Mardi Gras Water Marble

Yes I know, Mardi Gras has been over for a week now but I was lucky enough to visit New Orleans this past weekend, hence my long absence. I know you are thinking right off the bat, “oh that Corynn going down south to get all crazy!”, when in fact I went down for the 64th American Medical Student Association convention. Now of course I had my fair share of fun in the 72 hours we were there but for most of the trip I was networking and meeting others with my same passion of becoming a medical professional.

It being so close to Mardi Gras I had to sport some festive nails on my trip! I used a base of Zoya ‘Goldie’  and then marbled with Rescue Beauty ‘Mismas’ and ‘Become One’ along with OPI ‘Don’t Touch My Tutu’. This OPI shade was just opaque enough to show the boldness of the gold. Thanks to ErinZi for that tip!


This post was way overdue but I had two exams the Thursday before we left and then had such a busy weekend on the trip! March is always a busy month for me considering it’s my birthday month and all. Two exams next week and then I’ll have some free time with spring break, I just can’t wait!

Thanks for reading!

Corynn <3


2 observations on “Mardi Gras Water Marble
  1. Amandah

    I don’t know how you fit it all in sometjmes Corynn. But good for you for being able to find some fun downtime.
    Lurve this design. It just says “Party time”.
    Hope you aced your exams, x


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