Earth Day Mermaid Fin Water Marble

Yes Earth Day was over week ago but being as it is the last few weeks of the semester I didn’t have time to do any festive nails. Alas I made some time this weekend to try out this combo of OPIĀ ‘Jade is the New Black’, ‘Green-wich Village’ and ‘Mermaid Tears’. and by golly do I love it! Reminds me very much of the blue mermaid fin marble I did last year for autism awareness. I am feeling a little short of words today as I’ve been cramming so much this week so enjoy these photos!



A little later on in the week I topped this marble with China Glazes ‘Night Cap’ which gives the perfect amount of gold sparkle to green colors.




Thanks so much for checking out my Blog! I hope to give her a full makeover here in the coming months!

4 observations on “Earth Day Mermaid Fin Water Marble
  1. Amandah

    Ooooohh!, this is SO gorgeous. Now I’m not usually a fan of Green nail polishes, but some make an exception. This design is one of them. And the Night Cap polish just finishes it off nicely!


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