Fat Lacquers Creatures in the Club Collection Review

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School is going hard and I’m already feeling STRESSED. Gotta breath and tell myself I can do it, I can do it!

Today on the mucking blog I have Fat Lacquers Creatures in the Club collection. This is a new to me indie brand run by a lovely lady by the name of Felicia. I quite like the uniqueness of these shades and her brand in general.

Dwarves in the Lou is a shimmery mustrud yellow with a jelly like finish. The shimmers which I couldn’t really capture come from the small blue and gold flakes throughout the base. I used four semi thin coats for my photo as I found there to still be a VNL with only three. I didn’t have to do any clean up though as I found the application of these four coats to be quite nice and even. Kind of realizing that mustard yellow isn’t really my color as it just drowns away in my skin tone. Love the name of this shade though and the shimmers help it redeem itself for its colors


3 Heads Get More Done is a tan brown linear holo. I used two semi thin coats for my manicure . Who doesn’t love a good brown tan holo?! The only thing about this shade was that I found some little bits of brown pigment that had not be dissolved all the way. I have contacted Fat Lacquers and they have already fixed this problem as they had a bad batch of pigment and will be sending me replacements for all the problematic shoes. This was pretty unnoticeable anyway and the strong holo makes it all the better.


Goblin Snot is a  green scattered holo with a crelly finish. I used two semi thick coats which had a nice smooth finish without topcoat. The first stroke I used of this color showed up full of pigment but the next strokes did not and I was able to cover the pigmented one up. All in all a nice green that lives up to its name.


Fairy Booze is a shimmery purple jelly with blue and red flakes. It is much more purple looking then what my photos show. I used three thin coats for full opacity but I also feel that this color could be layered over another shade of purple or even black for a nice finish too. This was my pick of the litter in the end as it was the most unique for me, I love me some purple and the name just killed me.  No topcoat for my  photos so as you can see its a nice a smooth shade.


Alicorn farts has glitters ranging from orange, gray and fuchsia circles, neon yellow and green hexes, yellow stars, blue and white squares and gold skulls all in a clear base. For this glitter topper I really had had to dab it on for the base to glitter ratio was not right for me. I even turned over the bottle for two hours before application and still had to fish for many of the glitters that I got on my nails. The mix of glitters is quite lovely I just feel that it needs more (especially those gold skulls ) and it could be a banging topper. I really love the various colors over Fairy Booze.


Kraken Likes It Rough is a forest green crelly with pink shimmer. I used two highly pigmented coats for my manicure and not very much cleanup was needed. The pink shimmer in this shade really saves it from being a simple green crelly and I really like that. This was my 2nd favorite for pink and green go together so nicely and it applied quite smoothly.


Troll Hair… Down There is a light bubblegum pink jelly with light green shimmer. I used three semi thin coats with topcoat for my manicure. Again I found a problem with some undissolved pigment spots but as I said before Fat Lacquers has fixed this issue and will be sending me a new bottle. The shimmer didn’t come through as much on this one but still made it nice and shiny.


Love Juice Au Merman is a flakey iridescent topper with green and gold flakes. I used one coat overtop of black. Very shifty and pretty!


The brushes were great for applying these shades as it is very flat and wide and I love the bottles as they have these little nutrition facts with the name of the shade on the back, very unique! And as I mentioned before Fat Lacquers is going to be sending me some replacements for the shades with the pigment problems which shows great dedication of quality for their product. I think this was Fat Lacquers second collection as they are fairly new in the indie world. That being said I loved the lineup and finish of some of these shades!

You can find all these shades from the Creatures in the Club collection  at Fat Lacquers site HERE. Also check them out on Instagram.

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