Serum No. 5 Spring Collection 2014 – Cremes and Glitters

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Now that was one long blog absence. I went a whole month without posting on here, can you tell I’ve been busy?! I keep telling myself it will all be over soon but the tests just keep coming and coming. Ahhh I totally needed an evening of blogging to help be stay sane. Thankfuly this post is a super awesome one as it consists of the whole Serum No. 5 spring collection from this year which I am totally in love with. Serum No. 5 specializes in glow in the dark polishes and this set of cremes and glitters takes the cake!

Blue Blazes is a light pastel blue creme that glows bright blue in the dark. This took 3 thin coats for opacity and was probably one of my fav from the bunch. The glowing effect is seriously out of this world. So bright and even with no charge! I was constantly looking at my nails when I had this on.



Laven Daringly Bright is a pastel lavender purple creme that glows purple in the dark. The glow effect on this one was a little more subtle then the others but the color is super pretty. Two coats for full opacity and my photos are without topcoat, super smooth finish right?!


Awesome Blossom is a a bright pastel pink creme that glows pink in the dark. The formula on this one was the best of the bunch, it took two lovely coats for full opacity. I love the name of this one as it reminds me of that LEGO movie theme song, which I play from time to time to cheer me up. For some reason I could’t get this beauty to glow for me, but I have seen some other ladies who have been able too and it looks amazing!


Glowin’ of Eden is a pastel sea foam looking green that glows a bright green in the dark. This was kind of streaky on the first two coats so I ended up using 4 thin coats for my photos. The bright glowing affect totally makes up for the formula on this one which isn’t too bad.



Silver Lining is a grey creme that glows blue in the dark. Two amazing coats, almost one, for this one of kind GITD creme. This dried very fast and has an almost matte finish to it. The glow affect is great for how dark the color is but all my photos were fuzzy. This was the first I swatched and I later figured out how to truly capture the glowing affects nicely.


Lights Out is a black creme with a slight shimmer that has a subtle dark blue glow in the dark. I used two lovely even coats for my photos but wasn’t able to get a good glowing pic as the effect is so subtle.


Pure Glow Getter is a white creme that glows white in the dark. This was for sure another fav from the glowing creme set. Opaque in two coats and the glowing effect on it is great! Check out a glowing pic on my Nail Art post using some of these polishes HERE!


Lilac It? I Love It has silver holo hex and purple micro glitter in a light purple crelly base. I like layering my crelly glitters over another color but this also showed opacity in 3 coats on a swatch sick and didn’t seem too thick. I layered one coat over Laven Daringly Bright which were pretty much made for one another.


Blushed and Flushed has silver holo hex and fuchsia and white micro glitter in a light pink peachy crelly base. I used one thin layer overtop of Tillie Polish ‘Bows and Bandeaus’. Quite a delicate shade, I can totally see myself wearing this to a wedding.


Some Bunny Loves You is a mix of light yellow and red-orange hexes, white and light purple circles and mircoglitter in a clear base. This polish also as a lovely shimmer throughout it’s base which I find always that special touch to a glitter topper. I used one coat overtop of Cult Nails ‘Manipulative’. I think this topper would look nice over a lighter green as well.


G.I. Miss You is a mix of emerald, green, light and dark brown hexes and micro glitter in a clear base that glows green in the dark. I used one coat overtop of Picture Polish ‘Beige’. Even though I’m not too much of a camp girl I loved walking around the house with this combo as the glow effect stood out so nicely!



This collection is totally banging! I love all the cremes and the glitters all applied nicely and the combos are beautiful! Serum No. 5 has seriously impressed me! This collection is releasing today April 18th on Serum No. 5’s website! I would definitely pick up a few of the cremes for yourself if you like glowy awesomeness. Pure glow getter and Blue Blazes are a must!

Have a look at my next post HERE where I share some art I did with this shades!

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