Oceanic Bettina Water Marble & Moyou Stamping

Holy smoly! That was the longest absence I have had from my blog/IG/Facebook ever! I didn’t do my nails for almost over two whole weeks! YEESH! That’s what being a Bio Premed student is all about I suppose at times, just grinding down and doing your best. I gotta say my classes this semester are pretty advanced but I am loving the material. After having three exams this week it feels so good to have a few hours to devote to my creative side. Although I did ponder for quite awhile on what combination of colors I wanted to marble with yesterday the design I settled on stole my heart and is still looking so fab on my nails right now.


I’ve been on a stamping kick ever since I got some plates from Moyou London and this mani using Sailor plate 05 is my favorite to date. The marble background using Bettina Cosmetics ‘Aqua’, ‘Ocean’ and ‘Peppermint’ was just calling for these ocean themed stamps. Sally Hansen’s ‘White Out’ worked great for an opaque stamping shade and Moyou’s designs always transfer so well. I think the seahorse design and the marble underneath it is my favorite of the four I choose to use. Before stamping I added Nail Pattern Boldness’s ‘Alpha Nail’ which always gives any mani that extra lovely shimmer. Too glad that I won it awhile back in a giveaway from Llarowe.


Totally could have just left the marble w/o the stamping but my plates were calling me and I had some extra time to play. Can’t go without showing you all the marble on its own now can I?! In the photo above you can really see the effect Alpha Nail gives to these colors although it is very hard to photograph the purple shimmer that is also given off.


My love for Bettina enamels is ever-growing as I’ve mentioned before they are amongst the best to marble with. They only sell them in Florida and Puerto Rico but you can order them from their SITE as well for pretty cheap.


Now it being Friday I am gona have to go with NPH on this one…


Those exams drained so much from me I need a day off! HAA!

Hope you all enjoyed this design as much as me! Thanks for reading!

Corynn <3

5 observations on “Oceanic Bettina Water Marble & Moyou Stamping
  1. Big Edna

    As I scroll down, I’m like “Aaaawwwsome! Love the fish on this pretty background, it’s perfect and amazing… oooohhh… wait, I love the background with the sparklies on the marble, it’s stunning… oooohhh, wait I love the water marble by itself without anything on it….”

    And I’m left wondering how the world could have lived without each of these gorgeous manis.

    Good work, Madame. Love it.


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