Double Accented First Day of School Nails

It was nice while it lasted but now it is time for this mucking lady to get back to her studies! I’ll be taking Evolution, Animal Physiology, Human Anatomy and Organic Chemistry II this semester and I gotta say I am pretty excited about those first three, as I hate Chemistry. I wasn’t planning on these being my first day of school nails but with all the assigned reading I already have these will have to do.

As you can see I am pretty obsessed with these Nail Vinyl appliqués as they make it so easy to get a clean chevron look. Using three thin coats of Precision Nail Lacquer Flamingo Pink as my base I then water marbled and chevroned it up with Polish My Life Holly My Jolly. If you didn’t already know I need all the cremes from Polish My Life as they have an impeccable formula! The photo below is shown without topcoat as I wanted to spruce it up some.


I went ahead and added some of Serum No. 5 As a Matte a Fact on my middle fingers, great idea. Then for some reason I thought that matted gold flakes using Zoya Gilty would look banging over the marble. Now looking at it I’m thinking if I had just matted the marble it would have come out more to my liking. Funny story I was all done with this manicure and had just put the matte coat on then I went ahead and touched my pointer with my finger cuz I was all like ooohh ahhh gold flakes and forgot I had just put topcoat on as it looks all dry when its matte! Hence the new marble on my pointer. But hey I its not the worst combo I’ve done so I wanted to share both looks.



Which look do you all like more? I really am digging these two colors together!

You can find Precision Nail Lacquers HERE where they offer a variety of low priced high quality lacquers.

Also check out Serum No. 5 HERE for many more amazing shades!


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