Month: August 2014


Picture Polish Blog Fest 2014 featuring Nail Vinyls

Yay for another year of Picture Polish Blog Fest! I was able to participate and make a tutorial last year using some piCture pOlish shades which was great fun! This year there are two parts one of which is a swatch and the other being some nail art using Nail Viynls!

Grace is a pastel pale pink with scattered holo throughout that had flawless application in two thin coats. The holo gives it that nice extra shimmer and I did feel a little princessy with it on! This is a re-release of Ozotic 607 as they were discontinued a few months back.


piCture pOlish Grace in direct sunlight


piCture pOlish Grace in shadowed light

All participates in this years fest were supplied with two colors and various Nail Vinyls to use for some fun nail art! We then had to use only these supplies, with the exception of black & white polish and a nail art brush, to create our designs. My colors were Chillax and Malt Teaser and I got some skinny chevron vinyls to work with.


I decided to go a little out of the box while staying in the boundaries with this angled chevron diamond look. At first I was worried it was a little too simple but after having it on my nails for a bit I started to really love the contrast of the middle nails.


Both colors had impeccable formulas and made it easy to work with the vinyls. I love that you can create perfect diamonds with the chevron style of vinyls!


You can purchase these Picture Polish shades and many more from their site HERE or from their many international stockiest. Make sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates, sales, giveaways and much more!

To purchase Nail Vinyls check out their selection HERE. Connect with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

You must check out the rest of the designs in the link below from all the amazing nail artists! So fun to be a part of blog fest again! Thank you Picture Polish!

Corynn <3



Scratch Nail Wraps – Enchanted Windows

Provided For Review

When it comes to intricate nail designs using tiny brushes and what not I’m definitely not the one to look up to. But that shouldn’t mean that I can’t still rock super awesome designs such as the one below using nail wraps from Scratch. Unlike most companies out there Scratch offers nail wraps designed by professional nail artists.

GoStrachIt Nail Wraps

These Enchanted Window nail wraps are an original design from Hannah of @Hannahroxit. I love the mosaic look she created and the colors she chose for these wraps. Something that would probably take a long time to do free-hand and takes a quarter of the time with these lovely wraps.


In all honesty this was the first time I had ever used nail wraps or stickers before. Kind of astonishing with my love for all things nails but I am glad these were my first ones as they weren’t too tricky to apply and the design is amazing!


With most of Scratch’s wraps being limited edition they tend to sell out such as these pretties have. But fear not as I have complied together a couple other designs which I think you all would like just as much as this one:

Check It Out – Created by Chelsea King
M Loves Floral – Created by Mara of M Loves M
Summer Serape – Created by Jessica Washick

Scratch also has a Zodiac collection of nail wraps that is always available HERE.

Check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for new releases, sales and giveaways!

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Pink n’ Purple Pipe Dream Polish Water Marble

Provided For Review

This past weekend I traveled up to Cleveland with Alisha @alishamatic to meet up with some other local nail ladies for the first Ohio Nail Girl Meet Up all set up by Rachel of @rachelrad_cleveland! The theme was pink and purple for our nails and it may come as no surprise that I did a water marble in those colors.


I recently acquired Pipe Dream Polish‘s A Night In Vegas collection consisting of several bright and beautiful neon cremes which marble perfectly. Using On The List (pink) and V.I.P Pass (purple) I did the classic side by side flower water marble design.


Since the formula on these colors marble so well I went ahead and did my other hand which as you can see is not as shapen as my other dominate hand but its forever slowly getting there. And thanks to my man Spencer for taking this photo, he always is putting up with my nail shenanigans.


Here’s our much needed Nail Girl Meet up circle pose together.  I was really loving the conglomeration of designs everyone did. Unique and beautiful!


What beautiful faces behind the nails! It was great to come together and vent out some nail talk with other polish enthusiasts. I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing the whole time it was such fun sharing stories with new friends!


