ILNP Reminisce , Moyou Stamping & Lumina Lacquer Camouflage

Yippeee! It’s a week till my 22nd birthday! I’m getting so pumped! Spring break starts on my birthday and my Mom is coming to visit, I am just so excited. But before all the excitement really starts I have two exams to get through next week. So lets do a super duper quick post on some nails that I was fortunate enough to have time for.

I’ve really been digging the multi chrome finish these days. Mostly because I don’t have too much time to do my nails and they give a great effect by themselves. I mean who doesn’t love changing colors, especially on your nails!? Not having done my nails for a whole 10 tens was getting to me so I allotted some time to pamper my pretties with ILNP ‘Reminisce‘. Using Aengland ‘Camelot’ as my base I paired this beauty along with Lumina Lacquers ‘Camouflage’ on my thumb and a stamping image from MoYou London ‘Pro Plate 18‘ using Color Clubs ‘Harp On It’ on my ring finger.


Reminisce has such a gorgeous transition from a emerald like green to a dark teal. Just perfect! Reminds you of the ocean but then it you look it for a little longer and it almost mimics the forest, well to me anyway.


Mmk mmmk back to studying for me! I hope I will have time to squeeze in a design for St. Patricks Day as I would love to do some marbled clovers again! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out the tutorial for some 4-leafed clover water marbled nails I have HERE!

Thanks for reading!

Corynn <3

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