First Day of Winter Water Marble

I have shared over 20 different shades with you all this week (check them out if you missed any!) and now it is time to let the mucking Holiday Nail art begin up in this piece! About to put on my Red shirt and do the Ron just had sex dance…


I am rolling right along as I’ve already gone through some trial and errors with my swatch sticks and now know exactly which designs I want to share with you before the actual big day. It has been raining here non stop for the past couple of days, I wish it was snow, so it has been quite gloomy. But that didn’t stop me from doing a nice festive manicure for the first day of winter!


I was inspired by  @banicured_ a quite creative artist on Instagram who I stumbled upon a little while ago. She did some snowy water marbled tips which is such a genius plan, I knew right away that I had to recreate this look. Having lots of leftover loose snowflake glitter from the polishes Lumina Lacquer sent me it was only meant to be that I used these for this manicure. Recently got a big order of LVX polishes from a Hautelook sale two of which were ‘Fantom’ and ‘Celeste’. They were quite perfect colors and formulas for this design. The above and below photos are without topcoat so thats why the snowflakes look a little raised off the nail. 


Here it is with 3 coats of Glisten & Glow ‘HKgirl’ topcoat as I really wanted to smooth out those glitters! This design has got to be a new favorite of mine as it utilizes the marble in such a different way. I’ve done a french tipped marble before but nothing so artistic as this!


Now to keep watching Christmas movies and backing sweet treats! Man being off school feels great and I am just loving this Holiday season! Happy First Day of Winter to you all!

Corynn <3

*the images on the photos came from @Shii_overlays & @dazzlingoverlays*
4 observations on “First Day of Winter Water Marble
  1. Amandah

    I love this Corynn, it’s one of the best winter/Christmas manicures I’ve seen so far from you nail artists.


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