I Love Nail Polish [ILNP] Holographic Lacquers Review

This week I have been working on swatching some holographic I Love Nail Polish shades all equally beautiful. I’ve also done a little bit of art with them as well.

Molly is a berry magenta linear holographic. I really love this color as it almost fools you into thinking its a red but its not. Strong holographic finish with some shimmer through out.



Admire Me is a bright teal liner holographic with super intense sparkles to it. Perfect bright blue holo!



Grape Alicious  is a deep purple linear holographic which looks much brighter then what my photos show as I can never take good ones of purple shades! Again this had a strong holo finish to it. Just fab!



Bottle service, which was my favorite of this bunch, is a unique addition to my collection for its not so much a silver shade but quite champagne looking in its linear holograph finish. The lines where still a little visible from the brush after applying but that didn’t bother me.




Thanks to Nail Vinyls I did an angled chevron design with all these lovely colors. I quite love these shades overtop of Bottle service as it makes for a perfect canvas for many colors.



All my photos are shown first in artificial light and then out in the sun, well as sunny as it gets this time of year. These shades showed opacity in two coats and I added Glisten and Glow HKgirl topcoat for that extra shine. Great formulas and easy cleanup. You can find all these and many more amazing ILNP shades at! Also check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

4 observations on “I Love Nail Polish [ILNP] Holographic Lacquers Review
  1. Amandah

    Gasping as I’m scrolling through this post.
    Lurve, lurve, lurve these shades & even better that their Holos also.

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