For a full post on our meet up you must check out Emily of Lacqueroloigst blog HERE she is simply amazing at all she does and it was great to finally meet her!

I simply cannot wait for our next meet up which hopefully will be sooner then later! If you missed out on this meet up and wait to join next time just be on the lookout for more info!

I’ll have the review of Pipe Dream Polish’s A Night In Vegas collection later this week along with more marbles too using the colors as I just have fallen in love with them! Check out the shop HERE and the Facebook and Instagram for updates on new colors, sales and giveaways!


LVX Summer 2014 Nail Art

Provided for review

I couldn’t go without doing some nail art with the LVX Summer 2014 colors I previously reviewed as they are of great quality.

It’s been just too long once again since I have done a water marble but when these LVX Lacquers fell in my lap I knew right away I had to break out the cup and tape and get to work! Using Laguna, Lolli and Porcelain I created a striped water marble which totally reminds me of some sweet candy! If I had had a candy land board you would be getting some shots with it in the background because this mani is just super sweet!


I was also able to further review LVX’s Gel-like Topcoat as I wore this water marble for a whole seven days. The claim that LVX lacquers are chip-resistant is quite true, granted my nails are in a healthy state but some of the polishes I wear chip off within a day or two. This mani looks practically brand new besides my cuticles of course.


Going along with my recent love for stamping I used my new MoYou London Bridal plate 06 with Laguna. Porcelain was a great base to compliment this slightly bright blue.


Using Laguna as my base, a design from MoYou London Sailor plate 07 and decals from Serum No. 5. I was able to create my first nautical themed mani! The gold glitter is Cult Nails Walk of Shame and the gold on my pinky, which I also used the decals for, is Tillie Polish’s Golden Goddess. I’ll be sharing more decals from Serum No. 5 in the coming weeks!


Don’t forget to check out my review of these three LVX shades HERE.

You can find all these colors, the rest of the collection (which I now need) and the Gel-like topcoat on LVX’s website HERE. Also follow LVX on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for sales, giveaways and much more!

You can find the Anchors Away decals from Serum No. 5 HERE which come in many different colors!

Corynn <3


LVX Lacquer Summer 2014 Review

Provided for review

I keep telling myself to get the ball rolling with my nails again but I just keep having these weird lapses of no nails! This nail depression needs to stop like right now! I think these next few posts will help that out for sure. One of my favorite 5-free vegan brands on the market today has got to be LVX nail lacquers. Not only do they have some amazingly crafted colors but the formulas are out of this world! I squealed like a little girl when I got a package from them consisting of three new colors from their Summer 2014 collection as well as their Gel-like topcoat which I have used throughout this post.

Laguna is a vibrant pastel blue cream that shows opacity in two smooth coats. A perfect addition to the other range of blues I own from LVX already. Makes me want to grab my snorkel gear and jump into a cenote!


Lolli is a subtle pastel pink cream which also shows opacity in two flawless smooth coats. A great color for almost any skin tone with a perfect formula. This and Laguna would be perfect for a friends baby shower!


Porcelaine is an off-white ivory cream. I used three coats as there was some slight streakage with only two but even without topcoat it smoothed out very nicely. A great color as the base for some nail art!


LVX Gel-like Topcoat was quite impressive for the few times I used it. It applied smoothly, showed little to now bubbles and cured in a timely manner; rather quickly if you ask me. I used it in some nail art and it did not smear or hinder the design. The large brush that LVX lacquers have also helped in the application of this topcoat. All-in-all I would say it wouldn’t be a bad investment if you are looking for a long-lasting chip resistant topcoat.


You can find all these colors, the rest of the collection (which I now need) and the Gel-like topcoat on LVX’s website HERE. Also follow LVX on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for sales, giveaways and much more!

As I mentioned before I am very fond of LVX formulas and colors so if you haven’t gotten to try them out yet I totally recommend it!

Corynn <3