Month: February 2014


I Love Nail Polish Birefringence and Accents

You know when you just really need to paint your nails but you have zero time in the world to do anything creative and then you magically create something that is just as eye-catching as any other design?! That happened to me earlier this week, Sunday night to be precise, when I combined the likes of ILNP ‘Birefringence, Color Club’s ‘Harp On It’ and a Moyou stamping design. I tell you magic just happened! The houndstooth design from Pro plate 18 is an ideal accent for my thumb as the design is a little wide for my other nails, but the way it sets everything else off is just uh, like I said, MAGIC!


Whenever I am in need of a quick awesome mani to keep me going I grab one of my ILNP multi-chromes. This week many others and myself will be getting their pre-orders from ILNP most recent spring release including some amazing new colors. Using Birefringence seemed even more appropriate this week as we ring in these new shades! Litterally kept looking back at my photos that I had taken, fortunately outside, as the two accent nails are a perfect pair for this beauty. Well actually I kept looking at my nails all week really and still am now as Glisten & Glow’s ‘HKgirl’ Topcoat its keeping these bad boys fresh. I always get compliments when I wear this shade as it is quite the eye-catcher.


I can’t believe it’s so close to March as my birthday is the 21st!!! I always get so excited about my birthday month! The first week of this next month is already going to be a crazy and super busy as I have two exams and then I am going to New Orleans for a Medical Convention! Gona have to whip up a nice Mardi Gras design as it will have just been ending when we get there!

If you want more of Birefringence you can check out my other post I did awhile back HERE.

Thanks for reading my rambles!

Corynn <3



Oceanic Bettina Water Marble & Moyou Stamping

Holy smoly! That was the longest absence I have had from my blog/IG/Facebook ever! I didn’t do my nails for almost over two whole weeks! YEESH! That’s what being a Bio Premed student is all about I suppose at times, just grinding down and doing your best. I gotta say my classes this semester are pretty advanced but I am loving the material. After having three exams this week it feels so good to have a few hours to devote to my creative side. Although I did ponder for quite awhile on what combination of colors I wanted to marble with yesterday the design I settled on stole my heart and is still looking so fab on my nails right now.


I’ve been on a stamping kick ever since I got some plates from Moyou London and this mani using Sailor plate 05 is my favorite to date. The marble background using Bettina Cosmetics ‘Aqua’, ‘Ocean’ and ‘Peppermint’ was just calling for these ocean themed stamps. Sally Hansen’s ‘White Out’ worked great for an opaque stamping shade and Moyou’s designs always transfer so well. I think the seahorse design and the marble underneath it is my favorite of the four I choose to use. Before stamping I added Nail Pattern Boldness’s ‘Alpha Nail’ which always gives any mani that extra lovely shimmer. Too glad that I won it awhile back in a giveaway from Llarowe.


Totally could have just left the marble w/o the stamping but my plates were calling me and I had some extra time to play. Can’t go without showing you all the marble on its own now can I?! In the photo above you can really see the effect Alpha Nail gives to these colors although it is very hard to photograph the purple shimmer that is also given off.


My love for Bettina enamels is ever-growing as I’ve mentioned before they are amongst the best to marble with. They only sell them in Florida and Puerto Rico but you can order them from their SITE as well for pretty cheap.


Now it being Friday I am gona have to go with NPH on this one…


Those exams drained so much from me I need a day off! HAA!

Hope you all enjoyed this design as much as me! Thanks for reading!

Corynn <3


Illamasqua & Tillie Polish Chevrons

When in doubt chevron it out! That’s kinda what I told myself last night as I did this manicure. Wasn’t wanting to do a full on water marble but wanted to be kind of artsy still. Chevron’s are a great way to achieve want I wanted especially since I have these nice Nail Vinyl‘s to make it all super quick and easy. Who doesn’t love pink and gold, well really I like gold and any other color together its such a majestic shade and Tillie Polish’s ‘Golden Goddess‘ never disappoints.


I own three Illamasqua polishes and this is the first time I am using any of them. Now, I NEED THEM ALL! Amazing application, like amazing, and wonderful coverage in two thin coats. A while back I purchased a set of Throb & Spartan on eBay and the seller graciously surprised me with Obsess‘ since they knew these were my first Illamasqua’s to add to my collection. I was a pretty happy chica as this is one perfect hot pink creme and I had been waiting for valentines day to use because it’s so special.


This design isn’t too festive for the upcoming holiday but it works well for my sanity and like I said who doesn’t love pink and gold together?!

Thanks for reading!

Corynn <3


Textured Water Marbled Lighting Bolts

In Zoya’s most recent special offer, where they were giving 3 polishes for $12, I more then doubled by textured polish collection. Now I have 5 whole textured polishes! Haha, thats kind of sad considering now that I have finally used one I really love them. Most likely because of the first one that I used and the way I used it.

Lighting bolt water marble yippppeee! I used the ever faithful Bettina Nail Enamel ‘Yellow’ and ‘Epic’ for the marble and Zoya’s ‘Dahlia’ as the accompanying texture.  When I saw these lighting bolt Nail Vinyl cutouts I knew right away that I had to do a design like this one and the textured finish on top was just too perfect to represent some stormy skies. I had to use two coats of Dahlia overtop of the marble for full opacity and when taking off the cutouts I still had nice and crisp lighting bolts.



A little messy but here is the sunny sky before the rain came. Bettina’s creams always work great for marbling as seen in one of my other manicures HERE. I contemplated doing a purple and pink marble instead of the yellow and orange combo I settled on but since I like this design so much I might just have to do it again.


Thanx for reading!

Corynn <3