a little too simple but after having it on my nails for a bit I started to really love the contrast of the middle nails.


Both colors had impeccable formulas and made it easy to work with the vinyls. I love that you can create perfect diamonds with the chevron style of vinyls!


You can purchase these Picture Polish shades and many more from their site HERE or from their many international stockiest. Make sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates, sales, giveaways and much more!

To purchase Nail Vinyls check out their selection HERE. Connect with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

You must check out the rest of the designs in the link below from all the amazing nail artists! So fun to be a part of blog fest again! Thank you Picture Polish!

Corynn <3


2 observations on “Picture Polish Blog Fest 2014 featuring Nail Vinyls
  1. Amandah

    I absolutely Lurve the Chevron design, and the colours work so well together.
    I’m going to try and pay homage to this at some point in the next few weeks.


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